Bitcoin Or Ethereum: What Cryptocurrency Should You Trade In?

While people generally confuse cryptocurrency with the bitcoin can end income inequality, you should know that bitcoin only falls under the umbrella.

The world of crypto is massive, and it consists of several digital currencies serving their respective purposes.

It is a known factor that Bitcoin has successfully made its way in becoming one of the very first digital currencies globally. 

The crypto currency is getting increasingly famous because the idea of trading without a trace is very appealing.

But it is not just about trading cryptocurrencies; there are many benefits to trading in cryptocurrencies that have made them one of the first choices when it comes to investment.

Some of those benefits of cryptocurrency investment are as follows: 

  • Complete ownership of the purchased cryptocurrencies
  • Irreversible trading
  • Zero footprints
  • Completely online and accessible 24×7

Bitcoin Vs Ethereum

The two fall under the umbrella of cryptocurrency.

The fun thing is that Ethereum is the second most popular crypto yet is rather underrated.

Being second to bitcoin, people wonder what made it fall short of becoming the topmost.

But before we start patronizing both of them and point out the differences, let’s talk about how they are similar. 

  • Both of the cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain, which is decentralized. The blockchain inculcates them by making valid transactions.  These transactions are thus declared valid once 51% of the network nodes ensure that it is. 
  • Both of the cryptocurrencies have a limited supply when it comes to trading. Although it is already declared that bitcoin will have a circulation of 21 million, Ethereum on the other hand, has something more complex.  These cryptocurrencies have an inflation rate of 4% and a token burn mechanism. This means that while the supply is still limited, once Ethereum 2.0 is released, the supply will diminish gradually. 
  • Considering everything, bitcoin and Ethereum have similar network adoption.  These two have many users individually than the rest of them combined. That said, Ethereum users are somewhat much more active, and the bitcoin craze is more than Ethereum. These mentioned above factors make these two currencies two most popular digital currencies to trade in. 

Bitcoin VS Ethereum- The Differences You Need To Look Out For

Now that we have cleared out where the two stand similar, the curious thing to know is why is Bitcoin ruling the market.

Being just behind bitcoin, Ethereum, too, has its personality and perks.

Cryptocurrency is becoming a viable trading option; therefore, it is necessary to learn the possible distinctions.

Below mentioned are some points that the differences between the two cryptocurrencies. Read on to know further.

  • Bitcoins are circulated to replace the cash circulation in the world. The means to exchange currency is ever-changing with the advancement of time. While there was cash used earlier and these days, there is the convenience of UPI systems. However, that factor still doesn’t replace the usage of casg, With bitcoin, the idea is to transfer into digital currency completely. Ethereum, too, is not just a cryptocurrency,but these cryptocurrencies also monetize smart contracts and decentralized apps as well. 
  • The product of Ethereum is ether which is the currency equivalent to bitcoin. These cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain platforms that can be developed with decentralized platforms. However, while you can develop bitcoin on the Ethereum platform, you cannot do the same for ether. These bitcoins are known as ‘wrapped bitcoin’. 
  • Another point between bitcoin vs ethereum is the difference in development. The cryptocurrency investors literally spend hours and days mining bitcoin and finding relevant cryptocurrency trading strategies to make more money. With Ethereum, you have a platform to develops your blocks to develop and encourage more ether. 


Every businessman is looking for a way to make their money in a double or triple amount.

There are many options that people opt for, like stock markets and gold investment.

Cryptocurrency had had been into the picture since 2009, when the cryptocurrency was first launched ever since mining and trading have taken maximum attention span of business people. 

Now, Ethereum being a platform for creating and building blocks, is also becoming increasingly famous.

This led to the enthusiastic investors show more interest in differentiating the two cryptocurrencies.

Hopefully, the above pointers helped you understand the similarities and dissimilarities of the two cryptocurrencies.