3 eCommerce Business Ideas for 2022

If you are at a point in your life where you would love to venture out on your own, maybe it really is time to establish an eCommerce business.

After two plus years of the pandemic and a great number of businesses shuttering their doors for good, there are tons of opportunities out there.

It’s a matter of deciding what niche you might be best at because a successful eCommerce store takes more than a well-developed website and a storefront. 

You will be expected to have a sound working knowledge of products and/or services you sell. That’s a given. So then, what is your field of expertise?

From there you can start getting ideas for the type of eCommerce business you would be best operating.

Electronics and Peripherals Are Hot Commodities

Although the competition is fierce, this is a product line that knows no end.

Just as technology advances, another product or service appears, and then further advances seem to phase that product out as well.

Getting into electronics with an eCommerce storefront can offer you a steady stream income because there will always be a need for anything and everything digital. 

Also, you can always find bulk products such as SD cards for sale that you can buy for ‘cheap’ and sell for a decent markup.

SD cards for sale bought at wholesale prices on bulkmemorycards.com can take you in a number of directions.

You can offer them as ‘gifts’ with new phones or products that have SD slots, or you can sell them individually, or both.

In other words, always find a steady source for ordering stock in bulk, like this source, and you will keep your virtual shelves stocked. 

List Your Products on a Marketplace Like Amazon

When you are first starting out, you may not need a website. Perhaps you can open a store on a marketplace like Amazon or eBay.

You will have a readymade audience and search functions built into their platform.

While you might be intimidated by the sheer volume of competition on those platforms, there are ways to become power sellers if you learn how to list products for maximum visibility.

That’s why we recommend our guides on:

It’s all about SEO & PPC and once you understand how their search functions work, you can use keywords and phrases most likely to be searched for in regard to your products.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a type of eCommerce in which there are multiple ways of listing products for sale. Typically, an affiliate marketer links potential customers through to a merchant or product page. If that visitor buys, the affiliate marketer gets a commission.

It’s a simple and straightforward process most of the time. However, becoming an affiliate marketer means you need to be found.

You could build a blog or perhaps a YouTube or TikTok channel. The key is to get your audience to click through to your links.

Building an eCommerce business online can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. With that said, remember that in business you do tend to get out what you put in.

Take the time to research your niche and then find the perfect place to sell products within that market.

There is no doubt that eCommerce is the way of the future so now is the time to get the ball rolling. Like a snowball rolling downhill, give it time to grow and you will be happy you got in while the going was still good.