Apple Pay Pending – What Does Pending Mean on Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is one of the most popular contactless and cashless payment methods in the US with over 383 million users around the globe.

Apple Pay is accepted in almost any store in the US, while you can use it in a great number of online and physical stores, as well as for paying for apps and music on iTunes and the Apple store.

Essentially, Apple Pay is a digital wallet that allows users an easy checkout where this payment method is accepted.

But what to do when Apple Pay is pending? What does pending mean on Apple Pay?

What Does Pending Means on Apple Pay?

If you receive a message that your Apple Pay payment is pending, that means that the retailer couldn’t accept your payment.

Pending payments may be canceled, but once processed, these payments will be visible in your transaction history.

Once the pending payment is processed, you will find it under “Last Transaction” in your Apple Wallet.

You can accept pending payments via your wallet on any Apple device.

You can also get the Pending status with your Apple Pay in case you have sent money to someone.

This is the case because the user may have not accepted your payment yet. Payments on Apple Pay can be automatically or manually accepted.

You can always set up to automatically receive payments via Apple Pay without manual acceptance.

How to Accept Pending Payments on Apple Pay?

You can set up your Apple Pay to automatically accept payments without manual approval. To do so, follow these simple instructions:

1.    Open your Apple Pay wallet on the device you are using.

2.    Locate the More button and tap it to reveal options.

3.    You will see options Automatically Accept Payments and Manually Accept Payments. In case you want to automatically receive all payments to your wallet, choose Automatically Accept Payments, which will solve the Pending status problem in the future.

When you get a pending status regarding a payment you received, you can always approve it manually and accept it and then later set up automatic acceptance on all payments.

Does Pending Mean Paid on Apple Pay?

In case you have paid for something and the status of your payment is Pending, that means that your payment is yet to be processed, but essentially in this case pending means paid.

The merchant has around 7 days to accept your payment and once accepted the status of the transaction will be set to Complete and you will be able to see it as your Last Transaction.

Why Are My Transactions Pending on Apple Pay?

The reason why your transaction is pending is that the merchant has yet to submit the charge to your card issuer or the payment service linked to your Apple Pay wallet.

Once the merchant submits the charge, the status will change, and your transaction will be processed.

In case you sent money to someone via Apple Pay, and the transaction is pending, the user has yet to accept the payment and hasn’t set up payments to be automatically accepted.

How Do I Cancel a Pending Payment?

It depends on the status of your pending transaction and the conditions involved. In case the merchant is yet to accept the payment, you can cancel the payment only if you contact the merchant.

In case you have pending payments that you can’t identify you can always contact Apple Pay support, your card issuer, or your bank.

You can also try to cancel your pending payment via your Apple Pay wallet. Follow these simple steps to cancel your pending payment:

1.    Access your Apple Pay wallet and click on the Apple Pay cash card.

2.    Click on Transactions, which should reveal all messages related to your transactions.

3.    Double-click on the payment in question and the Cancel Payment option will appear.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Apple Pay Payment?

It takes from 1 to 3 business days to process payments with Apple Pay.

You should see the Pending status in your wallet transaction history while you are waiting for the payment to be cleared. You can always check your card or bank statement to check if the payment has been processed.

How to Fix Pending Purchases on Apple Pay

In case you are having problems with pending purchases on Apple Pay, you can follow these simple steps to fix your problem.

1.    Visit Apple’s Report a Problem portal and log in with the Apple ID you used for your purchase.

2.    Locate the transactions report and find the purchase in question. Tap on it and describe your problem regarding the pending purchase.

3.    Once you’ve described the issue, click on submit.

In case you want to avoid pending status on the money you receive from Apple Pay, you can always choose the Automatically Accept Payments option.