7 Marketing Strategies and Tactics That Work

Are you looking for marketing strategies that work? There are many different tactics, but not all will be effective for your business. You’ll want to research your options to ensure you find the best ones to use.

We gathered all of the best marketing strategies below, so keep reading. Many brands have used them effectively, proving that they work. 

1. OTT Advertising

First, let’s start with over-the-top advertising, also called OTT advertising. These ads show over videos, giving them their name. It’s easy for users to click on, so they drive a lot of traffic.

You’ll see OTT ads on Twitch, YouTube, Fire TV, and more. Essentially, any service that has streaming ads will let you use this advertising strategy. They come with numerous benefits, including:

  • Advanced targeting services
  • Ability to reach hard-to-engage customers
  • Cost-effective advertising
  • Ability to deliver relevant content to your audience

So, if you’re not using OTT ads, you’ll want to consider starting this marketing strategy. It’s very effective and works.

2. Quality Content Marketing

Next, you’ll need to ensure a good content marketing strategy. The content you produce for your brand must be high-quality for several reasons.

First, it ranks you higher in SEO than other web pages. Second, it allows you to build more trust with your audience. These two primary benefits will encourage more people to shop with you and spread brand awareness.

Content marketing can include posting images, blogs, and videos to your websites. You want to encourage people to share your content so it spreads through the internet. The more people share, the more people see it, giving your brand free advertising and raising awareness.

You can also make how-to guides, listicles, and much more, so you’ll want to try these ideas and see what forms of content work best for your unique brand. Using your brand’s identity and voice will help you create powerful content.

This strategy works, and you can find many different examples online. So, you’ll want to ensure you spend time on your content marketing strategy.

3. Subscriber Email Marketing

You’ll want to create daily or weekly emails and send them to an audience on your subscriber list. Doing so allows you to send personalized messages to your customers and keep in touch with them.

They will remember your brand more often when they see you in their mailboxes. This strategy lets you stay in the forefront of your customers’ minds.

You can encourage your audience to subscribe to the email list from your store page, blog, and social media accounts. You’ll attract more people that way, allowing you to have a larger reach with the emails.

You must make quality, engaging content for the emails, too. Then, make sure that links in the text body connect to your various pages. The more relevant, the better. Web traffic can come from your emails, raising your pages’ search engine rankings.

4. Customer Referral and Loyalty Programs

Next, you’ll want to ensure you have some loyalty programs. When your customers refer others, they should be rewarded as an incentive to continue spreading positive brand awareness for your company. Your target audience is likely to trust other customers, so you’ll want to ensure an excellent online reputation.

You can offer customers deals and discounts for referrals. Then, ensure you offer rewards like points and discount codes to customers who shop with you. It can improve your retention and even increase the average customer lifetime value.

Loyalty programs are excellent strategies because they keep customers around, so you’ll want time perfecting yours! Check out some top loyalty programs for other brands as examples.

5. Curate Interactive Content

Interactive content can be highly engaging, encouraging users to share it and spend time on your sites. There are plenty of different ways to make content like this. For instance, polls, quizzes, online games, interactive videos, and images can be used.

You can even reuse interactive content; customers prefer it over standard content because it keeps them more engaged.

You can try making a quiz funnel for your first piece of interactive content because it’s very effective. On average, they have a 40% to 60% conversion rate, higher than many other types of content, since users want to save their results after investing in a quiz and receiving personalized products.

6. Mobile Device Optimization

Is your site made for mobile devices? You’ll want to make sure you optimize for smartphones because more people use mobile devices than ever to view online content. If your site loads too slowly for mobile, people will quickly bounce, so you don’t get any sales.

You’ll want to have a responsive page with a straightforward design. Many mobile sites use larger buttons to make tapping them with a finger easier. Navigation through the site is another factor to consider.

It can also help to have a mobile app for your brand. The app will send your audience notifications, helping them stay updated with your company’s current promotions and more. They’ll be much more likely to remember you when receiving these frequent updates.

You can test your mobile optimization through surveys you send to your audience. Ask them what they think of the page, including how quickly it loaded for them. Offering loyalty points or a discount for taking the survey will make people much more likely to fill it out, so keep that in mind.

7. Positive Word of Mouth Marketing

You’ll also want to focus on how your customers see your brand because they will discuss you. You must get positive word-of-mouth marketing. Otherwise, you’re going to harm your company.

Customers trust brands more when they hear good things about them from loved ones. You can create word-of-mouth marketing by using unique advertising and social media campaigns. When people are interested in what you’re doing, they will talk.

Plus, you’ll want to offer the best products and content. Most people talk about the products they use daily without realizing it, so ensure you have the best possible goods and services for sale.

These Marketing Tactics Work

To summarize, these marketing tactics work! You’ll want to use several of them for the best results for your business.