How To Use Awario For Brand Monitoring And SEO Results Enhancement

Every business strives to perfect its SEO strategy, as it’s how one can achieve permanent visibility and reach out to new audiences.

Learning more about business and analyzing your brand’s position can boost the SEO strategy bringing much better outcomes from your SEO efforts.

Social listening is a research constituent that allows a company to learn about its prestige (or notoriety) by finding brand mentions in numerous sources. It helps a company discover what people say about a product by giving authentic user feedback.

Besides impacting the way how a brand chooses to position itself and reshape its tactics, the brand monitoring data results contribute to a brand’s SEO, revealing:

  • Who speaks about your brand or your niche?
  • What exactly do they express regarding you and their sentiment?
  • Topics accompanying your brand mentions;
  • Sources where your brand gets mentioned. 

How to use brand monitoring for SEO purposes?

Whereas link-building is a major part of your SEO strategy, finding websites to write content for would be beneficial for your reputation growth and the host’s audience is another useful activity.

Create an Alert in Awario and enter keywords related to your industry or competitor. Narrow down the search by choosing a language, location, and other settings and start to receive mentions of the monitored topic and suggested influencers who write about it.

You’ll see the sources that speak about your niche, which you can contact for guest posting and link-building opportunities.

Detect Linkless Mentions

You show respect to someone’s readers by guest posts and attracting new users. You can always thank a writer who mentioned your brand and ask whether adding a link would be appropriate. By finding your brand mentions without links, you get the source already interested in your name.

Use Boolean search to track down your brand’s linkless mentions in Awario. Just exclude mentions containing links to your website, e.g., AND NOT link: “**”.

Add Proper Hashtags

Correct usage of hashtags influences the popularity of your social accounts, which in its turn helps your SEO goals.

Your publications find their target audience quicker with proper hashtags, and possible backlinks in them ensure your website traffic growth.

Using content hashtags can ensue in especially bountiful traffic and overall visibility. They “speak” to audiences becoming frequently used among people. They are not widely used among big audiences, so you can’t make your posts get lost among others with the same hashtags. But they are popular among users who are part of the topic: you can localize these hashtags and dedicate them to some event, release, or campaign.

Choosing or creating the most relevant and fitting hashtags will determine their productivity, and hashtag monitoring will let you analyze your brand hashtag or industry hashtag efficiency.

Awario lets you see which hashtags are already popular next to your brand mention.

Also, you can create an Alert, add some hashtag as a keyword and see how frequently it was used, when, and in which sentiment context.

Grow Your Content Sharing

Ensure the constant growth of content sharing. Social networks are yet unbeatable in content sharing among their users. Google keeps perfecting its ways of prioritizing data, trying to learn to assess its quality more than ever. Readers looking for information hope to find what they searched for, not what a machine thought they were seeking.

Relying on link-building, which increases a website’s authority making it rank high, surely is important. Still, Google adds up to this by processing users’ social media shares, reactions, and comments and evaluating them when ranking a website.

That is a good fact for many businesses, which can simultaneously influence their visibility and reputation by boosting their quality presence on social media.

Remember to Monitor Competitors

If you feel at a loss, where else can you go and speak about your brand and see what your competitors do?

Study other companies’ presence on different platforms, where they add their links, and who they collaborate with.

The same as creating an Alert in Awario, entering your brand name as a keyword, create one by entering your competitor’s name.

The Dashboard will reveal the most popular sources and influencers where your competitor gets mentioned, as well as the content of the mentions, sentiment, reach, and many more.

Improve Brand Reputation

Search engines added more quality to the quantity approach. Sentiment doesn’t affect ranking directly, but consistency and genuineness of the content are regarded.

Thus, using direct marketing for fast growth and trying to reach the top should be avoided. Keeping up with what your people say about your brand and aiming to increase the number of authentic positive or neutral mentions is advised.