7 Apps To Improve Management Of Your Personal Finances

Money is an essential part of everyone’s life and it is very important for you to know how to manage it in the best way.

That is why many companies started developing budgeting apps that will help you get on track with everything you need to know and make it easier for you to manage your finances.

There are many of them out there, but only a few reliable, just like it is the situation with any other group of apps.

Follow this article to learn which of them are the best when it comes to handling money.

What Are the Best Apps That Will Help You Improve Your Personal Finances?

The IT industry is constantly developing, and today you have an app for almost anything you need.

These softwares are very helpful in many ways but you have to know that you cannot trust all of them.

That is why you need to see this article where the 7 best apps for managing your personal finances are presented.


Stash is an app developed in 2015 by Wall Street investors for people who are just getting into the business of investing, therefore having a program that helps you invest easily and, as you will see it is very much affordable.

According to this Stash Review, it is a user-friendly app investment app that anyone can use for his or her first step in the world of stock investments.

Although this app has an unlimited time period for its free version, you can use it for a little amount of money on a monthly level and it is guaranteed to teach you everything you need to know in order to start aiming towards bigger goals on the stock market.

Goodbudget Budgeting App

This app works on a traditional envelope system called Kakeibo which means “household account book” in Japanese. It helps users to achieve better handling of their monthly expenses.

With these apps, you will have an easier time organizing their priorities and with it, you will know what to buy in a certain month and what you can leave out.

This app will help you develop healthier spending habits and will also help you save a little money every month.

The envelope system it is based on is made in a way that it will let you know how much money should be reserved for every expense, as well as how much money you managed to save that month.


This money-saving app will give you a holistic view of your expenses, as well as your cash flow. This is a great app if you are always looking for an exact number you have remaining in your bank account after you have paid your bills and expenses.

It works in the way that it imports transaction data and it automates your efforts. This app is designed to help you control your spending better.

It tracks what you are buying because you have to link your credit card to it. Once you do that, everything you get will automatically upload to the app’s database.

Mint Budgeting App

This app belongs among the most popular ones when it comes to budgeting and managing your finances. It is an app that has been founded in 2006 and is in constant development and updates since then.

This app will automate your budgeting process and it will show you how much money you can set aside and save depending on what your goals are.

Once you start using Mint it will connect each of your financial accounts in one digital space and give you a detailed overview of how your finances are standing. You can track what you spend and save and get going on financing your future goals.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is an app that is famous for its fantastic options to give you report as well as other things such as the following:

  • desktop capabilities
  • investment management platform
  • spending tracking

This software gives you a holistic you of your full financial picture and gives you daily updates on your spending and also tracks your portfolio performance.

Aside from all that, the app contains saving tools that will help you design a plan to save up for whatever you need like retirement, emergencies, and paying your debts. Personal Capital also comes with other tools that include advisory tools focused on investment checkups, tracking cash flow, education cost planning, net worth, etc.


This app is designed for improving your habits of saving money with the “set it and forget it” approach. The machine learning technique built into the app will help you to get closer to your goals on a day-to-day basis. This is a great app if you want to save up for specific things such as:

  • emergencies
  • vacation
  • building down payments
  • debts

Digit has a look into your finances and then calculates the amount of money you should deposit into your savings account. Your only job is to give Digit a piece of information on how much you would like to save and what for. With it, you can save money for whatever you need.


If you are married or live with your significant other this is an app that will help you get on track with your mutual finances.

Honeydue is designed for such household matters and helps couples communicate and to be more transparent with each other about expenses and finances by informing them on the others’ spendings.

Once you are paired with your partner, you will not have to manually inform them on what you spent and what for, Honeydue will do that for you in a very precise matter.

In order to use it, you will both need to give your bank account information and get started on saving for your future for free and it will instantly notify both you and your significant other about what you’ve spent.

Now you have the list of apps you can rely on if you want to improve the management of your finances. These apps will surely help you be constantly informed, as well as advising on what you can or cannot afford to spend at a certain moment.

Also, it helps you save money for important things that will always come in handy in the future especially in a case you must have a medical procedure. Try out the one that suits you best and good luck.