6 Reasons You Need A Smart Desk For Your Office

For most days of the week, you spend a huge chunk of the day sitting on a chair for extended periods when working. While this is necessary to meet your needs and that of your family, it adversely affects your general health.

As an employer, you must look after your wellbeing and that of your employees, and one way you can do this is by investing in a smart desk for your office. 

The smart desk, also referred as the sit-stand, standing desk, or height adjustable desk, is a kind of office desk that allows your employees to work on their tasks while standing.

With this desk, you get to improve your productivity and general health, as well as of your employees.

If you need further convincing, here’s a guide showing why you should invest in the smart desk for your office:

Lowers The Risk Of Obesity 

Sitting down for prolonged periods increases the risk of obesity. This happens because your body doesn’t burn as many calories while sitting, leading to increased fat accumulation and reduced metabolism. But, getting a standing desk helps keep obesity at bay since standing alone makes your body burn some calories. Standing also initiates the flow of the fat-burning enzyme, thereby preventing weight gain. 

When setting up your smart desk, ensure it’s set at a suitable height to prevent experiencing any back issue. You can calculate your desk height here to know what’s the most appropriate height to set up your desk.  

Improves Productivity 

Are you struggling with a dip in your overall productivity?  If so, you’ll be glad and equally surprised to know that the smart desk is very effective at boosting your productivity. This is because your brain is more active and creative when you’re standing, thanks to the increased circulation of oxygen and blood. As a result, you get to be more focused on work and notice a boost in your productivity. Standing also boosts your moods and spirits as it produces endorphins that give you a feeling of euphoria, thereby lowering the chances of getting depressed or anxious while working. As a result, you’ll notice an increase in productivity. 

It Helps Reduce Your Blood Sugar Levels 

Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease that many people today are suffering from, partly due to sitting down for extended durations. Usually, the blood sugar levels spike right after eating due to the increased production of insulin by the pancreas. Therefore, you or your employees shouldn’t sit down right after taking your meal to promote the better processing of glucose. If you fail to do this, then there’s a higher chance you’ll end up suffering from type 2 diabetes. 

Improves Your Posture 

If you want to improve your overall posture, then you need to get a smart desk. With the standing desk, you’ll be able to rectify bad habits you might have acquired due to sitting down for prolonged periods. This is because standing strengthens your body’s core, which further boosts your overall posture and back health. 

With that said, you should position your standing desk in a manner that your eye and the computer screen are even. This ensures you don’t bend while working as this will eventually affect your posture. 

Improves Your Heart’s Health 

Spending a lot of time sitting down increases the chances of suffering from cardiovascular infections. Knowing this, you need to take proactive measures to lower the chances of suffering from heart disease. Standing does this as it improves blood flow by making your heart not use as much energy pumping blood across your body. In contrast, sitting reduces blood flow, meaning your heart needs to work harder when pumping blood, which negatively affects your cardiovascular health. 

It Helps Lower Chronic Back And Neck Pain 

One issue that many people today complain about is chronic back and neck pains. But, this shouldn’t be surprising since most individuals spend the better part of the day sitting while working. You can address this issue by buying a smart desk as it improves your posture and later results in fewer neck and back pains. 

With this widespread problem, you shouldn’t wait to experience chronic shoulder, neck, or back pain before being convinced of the need to get a standing desk. This is more so because it’s a problem that’s affecting all age groups, with millennials also complaining about this issue. 


Are you still torn between getting the smart desk or the conventional desk?  Most certainly not after reading this comprehensive post highlighting the many benefits of getting the smart desk for your workspace. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait any longer to buy the smart desk and begin enjoying its many benefits.