5 Reasons Nurse Leaders Should Improve Their Marketing Skills

Nurses are one of the most valuable professions in the world now.

Their skills, knowledge, and abilities are indispensable.

The world wouldn’t be surviving now without them.

Nurses, led by caring, highly-skilled, and competent nurse leaders, are believed to be the reason why many health care facilities are growing anywhere in the world.

Nurse leaders are responsible for the overall management of patient care and oversee the staffing of nurses and other healthcare workers.

They’re also crucial in maintaining morale, work ethics, and a good flow of communication among organization members.

If you’re a nurse who wants to elevate your skills and knowledge to get a nurse leader position, you might want to enroll in RN to BSN online programs.

Nurse leaders are in demand in the healthcare world and are paid highly for their credentials. But one skill that nurse leaders should have that many health care organizations look for is marketing.

Many senior nurses don’t immediately see its importance as they focus more on patient care.

Here are the reasons why nurse leaders should improve their marketing skills:

Promote Their Facility Effectively

Specialized private clinics are growing, and at most, they’re clustered in one area.

Many patients go to specialized clinics for particular concerns they have and when they’re not comfortable going to the hospital.

Most patients go to the first specialized clinic that pops up in their search field.

As a nurse leader, you may be responsible for promoting your facility effectively to increase your patient count and your facility’s profit.

Having practical marketing skills can elevate your facility from the competition and make your clinic known to potential patients in your area.

Create A Great Brand Image For Your Organization

Today, many businesses thrive because of the branding strategy they employ.

A healthcare facility provides treatment and care to patients, but they’re also a business, to begin with.

Positive brand imaging is essential in a company as consumers, users, and patients only choose companies that they know will be in good hands.

Creating an excellent image for your health care facility will make patients choose you and go back to you repeatedly.

Attract Excellent Staff

Human resources often go hand in hand with marketing to attract the best candidates to fill job vacancies.

Hiring the best talent and nurturing them is vital in growing an organization. 

The nursing profession is one of the most lucrative ones in the world now, and many top-notch candidates can be taken by recruiters right away.

An excellent HR marketing tactic will ensure that the best candidate will line up for your job opening, and you won’t scramble for candidates with other organizations.

Broaden Your Reach In Social Media

Social media has been the primary tool for many businesses to engage with their clients, get their feedback and insights, and convert cold and warm leads to hot leads.

High follower count in social media is the only publicly visible metric netizens could see that could translate to popularity and prominence.

You wouldn’t buy something from an unknown entity, right?

Sometimes, a consumer checks follower count to base their decision to buy.

And a healthcare facility with a high follower count and great engagement could be the motivation a patient needs to choose you over your competition.

Although follower count is merely a vanity metric, your engagement rate will set you apart in terms of the patient experience.

Attending queries, answering complaints and issues, and improving ratings can attract more patients to like and follow you digitally and in real life.

Create Promotions For Your Facility

To increase literacy about diseases and improve the quality of service in a healthcare facility, nurse leaders can create promotions to entice patients to avail themselves of services.

One example is hashtags that one hospital did to increase awareness about breast cancer, which is one of the most prevalent cancers globally.

A Twitter party was initiated with the hashtag #YESMAMM to raise awareness about the disease through a mammogram and early screening.

The Twitter party aimed to answer questions about breast cancer, and its success was measured in the increase of traffic in the hospital as well as the number of women who showed up in the designated screening locations.


Leadership is a trait that encompasses many qualities. And in the world of healthcare, a nurse leader is one that has the ability to inspire, influence, and set the direction of a team.

Nurse leaders advocate for patients’ rights and set a clear path for their team to attain goals in the most efficient manner.

Nurses who want to aim for a higher position must remember the relevance of upskilling and why it’ll give them an edge over others.