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Did you notice any of your Amazon statement’s containing the term ‘Amazon courtesy credit’? Do you wonder what it is? 

As you all know, I am a massive fan of the Amazon platform. In the past few years, I have spent a lot of time analyzing and studying it to understand better how it works and what kind of features and benefits they offer. 

I also worked hard to figure out how to show you better these benefits and how you can use them. 

That’s why I have been working on a series of posts regarding Amazon. So far, I have covered quite a bit of different topics. The ones that caught the most attention are guides related to finding an Amazon wish list and editing Amazon reviews

If you haven’t checked out those, make sure you do. 

The topic of today’s post is Amazon courtesy credit. 

Amazon doesn’t go out of their way to explain and make this service accessible, but they frequently use it. You have probably got an email about it at one point, but you may have ignored it. 

It’s not strange for massive eCommerce platforms to offer courtesy credits, and Amazon made an effort to have their own. 

What is an Amazon Courtesy Credit? 

Amazon courtesy credit is an Amazon special issued by the platform to mitigate damages or reward specific actions. You can even get it after you file particular complaints. 

It’s often confused with a gift card balance or promo codes. Still, it’s a different thing, as Amazon courtesy credit is being given for delays that happen or to rectify Amazon’s mistakes. 

How Amazon decides to give courtesy credit is totally up to their internal policy and discretion, and it’s tough (and not recommended) to abuse it.  

What To Use It For? 

You can use Amazon courtesy credit for purchasing pretty much any Amazon product. There have been certain complaints that those credits went missing after they haven’t been used for a longer period. 

Those concerns were low in number, so they didn’t present a significant concern, but if you want to be on the safe side, you can opt in to use the courtesy credits fairly quickly. 

How to Get an Amazon Courtesy Credit? 

There are a couple of different ways to obtain an Amazon courtesy credit that I have used, so let’s cover them. 

Slow Shipping Method

If you are an Amazon Prime user, there’s a way to get amazon courtesy credit by choosing a slow shipping method. Being an Amazon Prime user, you get an option of a free one day or two day shipping, however, when checking out, you also get an option of choosing a several day long shipping. 

It is called “Free No-Rush Shipping”. 

By choosing this option, you can sometimes be credited with an Amazon courtesy credit. Be aware that this option is not guaranteed, and you can often only get about $1.50 in digital reward that you can use to purchase digital products like eBooks, music, videos etc. 

Also, these offers have expiration dates, so you must use them in a timeframe provided by Amazon. 

Filing a Dispute

Another and more common way to obtain Amazon courtesy credit is by filing a dispute. Of course, this shouldn’t be abused, and disputes should be only filed when there’s something wrong with your order. 

If your order hasn’t been delivered on time or you have never even received the package, you can open a dispute. 

In these cases, Amazon will often offer a courtesy credit to “repair the relationship” because of the mistake on their end.

These credits can be anywhere from $1 to $20+, and you will get an email notifying you of it. 

How to Use Amazon Courtesy Credit? 

Be aware that you will be able to use Amazon courtesy credit to make purchases for products that are fulfilled and sold by Amazon. 

On each product listing, you can find information about who is selling and fulfilling the products, and each of these needs to say Amazon. 

Amazon courtesy credit is being applied automatically at your check out, as part of your purchase. You can see those credits being applied at every purchase breakdown and shipping and all the other fees. 

If you choose to not use a courtesy credit in any instance, you can deselect it manually when choosing a payment option. 

How to Check Your Amazon Courtesy Credit? 

If you are looking to check out your courtesy credit balance, you will be able to find that information on the following link. 

If a category for Amazon courtesy credit is missing, that means you don’t have any. 

What is Amazon Prime Courtesy Credit? 

I often get asked this question. There’s no difference between regular Amazon courtesy credit and Amazon Prime courtesy credit. 

The only difference is in what we have already explained. That is how you can obtain courtesy credit, where Amazon Prime users can do it by delaying shipping and giving Amazon extra breathing room in fulfilling all orders. 

Final Word

We have come down to the end of this article. I hope you now have a better understanding of Amazon courtesy credit, how to check it and how to use it in the future. 

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Call centers deal with customers daily. They are one of the primary strengths of large-scale businesses that call centers to answer queries and handle complaints. It’s not an easy task because of the unpredictable nature of humans. Emotions can run high and overwhelm the use of logic on both parties. While there is no guaranteed formula or algorithm for solving every problem, agents can employ these measures to improve customer engagement.  

Know Your Customer 

If you’re aware of the campaign, you must also make an effort to know your customers or clientele. Understanding the type of customers that you encounter every day, you have a better chance of profiling them. You can use that gathered information in Aceyus to create customized responses that cater to their needs. It’ll help enhance customer agility when partnered with comprehensive and insightful replies.  

Minimize On-Hold Times 

Any inbound call is potentially urgent, and more so if a customer finds themselves in unexpected situations caused either by the company or the customers themselves. On-hold times can be frustrating to customers because they tend to expect a quick on-the-spot response to their concerns.  

Most customers are not aware that customer service departments are made of sections that handle different issues. Companies may adopt measures to make the on-hold times shorter. Improving or developing customer service policies must rely on what will make customers happy and willing to adapt to business practices.  

Observe Customer Journey 

Improving customer engagement also lies with how you interact with customers and their history. Before responding to a specific query, one must browse through past interactions with other agents who addressed the concern before yourself. Giving generic responses to tailored ones also depend on whether the customer is new to your business or a loyal customer. CRMs must respond to each customer appropriately by quickly recognizing the best way to approach various concerns.  

Improve Listening Skills 

Customer service representatives may choose to email, use live chat, or telephone their concerns. Listening to calls requires your utmost attention, and it can put pressure on the agent as they are the business representatives. One way to make sure that you understand the callers’ concerns is to address the question or concern by repeating them. It’s also essential to reassure the customer that you’re doing what you can to solve their problem.  

Create Emotional Connections 

Your brand is not just about the product. Gone are the days when people spend money simply for what works and what satisfies. Today, they want something more from their hard-earned money. People support brands if they trust the people behind them.  

Customers, especially millennials, will buy products that align with their values. Regular methods seldom work anymore. If new customers are inquiring, you can empower your customer service team by teaching them new ways to approach such customers. Create a genuine and brief story of the company and its objective to solve consumer problems. You may also offer freebies and limited upgrades as a reward for replying to a call-to-action. 

Practice Courtesy And Politeness Always 

Customer service is a stressful job that can test people’s patience. Whether the medium, be it call, email, or chat, service agents must learn to answer calmly, use please and thank you appropriately, and immediately address the concern. Angry customers on the telephone can be difficult to handle, but make sure that your agents are prepared to handle them at any time. How your customer service agents handle different types of customers is a way of building a reputation. 

Exercise Quality Control 

When you’re actively tracking the team’s responses and productivity, you’re able to solve issues and make changes to various situations. Tracking how your team responds to different customer concerns can help elevate performance.  

Aside from performances, it would help if you also looked into the technical side of the operations. Take note of errors and latency issues that may cause errors, breaks, and other issues that can result in downtime and angry customers who cannot reach your business. Such errors may also cause problems with contacting sellers and cost you an important transaction. Implement strict monitoring of all communication channels to avoid serious problems from ever happening again.  

Ask For Feedback 

Customers connect in the first place to be heard. It only makes sense that a business should also ask for customer opinion about how a customer service advisor handled an issue. It’s a way to show that you care about what they think and that you’re willing to improve services. You can ask them to participate in a quick survey that will allow them to rate the most recent performance. It helps you, as a brand, to understand your customers even more.  

In Conclusion 

When your business employs customer service agents, you’d want them to be prepared for anything. Make sure to discuss how you want them to approach various concerns clearly. As a business owner, you must also be willing to improve and make changes when necessary. Every employee looks to your leadership, and how they represent your business mainly comes from your policies and instructions.  

Amazon is one of the most excellent online e-commerce sites that offers products at exceptional prices. There are different sellers that sell products too on Amazon. You also need to know how to contact sellers for different purposes like price inquiry, warranty, about an order, and many more specific inquiries. 

In this article, you will learn how to contact a seller on Amazon. All items shipped directly by Amazon are handled by Amazon customer care representatives. However, if the item was sold and shipped by a third-party seller, there are different ways to contact that seller. 

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How to Contact Seller on Amazon App

Apart from just purchasing items on Amazon, you can also contact different sellers for help using the following steps.

  • Go to the Amazon App and log in with your details.
  • Then select orders on the home page. Click on ‘Orders,’ and it will display the list of all the transactions and orders you have completed on Amazon.
  • On every completed order, you will see the name of the seller that sold it. Select on the ‘Name of the Seller’ option, and it will display a box with a label to ask a question.
  • Choose the option that best suits your inquiry from the drop-down menu.
  • You will also find a label that reads select a subject. Click on the label to see the options displayed. You will have four options to display from (including shipping, product customization, returns and refund policy, and other questions). If you choose the other question option, you will also click on ‘write message’ where you will compose a message that states your inquiry. 
  • To attach a file or image, you will click on ‘Add Attachment,’ then click ‘Send’ to send your message. 

How to Contact Seller on Amazon After Delivery

Most times, customers may want to contact their sellers on Amazon for one form of reason or the other. To achieve this, you can contact the seller any day any time either before or after the delivery using the following steps:

  • Go to the official Amazon website and log-in with your details. You can quickly contact sellers using two different methods. First is to go to the product listing and click on ‘Third-Party Sellers Name.’ The second method is to go to your orders. Click on the specified order and the name of the seller. The seller will help you based on what the issue is. 
  • A box with a label ‘ask a question’ will pop up, click on it and ask your question. You will have two options to choose from either order I placed or item for sale.
  • After choosing the label that describes your inquiry, select a subject. If you select the shipping question, click on the ‘write Message’ option. You will see a box where you will compose a 4000-character message. Note that you must be concise so as not to exceed the 4000 characters.
  • To attach an image or file of the product you are contacting the seller for, click on the ‘Add Attachment’ option. Proofread your message and click on send.

How to Contact Seller on Amazon about an Order

In cases where you don’t fully understand the product description or listings that are listed by the sellers, you can quickly contact the sellers for more clarification. On the storefront of each seller, there is a contact option that you can use to get more information about a particular product. You can also ask about your purchase even after your order through Amazon. 

  • Go to ‘amazon.com’ and ‘log-in’ to your account. You will find your account on the homepage, click it and go to your orders.
  • The order page will display all the list of orders you have ever placed on Amazon. Open the order you have a problem with. You will find the details of the product you ordered and the seller’s information at the end.  Click on the seller’s name. A box with a question will pop out. Click on the option, and it will display two options (an order I placed and an item for sale) select accordingly. 
  • You will also find a label that reads select a subject. Click on the label to see the options displayed. You will have four options to select from (including shipping, product customization, returns and refund policy, and other questions). If you choose the other question option, you will also click on ‘write message’ where you will compose a message that states your inquiry. You are expected to describe your problem within 4000 characters concisely. If it exceeds this, it will not be accepted.
  • If you want to attach a file or image of the product to make the seller fully aware of the problem, click the ‘Add Attachment’ option, and send the message. 
  • Wait for at least two working days for the seller to respond to your question. The seller will mostly respond to your question sooner than you anticipate. Amazon customer service handles critical problems on behalf of high-ranking sellers. 

Third-Party Sellers

When you have a problem with any item purchased, there are two things to first consider in terms of who is selling the product. You will always have a third-party seller who is selling their items directly from an Amazon warehouse but is not sold or produced by Amazon. On the other hand, you have an item that is packaged and shipped directly from an Amazon warehouse and is sold by Amazon. If you experience a problem with an order, you may be eligible to receive amazon courtesy credit.

How to Contact a Third-Party Seller

  • Go to Amazon.com
  • Click on the product page of the item you have a question about
  • You will see an option that says, ‘Sold by ____ and fulfilled by Amazon’
  • Select the name of the brand that the product was sold by. 
  • You will see a box with a caption ‘Have a question for____?’ and a yellow button that says, ‘Ask a Question.’
  • Select the yellow button that says Ask a Question
  • You will be asked to state whether it is about an order you have already placed or it’s an item for sale
  • See the dot that states that this question pertains to an item for sale
  • Select a subject category that applies to your inquiry. And it will automatically transfer your question to the most qualified personnel to answer it. 
  • If you successfully followed the steps, you will receive a mail that is associated with your Amazon account. 


The process of contacting a seller on Amazon has been made a lot easier and straightforward. Whatsoever be the problem you are having with a product you purchased, there is a well-structured system put in place by Amazon where the issue can be resolved amicably.

The art of renting Amazon books can be fascinating, especially if you want to cut down costs. As long as you always return the books as at when due, you will keep having access to different books without having to buy them. When you return rented books through Amazon pick up locations, the item will be marked “returned” faster than when you return it through Amazon certified carriers. 

There is no extra shipping fee for returning books rented. Each time you borrow books, you will be given printed prepaid labels, which can be used to return multiple rented books in a single box as long as they are captioned in your return slip. If you wish to save more money on a couple of school textbooks that you don’t need to own necessarily, renting that particular book from Amazon could be one of the best things to do. 

You just need to make sure you are disciplined enough to return the book on time to avoid incurring extra fees. The process of returning rented books to Amazon is straightforward and easy.

In this article, we will explore the different ways of returning books to Amazon.

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Also, if you have troubles locating someone’s wish list on Amazon, we have a great piece of content that helps you do just that.

Do you have a book you rented from Amazon but don’t know how to return it, there are various ways of returning borrowed books to Amazon. Even if you purchase a digital book or a physical one, there are ways of returning it to get your money back. 

Continue reading to get the steps needed to return your rented book

How to Return items from Amazon Books

Follow the steps below to return books purchased at Amazon Books brick-and-mortar Locations

Package the book/item you want to return in the pack they came in.

Get the receipt (either electronic or physical) alongside the order number on it. 

Go back to the Amazon Books location you purchased the book from. A sales representative will be waiting to help you with the return process. 

How to return Kindle Books

If you purchased a book from Amazon Kindle and you wish to return it, you will be able to return it within the first one week of your purchase. It is an easy and straightforward process. You also cancel the order almost immediately from your Kindle fire shortly after the purchase by selecting the “Purchase by Accident?” Cancel this order” option. 

Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Manage Your Content and Devices on the Amazon website or App. 
  • Choose the “…” button In the Content tab close to the book you are trying to return. 
  • Then select the “Return for Refund” option
  • Lastly, click on the Return for Refund” button that displays when the windows appear. 

How to Return a Rented Book

To return a book you rented from Amazon, kindly follow the steps below. You must note that if you don’t return the book on the due date, you will incur some extra charges. You must also keep in mind that the refund period depends on the category of the product. 

  • Click on the “Manage Your Rental” option on the official Amazon website
  • Search and select the book you want to return
  • Click on the “Return Rental” option. A prepaid return shipping label will pop out, which you must print out. 
  • Put the book in its original pack attached with the printed slip
  • Attach the shipping label and send it via the USPS or any other carrier of your choice. 

How to Return Regular Books

If you purchased a physical book on the official Amazon website and you wish to return it, you will have a period of 30 days to initiate the returning process. 

  • Firstly, Go to the Amazon order page
  • Search for the item you wish to return and select the “Return items” button located on the right side. 
  • Click the checkbox close to the book you want to return
  • Select the reason for your return from the drop-down menu
  • Select the continue button
  • Lastly, select the pickup schedule from the drop-down menu

After you have entered all the relevant information, you can then click the submit button. 


At first, the process returning books to Amazon might look cumbersome, but you will get to discover later that the Amazon return process is quite easy and straightforward when you know exactly what to expect and how to go about it. You can also get more information on how to return other items you bought or ordered as a gift for someone. 

Amazon wish list is a gift archive, just like a birthday or wedding gift catalog where you create a list of all the things you wish you have, and when friends and family want to buy a gift for you, they can quickly go through your wish list to select from what you listed there. Once the gift is purchased, Amazon will deliver the items to you wherever you are as a surprise. 

The practice of Amazon Wish list came into limelight in the year 1999 when a group of people wrote out a list of items they wished their loved ones could buy for them. 

This idea saved the stress of trying to figure out what friends and family would love as a gift. This eliminated the art of asking people “what should I get for you?” especially during birthdays, valentine, Christmas or anniversaries. 

It was initially intended for parents and grandparents to give them an idea of what their children wanted. Over the years, it has undergone some form of modification, and there are now better ways of creating wish lists to serve all categories of individuals and easily find a wish list on Amazon. 

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How to Find Someone’s Amazon Wish List

Amazon’s wish list is an amazon user feature that enables users to create a list of all the items they wish to get in the nearest future. 

The Amazon wish list is mostly public, friends and family can easily access your wish list via your link to have an idea of the items to get for you as a gift. 

How to Find Someone’s Wish List

In the past, you could easily search for Amazon wish lists by names and emails, but there are now better and modified ways to find a wish list on Amazon easily. 

  1. Through Amazon Homepage

Go to the Accounts & Lists option on the Amazon Home page and click on the wish list.

  1. Through your Friends

When you open the wish list page, two options will be displayed- Your Friends and Your Ideas list. Click on your friends

  1. By Asking Friends

There is a custom message on your page that you can easily send to all your friends asking them to share their wish list with you. Simply copy the message and edit it before mailing it to your friends.

You can only have access to a friend’s wish list if they decide to share it with you willingly. Also, they will not have an idea of the item you eventually purchased until it arrives. 

Note that you must have an Amazon account to be able to access any list. If you don’t have, you can easily create a free account. 

  1. Note the List

You can always go back to the list that was shared to you anytime you want to get a gift for the friend or family member unless if they revoke the privacy status

  1. Get Organized

You can quickly sort the items on the wish list based on price, date, title, purchase status or priority through the filter pull-down menus. 

You can also add the items to your cart if you are not ready to buy immediately 

  1. Find Wishlist on Amazon Shared by Friends
  • Log in to your Amazon Account
  • Go to Account & List’s
  • Click on the Wish List
  • Select the “Your Friends” option
  • Choose one of the template messages provided or compose your own customized message and click “Email this message.”
  • If the email goes to a different program you are not used to, simply Copy the message and paste it on your default email setting, add the recipient’s email address and forward it. 
  • After all the process is complete, when your friend shares the list, you will see it under the “Your Friends” section. Just click on the “Wish list” under the “Account & List” section to view the list. To make purchases for your friends, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the instruction guide for making purchases. 

This is the best approach to finding a wishlist on Amazon shared by family and friends via email addresses.  

  1. Find Amazon Wish List by email
  • First, go to the search page on Amazon’s homepage, type the person’s name and click on search. Click the person’s name from the list of results displayed to view the wish list. If the person is not on your friend list, you can easily add the person to your friend’s list. To save a link to the person’s list for future references, click “Remember” (Note that this is an optional step and only enables you to locate that list from any search result page quickly)
  • Request for the wish list of a friend or family member through email, simply create a customized message or use the Template. 
  • Click on “Email this Message.” If the person agrees to share the list with you, you will have access to it under your friends.
  • Amazon also provides gift suggestions to you based on your friend’s Facebook profile using Amazon’s Facebook connect to match.

How to Purchase an Item from a Friend’s Amazon Wish List

The purpose of asking for the lists is to ensure that your family and friends receive precisely want they need, desire and want while eliminating the chances of double git giving. 

It is always best to shop directly from the wish list and not just to use it as an idea-list from purchasing online. 

  • Choose a gift from the list and add it to your cart. Confirm your selection by clicking on the cart button a second time, then click proceed to check out. 
  • Use the shipping address provided by your friend if you want the gift to be delivered to them directly by Amazon. Even if they did not include a shipping address, you could still get it delivered to them by adding the address yourself
  • Select the Gifting option, and remove the price details
  • Confirm the payment details and click the order

Your order will be processed and shipped accordingly. Delivery updates about the package will be sent to you via your email. The recipient will not know about the item purchased from their Wishlist until it arrives. 

If you successfully ship the item to the recipient, the item will automatically be removed from their wish list. 


The importance of the wish list cannot be overemphasized. It is easy to use and leverage. It saves you a lot of effort and energy while trying to figure out exactly what your friends and loved ones need as a gift item. In case you run into any problem with an Amazon platform, you can file a dispute and they are quick to resolve any issues. You can even receive Amazon courtesy credits for any delays, or any issues that happen on their end.

Amazon reviews can make or break your business. Nobody likes to face the consequences and impact of negative reviews. That’s why you need to know how to edit your negative Amazon reviews. 

If you take a look at any Amazon product listing, you are probably gonna see it has at least one negative review. 

Amazon is a huge marketplace that offers services like no other place on the entire world wide web. It has plenty of options for Amazon sellers and is widely contributing to sellers in their mission to optimize and run their businesses through Aamzon platform.

It also has a firm set of policies that you must oblige. Negative reviews could be a consideration for a suspension of your Amazon sellers account, therefore, you will to watch out for these and make sure you have a quick reaction. 

Also, negative reviews can drag your sales into the mud. Even one 1-star review can cost you a lot of sales, so you need to be prepared to take action. 

What Can You Do? 

First of all, start by analyzing the negative review that you got. What does it say? Where does it come from? Is it truthful, honest and accurate? 

Negative Amazon reviews can be a huge help as well. If you can see people complaining about the quality or functionality of your product, it might be a good time to do a quality control, and make sure you are actually producing something people are happy to purchase. 

However, sometimes your product may be perfect for a bunch of customers, but fail to please those who had different expectations. 

These are some of the things you can do to edit your Amazon reviews. 

Stop Panicking

Getting a negative amazon review is no reason to panic. Take a deep breath, relax and start reading the review. First things to look at are: 

  • Does this review come from a buyer or a competitor of mine? It’s not strange for competition to try and sunk your product, so be prepared for that to happen. 
  • Why is this buyer unsatisfied? 
  • Is there anything in the review that’s against Amazon’s Terms of Service? 

Report the Review to Amazon

There will be cases where buyers will be mentioning issues that are outside of your control like delayed shipping or box being worn out. Make sure you report these kind of reviews, and Amazon will happily remove them from your product listing. 

Also, any use of dirty words is against Amazon’s TOS, so you are free to report that as well, and you have a 100% chance of getting it removed. 

As mentioned earlier, competitors often leave bad reviews on your product listing to try and sink your product sales, and this is obviously against the rules.

The issue with this one is that it’s extremely hard to prove, unless you have some evidence, therefore removing such review has a low chance of succeeding. 

Most of the time, however, a review will actually be a buyer’s review, so let’s see what we can do about that. 

Contact the buyer

As Amazon doesn’t provide buyer’s personal information like their email, you will need to resort to third party apps and software that are built to extract this kind of info. This is not a 100% bulletproof method of finding an email and dealing with it, but there’s a chance you will be able to succeed at it anyway. 

If you contact the buyer, try to be positive, uplifting and help find out more on how you can help their experience with your product. Bribing them is against the rules, but Amazon sellers often take a chance to send another product for free as an apology to the customer, and ask them to consider replacing a 1-star negative reviews due to the fact it can damage your reputation. 

Often, people will realize that manufacturing mistakes happen, and if you do what’s in your power to remedy that, they will be happy to change their review. 

Deal With It Publically

Most people would think that ignoring the review is more effective than actually responding and dealing with it. But that only shows to other potential buyers that what the review says is true and you are avoiding it as you don’t have anything to say. 

If the review is truthful, try to remedy damage by apologizing, and promising to resolve the issue with the product, and that you are happy to send a replacement. 

Communication With Customers 101

There are a couple of tips we must share on how to communicate with customers, so you don’t get suspended or damage your reputation. 

  • Never try to insult or argue with the customer. Remember, customer is always right. 
  • Don’t force the customer to change the review. This will get you suspended really quickly. 
  • Don’t offer bribes or compensation to change the review. A lot of sellers send gifts of apologies, but that shouldn’t be seen as an incentive or you will be suspended. 
  • While dealing with a customer, be respectful, polite and friendly. 
  • As mentioned earlier, try to let customers know how important positive reviews are to your business. If they realize that consequences to your business are huge, they are likely to change their review or remove it. 

Here’s a great guide that will teach you everything about running an Amazon FBA business. 

I hope I have managed to help you better understand how to deal and remove negative Amazon reviews. If you are interested in some of ours related and exciting reads, make sure you read our guide on Amazon wish lists as well as a popular guide on getting Amazon courtesy credits.