6 Compelling Reasons To Study Cyber Security

Cyber security has become a massive field in the past few years. If you need a compelling reason to get your cyber security degree, remember that we live in the digital age.

You’ll have excellent job security and make a lot of money while doing it.

Overall, there are multiple reasons why you should study cyber security. If you’re still on the fence and want some convincing, read this article!

Everything important is below.

Cyber Security Jobs are In Demand

The most compelling reason to study cyber security is that the jobs are in very high demand. This job field is growing very steadily too, with more growth than the national average.

You can expect these jobs to remain very in demand because of this. There are more open cyber security positions than qualified people to fill them!

Most businesses have some kind of presence online today- with important data to protect. With so much information online, more cyberattacks take place more often.

Businesses want to keep their data and websites safe, so they hire more people to keep themselves secure.

Data breaches are currently at an all-time high and continue increasing each year.

Because of this, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the number of cybersecurity jobs to increase by 28% in the next forty years.

Overall, you can trust that you’ll always have a job if you pursue cyber security!

Jobs in this field are very in-demand, and there’s little competition to fill the positions.

You’re sure to find a steady career in no time.

2. Cyber Security is Rewarding

Next, cyber security is very rewarding for many people.

You’ll feel a strong sense of accomplishment with your work. Plus, you’ll protect others from online threats!

Cyber security professionals make sure that everything runs smoothly.

You’ll know you’re doing good work when everything goes as others expect- while they might not see the security work you do behind the scenes, it’s rewarding to know you’re protecting other people.

There may even be occasions where you get recognized for being a hero!

These situations arise when you stop cyber security attacks or track down dangerous individuals online. 

In short, cyber security impacts people’s daily lives, whether they realize it or not. You will make a difference in this field, which many people believe is a compelling reason to get into online security.

3. Cyber Security is Still Evolving

Additionally, this field is still evolving.

Cyber security is always changing as advances in technology happen.

While the basics of cyber security stay the same, you’ll never feel bored because you’re always learning.

You’ll make discoveries every single day! Because of this, many people prefer cyber security work over other jobs, which can feel stagnant over the years.

If you love learning new things, cyber security creates a very enriching work environment.

Every day will be different, which many people find stimulating.

This kind of career keeps you engaged and enhances your critical thinking skills.

Many criminals today also act solely online.

They learn new tactics to commit data theft and fraud- the cyber security field needs to stay one step ahead at all times to keep up!

So, you can trust that this field never stays the same for too long; there’s always more to learn.

4. Cyber Security Offers High Salaries

One of the most compelling reasons to join this field is that cyber security offers high salaries. Cyber attacks are very expensive for businesses- they’d rather pay you a high yearly salary to prevent the damage!

They’ll lose more on data breaches, so paying a lot is worth it.

Even entry-level cyber security positions pay more than most other jobs. While the pay differs depending on where you live, you’re sure to make a lot.

You can also boost your salary by getting more certificates and degrees.

In 2020, the median salary for cyber security specialists was $103,590- which is about $50 per hour! In comparison, the median salary for all other workers was $41,950 in 2020.

You’ll have a higher starting wage than most other workers, and there’s plenty of room for advancement!

Overall, cyber security is a very lucrative field.

You’ll have a high salary, even in starting positions. Not many fields can say that!

5. Cyber Security Offers Opportunities To Travel

Plus, cyber security also offers many chances for travel! You can work from home or in an office setting, but there may come times when you have to travel to other locations.

This field operates on a global scale, so you can have chances to get paid to travel the world.

Cyber security makes it easy if you’ve ever wanted to move to another state or country. You’ll also have the funds to go on vacation every year!

Or, if you don’t want to travel and prefer to stay home, many remote work positions in the field are available.

In short, cyber security can offer plenty of travel opportunities. If this interests you, you’ll want to consider studying it! 

6. There are Many Cyber Security Industries

Lastly, there are many different cyber security industries for you to choose from. You won’t have to stay within a single industry either.

You can work in a hospital, business, school, manufacturing, or even for government agencies. There’s virtually no limit to what industry you can work in!

Plus, many professionals work in multiple sectors simultaneously, keeping every day feeling new and different.

Every industry out there can benefit from improved cyber security- and you can be the one to offer it.

You’re Passionate About Cyber Security

If you’re passionate about technology or programming, you’re sure to love studying cyber security! As a bonus, you can make a lot of money while doing it.

To summarize, there are plenty of compelling reasons for you to study cyber security. You’ll be very in-demand, have a strong sense of accomplishment, have chances to travel, and can work in any industry that interests you. We’d have to say it’s well worth learning about!