5 Tips For Starting An Online Shop

Starting an online store is one of the trends right now. Selling can be fun because you can reach various target markets from all over the world.

This can help you grow your online store and make it profitable in the long run.  

However, the challenge is starting your online store the right way. If you have a niche in mind, you can then proceed with the following tips: 

Select An E-Commerce Website Builder 

Decide where to put your online store by choosing an e-commerce website builder. An e-commerce platform is where you can put up your online store as it’s a particular type of website allowing people to purchase your products.

This website can help your customers complete their purchases without browsing from one site to another.  

The most popular e-commerce website builders include Shopify and WordPress. To learn more about their differences, visit Slickplan.  

By choosing the right e-commerce solution for your online store, you can earn money online by bringing your ideas to life.

Consider platforms that don’t have security or shipping issues, vanishing customer orders, and other transaction problems.  

You also want to factor in customer support, payment options, SEO and marketing, and ease of use.

That way, you can choose the one you can use without difficulty. 

Ensure Your Store is Mobile-Responsive 

Whatever platform you choose, you should ensure that your site is mobile-responsive.

It means that users using mobile devices should be able to navigate your online store without difficulty.

Especially because most shoppers use mobile devices, mobile-responsiveness is essential. 

When you say mobile-responsive, your online store can adjust to various screen sizes.

Shoppers should be able to see all information when they’re using a desktop or laptop as well.

Most platforms have a built-in design that makes online stores mobile-friendly. 

Aside from the design template, you may also choose vertical designs to ensure that your content is easily scrollable and viewable on mobile phone screens. You can check your online store’s mobile-friendliness by using your phone to visit it. Then, check for errors you can fix. 

Make Your Site SEO-Friendly 

Besides mobile-responsiveness, ensure that you incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for your online store.

Without SEO, your online store may not rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs). As a result, your customers won’t find your store. 

But, with SEO, you can have a strong online presence that will attract more traffic and sales to your online store. You can do the following SEO strategies to help you rank high on SERPs: 

  • User Experience: If you don’t provide an excellent user experience, search engines can determine it. This will lower your SERP ranking because it means visitors are more likely to get out of your site if it’s not user-friendly. That’s why your online store should help your customers find what they’re looking for as fast as possible. Their buying journey should also be seamless, leaving them satisfied with their buying experience. 
  • Keywords: These words are essential to rank high as well. Target most-searched keywords relevant to your products. Use long and short-tail keywords to help optimize your e-commerce site. Keywords should also be in your title and subheadings. 

Find Your Unique Selling Proposition 

Although you have a product in mind, you want to make sure that you can have a competitive edge over your competitors.

Especially nowadays when you can have similar products with other online stores, you need to become unique. That way, consumers can differentiate you from other online stores. 

You can do so by having a wider selection of products, more affordable products, superior customer service, or higher quality products.

Having a unique selling proposition will help you stand out.

That’s why before launching your online store, conduct market research on your target consumers.  

Work on your market’s preferences so that you can establish your focal point. Doing so will also help you customize your marketing outreach efforts, messages, and branding. 

Make Your Products Stand Out 

Aside from your unique selling proposition, it’s vital to make your products stand out too.

As it’s an online store that limits consumers to check or see your products personally, you need to show them.

Photograph your products well and from all angles. If there are special features, you may want to take a close-up photo so that consumers can see these.  

If need be, you may also need someone to model your products.

Use good backdrops and lighting so that you can beautifully portray your products.

That way, you’ll attract consumers to how your products are presented.  


There are many online stores nowadays, so you need to stand out and make an online presence.

With the right tips such as the mentioned above, you can grow your online store.

Remember that your online store will significantly impact your customer experience, so choosing the right one is the key.