Does Subway Take Apple Pay – Can You Use Apple Pay At Subway?

Subway is a US-based multinational fast-food franchise well-known around the world and outside the United States.

Subway is primarily famous for its submarine sandwiches and is usually visited for wraps, beverages, and salads that go great with the house special – Subway sandwiches.

The franchise is serving food in over 100 countries in the world, with a total of 37,540 fast food locations around the globe.

Apple Pay is a payment service and digital wallet that was presented to the public by Apple Inc. in 2015.

Apple Pay allows users to send and receive money in minutes, while also allowing you to pay for various products and services in over 2.5 million locations in the US.

In case you are an Apple Pay user, you might be wondering if Subway accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.

Does Subway Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Subway accepts Apple Pay aside from a great number of payment options.

You can use Apple Pay around all Subway restaurants in the US, while you can also order an Apple Pay card.

The card is linked to your Apple ID and will grant you cashback rewards for paying with Apple Pay at certain restaurants that are a part of the reward program.

Paying with Apple Pay takes only seconds to process and you can use it as a payment option at Subway and other restaurants, shops, and stores.

Apple Pay is also used in official Apple stores, including iTunes and Apple app stores.

The next time you are ordering at Subway, you can use Apple Pay as a contactless payment method with top security.   

How to Use Apple Pay at Subway?

Apple Pay is easy to use as you only need to set up your Apple ID on any Apple device. You can turn any of your devices into a digital wallet with your Apple ID.

You can install Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, iPad, or iPhone. If you are a first-time user, you can follow these simple steps to set up your Apple Pay and start using it at Subway:

  • Download Apple Pay app if you haven’t already and install it on an Apple device of your choice.
  • Once you install the app, follow instructions on how to set up your Apple ID and add a card to your Apple Pay account.
  • Once you have set up your Apple ID, you can use your device as an Apple Pay digital wallet.
  • Once you are prompted to pay your order, ask for an NFC terminal and bring your device close to the contactless payment sign.
  • Wait for the sound notification, and when you get a green light, it means that your payment went through.
  • You will need to confirm the payment via your device by clicking on Done.
  • Your transaction is processed in seconds and will become visible on your digital wallet’s transaction history.

Apple Pay is user-friendly and quite easy to use when paying for goods and services in-store or online.

Can You Add Apple Pay to Subway App?

Yes, Apple Pay is one of the accepted methods of payment on the official Subway app. Using the Subway app is another handy way to make contactless payments for your orders at Subway.

Choose Apple Pay as your preferred payment option in the Subway app settings and use the app to pay for your orders through Apple Pay.

The Subway app allows customers to order curbside, pick up, and home delivery, while it also enables ordering ahead and paying ahead through the application.

You will also become a Subway MyWay Rewards program member, which allows you to save on your purchases, get discounts, and become eligible for special offers.

Can You Use Apple Pay at Subway Drive-thru?

Yes, you can also use Apple Pay or an Apple Pay card at the Subway drive-thru. You can either use your Apple card or your Apple device with an Apple ID to pay for your order.

You can also pay in advance via the Subway app while using Apple Pay as a payment option, and just pick up your order at the drive-thru.

If you are using your Apple device to pay at the Subway drive-thru, you will be given the NFC terminal outside the window.

You just need to bring your device close to the terminal and approve it via your device, and your payment will be processed.

What Payment Methods Does Subway Accept?

Subway has a great number of payment methods that you can choose from, including Apple Pay. Here’s a list of every payment option that you can use to pay for your order at Subway restaurants and drive-thru locations:

  • Apple Pay
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Subway vouchers
  • Subway Gift Cards
  • Debit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Subway app

If you choose Apple Pay at the checkout, your payment will be processed in seconds, while you can also preorder with Apple Pay via the Subway application.