5 Ways To Boost Business Communications

Communication is one of the basic elements that can impact your sales aside from your products’ prices and their quality.

Although you may have high-quality products and they’re correctly priced, if you don’t communicate well with your customers, your business may fail. 

Without effective business communications, you won’t convey your product’s importance to your customers.

On the other hand, you can increase your sales if you know how to sell it to your clients through communication.

This is true because you can tell your clients about your product’s benefits and services. 

Also, communication whether written or verbal will help you guide your clients to complete their purchasing process.

Most importantly, communicating with clients will give them a better customer experience.

This is also essential because it’ll make an impression on them. 

Thus, here are some ways you can do to boost your business communications:

Use Technology

Modern technology has also invaded the business world.

Several employers ditch their old ways and welcome technology to have better communication.

Using email or instant SMS instead of writing and Google Spreadsheets to improve manual bookkeeping. Some apps are business-related like Microsoft Teams and Slack. You can save your time using technology and it can also give you effective results while working.

Here are some effective ways of technology that may help you in communicating:

  • Voice-Over IP or VoIP: VoIP is a cloud-based network that provides a well-founded phone network. It offers a high-quality voice communication system for your business. 

Having callbacks all day can be time-consuming, but using VoIP can save you a lot of time answering phone calls. Features such as advance call forwarding ensure businesses never miss a lead.

It also makes you more connected with your clients and allows you to have a connection from your personal and corporate devices. You can also transfer calls automatically.

There are many voip alternatives to choose from when you want to use it for your business.

  • Scheduling Programs: Having a scheduling system is good for your business. Many systems are allowing you to coordinate better schedules or appointments. For instance, your business can have a scheduling system to see customer’s history details.
  • Web Portal: Communication management allows you to communicate with clients in different ways they want and have better customer services. You can optimize all your work data through a communication management portal.

Speak the Customers’ Language

Effective communication is always about listening to the customers, not you. Don’t expect your customer to understand you if you only talk about yourself. 

Nobody will visit your website if you still do it the old way. Well, years ago, companies used written letters marketing their services, saying they’re the best.

People usually visit a website to address problems.

Avoid talking about your business and start talking like a customer, ask the customer’s needs and wants and if you can provide that, they’ll buy from you.

Here are a few ways on how to talk your customer’s language:

  • Using Proper Pronouns: Count your pronouns and the reader’s pronouns to assess if your brochure or web page is on track. If you want to convey a message to your customers properly, then your pronouns should be using more of the ‘you’ or who your audience are. 
  • Don’t Overuse Acronyms or Jargons: When you use jargons or acronyms that are unfamiliar, your customers are more likely to leave your website because they can’t get what you’re saying. This isn’t effective communication. Use jargon or acronym only if needed. Explain what the jargon or acronym is all about so they’ll level up with you and your customers will better understand them.
  • Spell Out the Acronyms: Instead of using B2B throughout your article, you can say business to business (B2B). You can use this technique for long-tail technical terms. That way, they’ll know the acronyms first. It’s even much better to give the acronyms a brief description so they can fully understand their relevance to your article. 

Impress Them 

First impressions are also essential to businesses. If you leave your customer with a bad first impression, then expect them to go to your competitors. 

Communication is the easiest way to impress them.

For instance, if you’re cold calling, you should be respectful and talk to them professionally.

Even with emails, professionalism and respect should emanate from your message. What’s even more is to personally call or message them instead of automated apps replying to their queries. 

If you’re using bots, then you should allow them to have a choice to talk to a person when their inquiries require immediate action. That way, they won’t put their frustrations on you. 

Call Them Back

Most customers nowadays prefer to talk to a customer agent than receive automated messages when they need solutions.

However, if you can’t immediately answer them, you must call them back immediately. 

Offer your apology for not being able to answer them promptly, and be patient while explaining to them the solution they need.

When you do this, you may be able to pacify your customers and not make them leave your business because of poor communication.

They may even tell it to friends or post it on social media.

As a result, you may damage your reputation.

Even if they’re calling because of other things, you should still give them a professional reply.

When you talk to them and they hang up their phones happy, you can say you’ve communicated with them effectively. 

Learn More About Your Customers

As they say, you can communicate better if you know the person you’re talking to. This works the same way in business communication.

If you understand who your customers are, you’ll know how to cater to their needs.

Not all customers are the same. Some may like formal conversations, while others prefer an informal tone of communication. That’s why knowing your audience is key to engaging with them better. 


Business communication is essential to make your company grow and increase your customer base. If you’ve satisfied your customers, then they’re more likely to engage business with you. On the other hand, they’re more likely to brand you as irate or unprofessional if you don’t communicate with them well. Avoid this from happening by doing the tips above.