Best Online Chatting Rooms

Before the internet and social media era, people only got to make friends in social gatherings, religious gatherings, school, market, working place and everywhere there is a convergence of people. 

Thanks to technology, the pattern of making friends has changed.

The emergence of social media metamorphosed the way people socialize and interact with one another.

The internet has provided a shorter and more comfortable way of meeting, greeting, chatting and socializing with people. Likewise connecting with people from other regions of the world is just a click away.

Shy people have difficulty meeting and talking with people for the first time in public.

However, the world of social media and the anonymity of chat rooms has made it a lot easier for such people (introverts) to socialize and make new friends.

Social media platforms and chat rooms also make it easier for you to connect with old friends, school mates, far distance relatives and loved ones. 

Chat rooms are one of the best ways to communicate with people that have similar interests and passions with you.

In this post, we shall talk about the best online chatting rooms in 2020.

The Top 7 Best Chat Rooms in 2020


This is one of the most accessible online chat rooms. You do not necessarily have to sign in or log in to access the site.

Just visit the official website, enter your name and a few personal details and connect with people from different parts of the world.  

If you plan to stay longer, you can choose to register if you like. 

There are two main sections of this chat room; the public space where you can interact with a large number of people, and the private chat room which allows you to interact with people you find interesting on a closer range.

This online chat room will enable you to chat with both friends and strangers alike.

The fact that you don’t need to register guarantees maximum security and privacy.

The name you use to sign up automatically becomes your user name.

The other information you are required to provide is your age and gender. Once you provide this information, you are set to explore this chat room.

Chat Avenue

This is one of the oldest chat rooms. It was set up in the days where the initial interest for online chat rooms was on the rise. The platform has stood the test of time to still be in existence.

One of the key attributes that stands out in chat avenue is the fact that the groups and sections in the chatroom are divided into topics, gender, age. etc.

You need to choose the topic that interests you and you can hoop into the room to chat with like minded people all over the world. 

Teen Chat Rooms

This is one of the best online chat rooms in terms of structure and design. It was established in the year 2003 for teenagers.

It is open to all individuals between the age of 13-19. It is the perfect chat room for both kids and teenagers. You can also use this chat room without registration; thus, it is secure and safe.

It is basically a space run by teens for teenagers.

One key attribute of this chat room is the fact that the rooms have an option for audio talks by using your microphone functionalities and computer’s webcam, thus giving you the best hands-free experience. 

The activities on the site are moderated to ensure the safety and decency of people engaged in the conversations. This makes it the safest chat site for younger population. 

ICQ Chat

This is another old chat room that has lasted for decades too.

Most people are surprised to see that the site still exists up to date. It was one of the most popular sites before the online chat room space became so competitive. 

It has always maintained its charms over the years. They have exceptional chat rooms available for free where you can get to connect with new friends.

The site is easy to navigate.

Being one of the oldest chatting rooms means they still have a lot of old experienced chatters on the platform who are always looking for new friends, thus making this a lively and exciting site.


Chatroulette is a random aggregation chat room. Two key attributes that make it stand out are text and video chats options. 

This gives you the best possible experience.

The fact that it is one of the most renowned texts and video chatting platforms means that the site attracts lots of traffic; thus you are sure of meeting new friends with similar passions every time you log in.

It is easy to join in conversations. You just have to search for a trend that interests you and join the conversation to meet new friends. That’s all! 

The video chat option operates through Adobe Flash Player making it super easy for video chat connections.


This is one of the latest online chat rooms that have been gaining much popularity; primarily because it has a simple user interface and easy access procedure.

Video chatting has been the order of the day, and this platform leveraged video chatting technology to gain popularity and command attention in the online chat room world.

The options available on the site are easy to follow. It is attracting thousands from all parts of the world.

This is the best place to check out, especially if you are bored and want to make new friends.

321 Chat

This is one of the oldest webcam online chat rooms. You do not need registration to access the site.

The site consists of 14 rooms which meet the demand of almost every user looking to connect and make friends.

The categorization of groups is based on ethnicity, age, sexuality and relevant topics.

There are also customized rooms which include trend conversations on diverse niche topics.

The user interface is well designed and makes it a more enjoyable experience. 


Online chat rooms provide the best avenue and platforms for you to meet, connect and interact with new people from all areas of human endeavour and across all parts of the world. 

Although they are great avenues for meeting new people, you must be very careful about the kind of personal information you share in those chat rooms.

Enjoy all the fun of making new friends but at the same time be safe out there.