6 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Presence

The world of social media offers so many potentials—if you know how to utilize it well, that is. The platform doesn’t only allow you to connect with your audience; but it also impacts brand awareness, generates leads, and increases sales eventually. Businesses of all sizes and types should highly consider tapping into the power of social media to spread the word about their brands.

Although social media can indeed bring you all these benefits, it doesn’t mean that you can get them all in a snap. You have to navigate your way around the different platforms surrounding it. Furthermore, you have to know several ways to boost your social media presence.

Growing Your Social Media Presence

In today’s ever-competitive market, you need to keep up with the trends if you want to remain relevant. That being said, you should consider being more visible on social media because it’s where a big chunk of consumers is. Your potential customers are just there, waiting to get discovered. 

How to boost your social media presence? Here are some ways that are worth a shot:

Use The Best Tools

As a business owner, you can’t possibly have all the time in the world to run the business and also manage your different social media accounts at the same time. Engaging with your audience would involve posting on your accounts several times a day. You also need to be on standby and answer private messages right away. The role can get quite exhausting, and you might end up uninterested to keep up.

This is why it’s recommended that you make use of the best social media management tools that will most likely yield favorable results. Such tools would make it easier and more effective for you to schedule content posts, monitor and track all engagements, and respond to comments and messages on your social media accounts. With the best tools, you can make sure you’re posting the right content at the right time.

Work On Your Customer Service Strategy

One thing that’ll never change in the world of business is that great customer service will always be one of the biggest factors why brands continue to gain loyalty from their consumers.

Customers need to get the impression that your brand highly prioritizes the satisfaction and happiness of their clients. This is still one surefire way to remain afloat, and when word spreads, your social media presence can significantly improve.

Customers no longer call toll-free numbers whenever they need to complain or ask about something.

What they do is send a message to a company’s social media account and initiate the conversation there. As such, it’s essential that your customer service remains excellent and satisfactory to a fault.

Don’t Stop Targeting Your Audience

You can have thousands of followers on social media and still not be able to boost your presence. How is this possible? It’s because you’re targeting the wrong audience.

Those followers that you have won’t buy your product or even share any of your posts because they’re not interested. That means they’re not the right audience that you should be going after.

To start identifying your target audience, first, know where they usually are. What age groups would your brand most likely attract? From there, find out which platform has more users from that particular age group.

Then you could adjust as you go about it. Try to see which posts on what platform would generate higher views, likes, and comments. The answer could very much well be where your target audience is.

Most famous tiktokers have successfully identified what their target audience is and what makes them tick. That’s why their reach is always in millions.

Keep Promoting Your Social Media Accounts

Social Media Network Connect Engage Influence Puzzle 3d Illustration

Promoting your accounts is also an effective way to boost your digital presence. You can do this by featuring a call-to-action button on your website where it says “Like us on Facebook” or something similar. Make the button clickable so they’d be immediately redirected to the account.

In addition, you could consider promoting your social media accounts in your email marketing effort. Add visible social media icons to every email that you send out to your subscribers so they’ll know that you’re active on different platforms.

Post Engaging Visuals

If you notice, social media posts with appealing photos or videos get more likes, follows, shares, and comments as compared to regular lengthy posts.

This is because users find it more engaging when a post includes visually appealing content. Keep in mind that social media is like a big ocean of ads and brands.

If you want to get noticed, be a fish with unique colors and attributes that’ll make you stand out among your competitors.

You can make better content by staying updated with the latest trends.

Make use of memes and emotional videos because consumers tend to engage more when they’re entertained or if their emotions are triggered. But of course, the real star remains to be your brand, so your visuals should still revolve around it.

Hold Contests

Social media users tend to be competitive and are always on the lookout for free items.

Take advantage of this by holding contests that could engage your customers and attract new followers at the same time.

An example of such contests may be a photo contest where customers would send photos of them using or showing your product, and the photo with the most number of likes win.

Whatever type of contest you decide to hold, make sure the prizes always involve your products or brand. That way, you’re certain that people who’ll be joining are those who are interested or perhaps curious about your business.


Growing your social media presence and relevance is no easy feat.

You’ll have to invest time, skills, and also the right tools to stay in the game. As social media is most likely to remain a viable marketplace, it’s only logical to keep trying to win the hearts, likes, and shares of your audience. Eventually, those reactions would hopefully turn into new sales and loyal customers in the long run.

When used deliberately, social media platforms can be an efficient way to expose your brand to a more cultivating audience. Try these tips and ways today so you can maximize the potentials and benefits that social media has to offer.