Amazon Selling: Sending Your Products To The Top

Would you like to get onto page one on Amazon?

You’ve come to the right place. Getting your product rank high on Amazon search and ranking algorithm (known as A10 algorithm) helps you realize sales.

It provides more potential buyers to discover your product when they search the site. Discussed below are a few strategies that can help you get to the top!

Make Your Title Captivating

It’s essential to remember that you should put greater focus on keywords at the beginning while constructing the title.

Customers will immediately recognize what you’re selling if you do this. 

The title should be simple, short and must captivate buyers with hints about the value and significance of your product because Amazon downscales long titles in some categories.

Once your catchy title has aroused the potential buyer’s interest(s), the rest of the description must convince them to buy your product.

Enhance Image Quality

After you have included the essential keywords in the title of your listing and sprinkled them throughout your description, you can add images and videos to your listing.

Hence, these make it stand out among other Amazon sellers

The more striking and quality these images are, the better they will work. If possible, show your product while in use.

You want your viewers to imagine themselves using the product and all the ways it might desirably influence them.

Although the main image must have a white background, the others can include eye-catching elements such as exciting lifestyle settings, informative text, and brand logo.

Employ infographics, size comparisons, and charts to convey vital information encouraging customers to purchase the product.

Set a Considerable Price For Your Product

Although Amazon’s pricing is quite competitive, it is one of the most critical factors to get you to the top.

Buyers may choose the less expensive option if you are priced too high and vice versa. 

In the same vein, if the price is too low, it could devalue the product.

The following tips will help you set a perfect price for your product:

  • Research the typical price range for your product specialty and stick to it. If you’re launching a new product, you can start low to encourage early sales, then gradually raise your sales value.
  • Recognize and highlight the scope of your products that exceed that of your competitor(s). Positively enhance the points that your competitors’ clients mentioned in their reviews to set your product apart.

Create Seasoned Bullet Points

On the product detail page, Amazon places a bullet points column so that buyers can see the features before scrolling down.

Hence, straightforward but detailed information should fill this section and any relevant keywords that you didn’t include in your title.

Potential buyers are likely to be convinced if they can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily on your page.

It is preferable to use bullet points that are clear and concise.

A general rule is to keep your bullet points under 1,000 characters in total (not per bullet), i.e., for all five bullets.

They are easier to read because they are less than 1,000 characters long.

On product detail pages, bullet points are always displayed in their entire length.

However, not all contents are discoverable because the Amazon shopping algorithm constantly evolves and does not always index bullet points.

Even when the algorithm does not index all bullet points, optimizing your listings is always beneficial.

Effective Use of Backend Keywords

Backend keywords on Amazon are text strings that cannot be seen by Amazon users but are searchable by Amazon bots.

These keywords help boost your product’s visibility in the search. 

To improve product discoverability, Amazon allows you to include a list of SEO keywords in the backend of your listing, which you can update at any time.

Take advantage of this opportunity to gain an edge over the competition, as proper implementation could improve Amazon listing optimization.

Many sellers, however, leave their backend keywords section blank.

It’s worth remembering that commas aren’t allowed, semicolons, or any other punctuation marks to separate multiple backend keywords on Amazon.

To sequence them out, use single spaces instead.

Use Sponsored Product Ads

Once you have a great title, catchy keywords, among other stated strategies, then you should use the “pay-per-click” advertising program(PPC).

It allows you to increase your visibility quickly. As a result, you can significantly surpass your competitors.

Sponsored Product ads appear on Amazon in two places: within search results and near the top of the Amazon product detail pages.

Obtain Positive Reviews

According to research, 84% of shoppers trust Amazon reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and 91% of them read online reviews regularly.


Because they foster trust and transparency in the purchasing process, customers are more likely to purchase.

In the same vein, Amazon is a buyer-centric platform; they only want to encourage better sellers and products.

As a result, Amazon places much emphasis on product reviews.

There is a strong link between a product’s positive reviews and its search results on Amazon. Amazon is looking for high-quality product reviews. Positive feedback is essential.

A neat trick to obtain more positive Amazon reviews is to find and pay Amazon product testers.

Any product listed on page one will have a large number of reviews and an average star rating of four stars or higher.

More so, in terms of product search results, all negative feedback counts against you equally. 

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It could be a bit difficult to reach the top of Amazon’s search results.

Each seller is attempting to accomplish the same goal of getting to the front page of Amazon’s search results.

Sellers must follow the process to ensure the quality of the products it displays.

A compelling title, the best image quality, bullet points, PPC Advertising program, excellent customer reviews, effective use of backend keywords, and a reasonable price are all strategies that can help you get to the top.

It all starts there.