6 Best Learning Tools For Foreign Students

The greatest challenge for foreign students is learning the language. Poor understanding of a language will result in misplaced ideas when writing essays.

It also slows down research since the student cannot understand the resource materials provided. 

Technology has made it easier and more efficient for students to learn foreign languages, making their college experience enjoyable.

There are many apps and platforms for people to learn foreign languages. The apps are easy to use such that you do not require tutoring or guidance from an IT professional. 

Here are excellent apps to help with dissertation and engage in other learning activities as a foreign student. 

Google translate 

Google Translate is a free platform to translate text from one language to the other.

It is simple to use since you paste the original text on one side and instantly obtain a translation on the other end. You can use it as an app or online platform. 

Google Translate covers all the languages you can imagine on the earth. It has one of the most admirable accuracy levels. It is free regardless of the length of the text to be translated. 

Google Translate offers a chance to learn more about the original word or the translated one.

By clicking on the links provided, you can expand your knowledge of a subject.

Since you copy and paste the text on the surface, it is easy to translate even the lengthiest document. 


FluentU animates the process of learning and using a foreign language. It exposes you to the second language in action such that you understand how to use it better.

It is one of the free and most popular language-learning platforms in the world today. 

FluentU uses daily experiences to help you learn a target language. It uses different materials like music videos, movies, news items, and inspiring talks to make the language easier to learn.

The platform has a video-immersion method that is making the language easier and more enjoyable to learn. 

The content used is appropriate to learners at different stages of language acquisition. You will also be exposed to the vocabulary of the area you wish to specialize.

If you are taking a sports course, most of the materials will use sports-based examples. It is the most practical and easy-to-use language learning platform for foreign students. 


DuoLingo has a playful approach to learning a foreign language. For instance, a box of nails and a hammer will be turned into a language game.

A little bird will teach you to choose and use particular words in your daily dialogues. It is the engaging approach to learning that makes the app interesting to use. 

DuoLingo is simple to use, making learning easier for students with diverse technological skills. It uses an easy format such that you do not feel like you are in class.

You work on simple and relatable projects for fun yet you are learning a language. In the end, you have enjoyed the session and learned a few new vocabulary. 


Memrise uses the flashcard model to teach you a new language.

It is one of the easiest and most popular languages learning platforms on the internet for foreign students.

It uses a mix of numbers, colors, and phrases to teach language. For instance, you will learn to say I love you in multiple words. 

Memrise allows you to build your desired vocabulary. Using the flashcards, you create a learning project.

While the app guides you, you are also determining your path. It amounts to taking charge of your learning process. 


Lang-8 brings together native language users.

They grow their language while helping foreigners to master the language as well. It is one of the best foreign language tools because you learn from other people, helping you to capture the intricate nuances.

Corrections from natives make you a better language user compared to learning from third parties. 


HelloTalk allows you to connect directly to a native speaker to learn the language. You will learn via text message and engage in real-time.

Personalized attention when learning makes the acquisition of language easier and stronger. Check the reviews of different native language teachers to help you pick the best.

You also use the app to learn pronunciation and other elements of the main languages in the world. 

Foreigners have to master the language to make their college experience easier.

Apps and online platforms are making it easier to learn for free and in your free time.

You can learn anywhere and at any time, making you a better college student.