5 SMS Marketing Practices To Widen Your Customer Reach

Business marketing is done for the purpose of getting your business out there and reaching many people so that people can actively engage in your business.

People are constantly on their phones these days, and phones are one of the primary forms of communication. One notification could be the reason someone purchases or engages with your product or service.

This is why SMS marketing is a good way to carry out a successful marketing campaign.

SMS marketing involves the use of the SMS and messages as a form of translating the message behind your product or service, or notifying people around things about your company. It allows for a wider reach since the delivering and receiving of a message don’t require Internet connection.

Despite how easy it may seem at surface level, there are certain ways to engage in SMS marketing that really produce a good level of results.

These are some SMS marketing practices through which you can widen your customer reach:

Begin With Personalized Welcome Messages

When someone has signed up for SMS marketing after actively engaging with your website or your registration process, an SMS welcoming them may be comforting. It may be even more rewarding if the SMS is personalized.

A personalized SMS is one with a common message, but just has your name mentioned either at the top or at the bottom. This business texting marketing strategy allows your customer to feel like they’re part of a community.

Welcome messages may also include things like discounts for your first purchase, links to websites, login confirmations, or just a thoughtful message saying, “Welcome.”

This could be a subtle way letting the customer know that they’re prioritized. You could also include some benefits of registering, whether that be for a regular service or a VIP service.

Thereafter, you can be sure that you’re actively improving customer experience and increasing brand recognition and affinity.

Have An Automated SMS For Special Days

Sometimes, everyone forgets your birthday and you’re left feeling under the weather. Receiving an automated message from a business or entity can be uplifting.

This is why it may be worthwhile to have an automated message set up for days, like birthdays or registration anniversaries. Messages like, “It’s been one year since you joined our SMS list,” or, “You’re turning 21,” could be heartwarming for a customer.

If you meet a customer in a moment that matters to them, they may be drawn to do the same for your business.

As more people engage in your SMS list and feel a sense of belonging, more recommendations will come in and your customer reach will widen.

Something as little as knowing you’ll have a guaranteed birthday message can draw more customers in.

Send Order Updates Via SMS

People may experience Internet connection difficulties or not have easy access to it. Due to this, some people remain unaware of the progression of their products or services whatsoever.

An SMS just requires a signal, and you’ll be able to receive a message surrounding your order and its progression.

An informed customer is a happy customer, and is more likely to recommend your services or products to other people. This could help in widening your customer reach.

When sending an SMS surrounding the progress of a person’s order, you should be sure to include the necessary factors.

For example, updates on the state of your customer’s order, predicted shipping and delivery timelines, and where it is—whether that be processing, in transit, dispatched, or delivered.

Promote Sales And New Products

Everyone wants to know about the newest sales and products available to them. If your entity is providing a product or service, it could be rewarding for both parties to notify customers about discounts and new products via SMS.

People love sales, and a timely nudge could lead them to your website or platform.

Once people recognize the rate of your sales, they could tell other people in their environments about these sales and products.

Through this, you’re acknowledging how SMS marketing is essential in increasing your customer reach.

Replenishment Or Renewal Reminders

A simple, “You may want to renew your gym membership,” or “Are you low on your black coffee,” could be a trigger to you about things you’re missing.

Replenishment reminders may come across to a customer as an indication that your company cares about them.

Companies that make a reference to previous orders and make their SMS messages customer-specific are more likely to have their business recommended to other people and widen their customer reach.

Choose Your SMS Marketing Practices

There are numerous practices that your company could actively engage in, and these practices could result in widespread customer reach.

Once people receive a message, they’re granted the opportunity to act on it.

Furthermore, if direct mail marketing can drive business growth for you, then the amount of growth that can stem form SMS marketing is even greater. A timely nudge about a product or service could cause more good than harm, and contribute greatly to your customer reach.