10 Marketing No-Code Tools That Will Help You Achieve More In Less Time

Do you want to achieve more in less time in your business, specifically marketing and promotion? Of course, who doesn’t want that?

The good news is that in the modern world of technology and various possibilities, you have the opportunity to make your job easier and, most importantly, save time by solving something that would take months in just a few hours.

That’s why there are no-code tools!

To begin with, let’s explain why it is important, because we don’t all have the knowledge to code or even the opportunity to learn, and that would significantly take away the time that we can spend on our marketing.

Simplification of programming was the trigger for this when some developers started working on the faster creation of applications without classical coding.

Thus, first of all, low-code platforms were created, which enabled developers, but also those who are not programmers, but still have some knowledge, to handle code more easily, and these platforms aren’t the only ones out there. More and more different no-code and generator platforms are emerging, almost on daily basis.

However, it is evident that for low-code platforms, you still need some knowledge of how codes work, and most do not have that knowledge, nor do they need to understand classical coding. This has led to no-code platforms that allow processes to be automated via interfaces rather than classic programming and code entry.

No-code platforms practically mimic user interaction with a computer by dragging or dropping frames.

The keyword for low-code and no-code platforms is “saving time,” which is an invaluable value in today’s business.

What exactly do they bring to users? It is very easy for users to more easily and quickly create a system or tools that meet their needs, monitor the behavior of their customers, their reactions, and react accordingly, or collect user data, which can quickly make the necessary changes.

There are hundreds of no-code platforms, and they provide you with a variety of options for free or for a fee. Here are the top 10 useful no-code tools.


Video is an integral part of marketing today, especially content for social media, so we suggest a great no-code tool like Plainly.

This tool allows you to create videos, even several of them, at the same time for which you would usually create only one video.

This tool allows you to do an activity that you would repeat hundreds or thousands of times. Set the tool to work for you, and it’s up to you to highlight the part that will change in the video.


Many users recommend this no-code tool for creating websites since almost all of its functions are completely free.

The Carrd Platform allows you to create one-page websites, which you can customize using templates.


This is a very useful no-code tool that allows you to create mailing lists, more advanced communication with clients, create e-mail campaigns, newsletters, and other tools that will help you upgrade your communication with clients and, for example, create mailing lists and group contacts as you seek to save time when sending emails.


Like them or not, Excel spreadsheets are necessary for almost every business, keeping records, storing and sorting data, etc.

On the other hand, for example, photos, visuals, and animations all need to be stored elsewhere, and thus the storage of materials, especially large quantities, can go on indefinitely.

That is why there is a great no-code platform called Airtable that allows you to store your material or create a database of various data in the form of a table, and even more useful, you can share this database with everyone you need to have access to, and this makes it easier and faster for everyone, without a bunch of tables and materials on a hundred different pages.

Google Analytics

If you thought that only large companies have access to basic research that can benefit them in business, you are wrong.

The capacity of your business, whether you are a small business or a large corporation, does not limit your ability to collect useful data.

You can do this through Google Analytics, which collects useful data for you and analyzes it. It is also very useful that this platform can be connected to other Google applications.


Do you remember Siri and Alexa? Their voices are certainly some of the most famous in the digital world in the last ten years and more.

How would that voice assistant be tailored just for you and your business? Well, very easily via the Voiceflow platform.

This is one of the platforms that is on almost all lists of no-code tools, which offers free opportunities to create a voice assistant for the whole team, and can also be linked to Alexa or Google Assistant.


Another no-code tool that is among the leaders is Bubble, a platform that allows you to create software without coding.

This platform allows you to design, create, develop, and run your web applications.


A no-code tool that works for you! Zapier is a platform that will also be highly recommended, and the success of using this tool lies in the fact that it allows you to connect and integrate your web applications.

More importantly, Zapier automatically launches information for you within your applications, so you don’t have to deal with it.

Although this application is charged, it is worth it considering that Zapier is the embodiment of what we would call automatic control.


And what about mobile apps?

There is a solution for that, and that is the Thunkable platform, which enables the creation of mobile applications without entering code and for any system, whether Android or iPhone.

This platform is also free, and for your advancement and training, numerous memberships are available.


And finally, why are we doing all this? Well of course to first offer the best of our business to our clients.

It is even more important that they return to us again, of course.

That is why we recommend the no-code platform, which, although new, is already praised by many and, most importantly, is characterized as secure and connects with other no-code tools, such as Zapier.

This platform enables user logins, i.e., authentication and payment for online companies.

Memberstack works on your site, and most importantly, this is another tool that saves your time and improves your business.

Although some experts believe that low-code and no-code platforms are the future, they also say that this does not mean that they will “squeeze out” classical programming, because it still has primacy and develops independently of low-code and no-code platforms, which also continue their development regardless of classic programming and are fully at your service, with numerous versions and possibilities, so what are you waiting for?