Testing Products for Amazon: How to Become an Amazon Product Tester?

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce services and one of the biggest technology companies in the US and wider. 

Amazon is a true e-commerce magnate among similar companies, with millions of different products and with 12 million being shipped daily in 2021 alone.  

According to the latest data, Amazon has a catalog of more than 350 million products, and the company amounted to around 638 million dollars in sales every day in 2021 alone.

Numerous companies that are selling their products on Amazon require product testers.

These product testers are either being paid in cash or with free products in exchange for their honest reviews.

If you are interested in getting some free stuff from Amazon or you might be looking for a side hustle, it probably crossed your mind that you could give product testing a go.

Moreover, you may wonder if Amazon product testing is legit as many companies and brands are paying for fake positive reviews.

Is Amazon Product Testing Legit?

There is a myriad of sellers that are selling their products on Amazon and that are looking for product testers and reviewers to try out and review different products.

The downside of this is that numerous companies that are selling products on Amazon are paying users to leave positive reviews regardless of the product quality.

Rather than relying on the quality and value of their product, companies may often approach top Amazon reviewers and offer a form of compensation for endorsement.

If you are a top reviewer on Amazon, you are likely to get approached by sellers with offers to test and review their products.

Reviewers with a high number of “helpful review” votes have higher authority on the Amazon store. 

While Amazon is not directly employing product testers, you can find different companies that are selling their products on Amazon and that require reliable product testers.

This way, you can get a lot of free stuff from Amazon or earn some extra cash simply for leaving an honest public review on Amazon or just trying out the product for free.

Amazon Inc. doesn’t employ people to test different products available on the web store. Amazon third-party sellers may approach you but that has nothing to do with Amazon and its subsidiaries. 

How to Recognize Product Testing Scams on Amazon?

Third-party companies may use the perk of having reviewers with a high percentage of helpful Amazon reviews.

Some sellers may approach you and offer to pay for the product as long as you write a positive and helpful review.

This seemingly great opportunity can backfire in case the seller only wanted to make you buy their product.

In this case, you are less likely to be paid and have probably fallen victim to a scam. There is no guarantee that you won’t get scammed, so it is advised to accept such offers with caution. 

Perhaps the best way to stay safe is to ask the seller that approached you to send a free product so you could test it and write a review. 

These are some of the most common signs that can help you recognize and identify scams on Amazon:

  • The offer sounds too good to be true and the amount you are offered doesn’t sound like a realistic compensation
  • You are approached with an unprofessional message that usually contains unclear syntax and poor grammar
  • The seller is asking you to buy the product yourself without a guarantee that you will get compensated
  • The seller appears to be pushy and is pressuring you into accepting their offer
  • The entire payment is promised after you leave a review without a formal agreement
  • The seller is speaking in the name of Amazon LLC – Amazon web store doesn’t employ reviewers among buyers and reviewers

Even though Amazon product testing may be subject to scams, some brands and companies are looking for product testers.

Such sellers are likely to pay reviewers and product testers with free products (or gift cards that you can redeem) in exchange for an honest review.

However, it’s more likely that the companies that are selling on Amazon will approach a blogger, content creator, or influencer to have their product tested and reviewed than a random person.

If someone comes up and asks you to buy a product (from someone’s wish list, for example) and they promise to refund you the money later on, you should know that’s a definite scam.

What is an Amazon Product Tester?

Amazon product tester is not an official title as Amazon is not directly employing product testers to test and review products that are sold on this popular e-commerce platform.

However, there is a great number of sellers and companies on Amazon that are looking for honest product testers.

Some of these companies may not need honest reviews but are looking for promotions and are ready to pay some cash for having their product tested and reviewed in a positive light.

Such companies will often hire content creators and influencers to market, promote and review their products.

An average product tester is usually paid with products and is asked to leave an honest review on Amazon with the perk of keeping the product for free.

How to Become an Amazon Product Tester

You may do a simple Google search to find websites where you can apply to become a product tester for companies that are selling on Amazon.

One of such websites and one of the top results on Google searches is AMZ Testing Club – a website where you can apply to become a product tester for various products being sold on Amazon.

Become an Amazon Vine Member

You can become a genuine Amazon product tester by becoming an Amazon Vine member.

Amazon Vine membership is the only official Amazon product tester program.

However, Amazon Vine is based on an invite-only membership.

To be invited to join Amazon Vine, you need to become a seasoned reviewer with a great number of reviews that were found helpful by other users and Amazon customers.

If you are a regular reviewer with the most helpful feedback, you will be invited by Amazon to join the program and your reviews will have more authority.  

Become an Amazon Associate

Amazon has an Associate program that allows people to become Amazon affiliates – an affiliate is not a product tester, however, you can earn commissions based on the sales that are made through your channel of sales and by your affiliate marketing strategy.

Become an Amazon Prime Member

Opting for Amazon Prime won’t get you the title of Amazon product tester, however, becoming an Amazon Prime tester can bring you closer to testing Amazon products. Also, Amazon Prime comes with some perks, which include some free products from certain brands and labels.

Check Out Review Websites

You can look up a great number of review websites that offer compensation in return for testing Amazon products.

One of the websites we have already mentioned is AMZ Testing Club which gives away free products that are sold on Amazon in return for product testing.

Some of the top review websites where you can get into the game of product testing and become an Amazon product tester are:


Snagshout allows users to get at least one deal a day which grants discounts for Amazon products.

Many sellers who sell on Amazon are a part of the Snagshout program.

Snagshout lets you get your cashback on the product you purchase on Amazon.

What is required of you is to take a photo with the product in question or promote it on your social media.

You may also be asked to take a survey.

You won’t get paid with this service, but you can get a load of free products in exchange for light promotion. 

VIP Power Club

VIP Power Club is an Amazon review website that connects Amazon sellers in need of reviews and buyers looking for great deals.

Sellers will offer discounts, generally anywhere from 50% to 100% in exchange for reviews and feedback on Amazon. 

AMZ Testing Club

AMZ Testing Club is another service that lets you choose from a palette of Amazon products.

You can pick products that you like and AMZ Testing Club will send them for free in return for your honest feedback.

This is a great way to get free stuff from Amazon without the pressure of leaving positive reviews. 


LootHoot is an Amazon product testing product available in 12 countries. LootHooprovideses discounts and free deals in return for blog or Amazon reviews.

You can get one deal at a time and your compensation will depend on your involvement and activity. 


Vipon rebranded from AMZ Review Trader in 2016 and offers discounts to Amazon buyers.

You can buy any of the available products at major discounts without the pressure to leave a review on Amazon.

You can create an account for free and get anywhere from 50% to 90% on chosen Amazon products. 


TestZon is a product review website that offers discounted and free Amazon products.

You can search through various product categories and pick the products you like.

The sellers will decide on the number of free and deeply discounted products that they want to give out to product testers.

You can check out daily deals and use the service for free. You won’t get paid as a product tester, but you can get a lot of free products from Amazon. 

Product Testing Group

Product Testing Group is another review website that connects Amazon sellers and users who want to test products.

Product Testing Group doesn’t pay for reviews, but instead offers products at major discounts, while some are given out for free.

You can register in a couple of minutes and use the platform for free. You can test as many products as you like at the same time.  

You can check out these review websites and find more sites where you can enroll in product reviewing and testing programs and get cash or free products in exchange for reviews and feedback.

Search for “Product Testing” on Amazon

Interestingly, if you go to the official Amazon website and search for “product testing” among millions of available products, you will get some attractive results.

Many products in the search results will be discounted by up to 70%. You can get some items for free as you are browsing through great deals from various product categories.

Create a Blog or a YouTube Channel

You can create a blog or start a YouTube channel with a focus on product testing and reviewing.

You can start by getting some free products from review websites and either make a video testing the product or write an objective blog post.

Once you start collecting views, shares, and reads, your chances of becoming a product tester will increase.

Reviewers with popular blogs and vlogs are more likely to land paid product testing gigs. 

Do You Get Paid to Test Amazon Products?

Unfortunately, if you become a member of the Amazon Vine program, you won’t get paid by Amazon as the company is hiring product testers internally for their own products.

Other companies that are selling products on Amazon may be looking for product testers, which is your opportunity to get paid for product testing either in cash or free products from different labels and companies.

Many of the review websites will offer compensation in the form of free products and will cover all the shipping costs in return for reviews and honest feedback on certain products. 

You may still be able to find some companies that are looking for Amazon product testers and can offer salaries or commissions.

Either way, having the perk of getting free products is not a bad compensation in return for some feedback.

You can also become an Amazon Associate and enroll in an affiliate program to earn commissions although your role won’t involve product testing. 

In general, sellers will likely pay a blogger or influencer to review and test their products as they can get exposure that they are willing to pay for.

If you are a blogger or a social media influencer, you can make a substantial profit from product testing and reviewing.

If you have an attractive number of followers and you have experience in product testing and reviewing, the chances are that you can make more than just pocket money.  

How Much Can You Earn as an Amazon Product Tester?

According to ZipRecruiter, an average Amazon product tester makes $56,036 annually.

That is $26.94 an hour and $1,076 a week.

According to the data provider, 25% of Amazon product testers are making as low as $29,000.

The high-end salary recorded for the position of Amazon product tester is $124,500.

The top makers in the niche are making up to $106,500 on average. 

Not all sellers, brands, and companies will compensate for product testing with cash.

The majority of review websites and sellers on Amazon offer free products in exchange for reviews and testing.

You can also get discounted products without the commitment to leave a review.  

Still, if you manage to find a label that offers monetary compensation within some bounding framework, i.e. contract, you can make substantial side cash out of this gig. 

Bottom Line

Even though Amazon is not directly hiring product testers, you can still find a great number of sellers, review websites, and labels that are willing to pay for product testing.

Some labels will offer compensation in the form of free products, while some will pay in cash for your reviews and feedback.

However, the percentage of labels that are paying for product testing with free products exceeds cash compensation deals.

You may not earn a lot, but product testing on Amazon can be a great way to earn some side cash. 

Watch out for scams, and if a deal sounds too good to be true it usually is.