5 Things To Learn From Your Customers’ Behavior

Understanding your customers well is among the most important things you need to do to bring your A-game to today’s fast-growing market.

By getting to know what they want and need, you can influence and help them arrive at a sound purchasing decision.

This is the first step of getting into the gold mine of any business there is—customer loyalty.

There might be millions of companies out there doing the things you’re already doing. Some of them provide their services even cheaper or fancier than you do.

But what will make your customers keep coming back to you? How can you make your company or products their favorite? 

Luckily, your customers are always leaving clues of how you can earn their loyalty. All you need to do is pay a little attention to their situation and demands.

Understanding your customers is key. The more you understand what catches your customer’s eyes, the easier it will be to increase your footfall.

What Is Customer Behavior?

Customer behavior is a set of patterns that shows how a customer makes purchase decisions.

Studies show that the factors customers consider in making these decisions include their emotional core, mental core, and other behavioral responses.

By looking into your customers’ behavioral analysis and the important forces behind their buying journey, you can better craft new products, increase your profitability, and most importantly, build a stronger relationship with your target market.

Learning how to harness consumer insights and use them to your advantage can take your business to the next level. Furthermore, it can help you stand out from the competition and create a unique experience for your customers.

To better understand their behavior, here are a few key questions you can look into:

  • What are their pain points?
  • What are they looking for?
  • What do they need? 
  • What are the reasons for their purchase?
  • What are the things that matter to them?
  • What are they willing to pay for?

Getting the right answers to these questions is a little challenging. It’s like knowing what a crying baby wants from you—a bottle of milk or maybe just a clean diaper. You can never guess.

Marketing for the sole purpose of product promotion allows you to inform people about your offers, but not to engage new customers and keep existing ones.

On the other hand, marketing for customer engagement can make it easier for you to build a better relationship with your customers and eventually establish customer loyalty.

But, for your company to successfully influence your customers’ buying habits, you should do more than just talk. Be more engaged and interested in their insights, then offer them exactly what can provide them a better quality of life.

5 Things You Should Know About Your Customers

There are a lot of things that you can learn from your customers’ behavior. And the companies that are willing to give more or go the extra mile will definitely have an edge on the market. Here are some things you need to understand about your customers:

They Prefer ‘Good’ Services To ‘Fast’ Services

Studies show that companies who offer quality services are valued more because they give knowledgeable and more competent solutions to their customers’ problems.

Customers who receive great-quality services are more likely to have an unforgettable experience and give you a positive review or feedback.

Some popular customer feedback states that ‘rushed and incompetent’ services are one of the reasons why customers abandon a brand.

They Love Personalization And They’re Willing To Pay For It

Researchers from the Journal of Applied Social Psychology were able to prove that customers love personalized services, which even increased the average tip a waiter gets by over 23%.

They did this by making waiters do a follow-up from their customers while carrying another set of mint after giving their customers’ check.

The waiters made effort to treat their customers uniquely to ensure a special dining experience. In the same way, you can get to know your customers more, then make sure your products suit them well.

Customers Won’t Forget You If You Remember Their Names

According to recent studies on brain activities, names are one of the pleasant sounds that a human can hear.

People are more likely to give you attention and interest if you know their names.

Your personalized email with their names on it makes them feel more valued. It’s one of the most effective ways to boost your communication with your customers.

They Love Stories From Your Brand

Brand stories are one of the most effective ways to make a personal connection with your customers.

Research by Melanie Green and Timothy Brock shows that good storytelling is one of the most persuasive forms of writing and speaking, which you can effectively use in your business’s marketing strategy.

These stories can also unknowingly transport your readers to different places, making your brand leave a powerful and lasting impression on customers.

They Love Surprises

An unexpected form of reciprocity is one of the most popular factors of a great customer experience. These pleasant surprises that you can offer to your customers can also help you increase your sales and build stronger customer loyalty.

It’s one of the strategies that companies like Zappos use for their sales. They randomly give free and/or discounted offers to make their customers hooked and happy.


Companies that always take into account their consumers’ behavior are automatically a step further than those who simply provide a product out of nothing.

If customer analysis isn’t part of your marketing strategy, you may be missing out on opportunities that are already in front of you.

There are more than just five things to learn from them.

These essential things that your customers want you to know can help you in providing them with better product value.

Customers are always looking for the best services and products in the market.

And your brand will always be at the top of their list if they know that their interests and needs are the center of your business’s focus.