How Do I Change My KSM to DOT?

Kusama (KSM) and Polkadot (DOT) are “cousins,” both founded by Gavin Wood and created by the same team of developers.

Polkadot is a protocol that enables the transfer of any time of data between a wide range of blockchains. DOT is the native digital currency of this protocol.

Kusama is a highly flexible network used by developers as a test platform to prepare and test their projects before launching them. It has almost the case codebase as Polkadot; the difference is very slight. And KSM is the native token of the Kusama platform.

Where To Exchange KSM to DOT?

  • LetsExchange provides a reliable and safe platform for converting KSM to DOT. It’s the favorite exchange of traders since they can swap coins without providing any sensitive data. For executing the transaction, LetsExhcnage only requires your wallet address to transfer the traded coins. 
  • ChangeNOW offers secure and transparent conversions without registration. The platform doesn’t put any limitations on the number of transactions or coins. The calculator allows you to see how many DOT you’ll receive if you swap KSM without converting any coins. Besides Polkadot and Kusama, ChangeNOW also offers 250+ other currencies. 
  • Alligat0r is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that has an extensive base of partner exchanges, allowing traders to convert currencies at the most comfortable rates. After entering currency pairs and the amount, the system will search for all exchanges and make a list of the best deals. Then, you can pick the most convenient offer and complete the transaction.
  • CoinYEP is a crypto converter that supports 1671 cryptocurrencies, 156 fiat money currencies from over 12893 markets. The platform updates exchange rates hourly to reflect all current rates. 
  • Changelly is another secure exchange platform with competitive rates, low transaction fees, and 24/7 support. The platform is also available for mobile devices – both iOS and Android. 

How to Exchange KSM to DOT?

To sell your KSM coins and get DOT, you should take the following easy steps. They may differ depending on the platform, but the core idea lying at the basis of the conversion process is the same. 

  1. First, access the exchange platform and find the exchange widget.
  2. Select the coin pair – what you want to sell and what to receive. 
  3. Enter your wallet address to receive the converted coins. 
  4. Send the crypto you’re selling to the wallet address shown.
  5. Receive your coins. 

Useful Tips: How to Convert Coins Successfully

To make the crypto conversion process seamless and effective, you should follow several tips.

  • Make sure that the platform allows exchanging coins without registration and doesn’t require sensitive information as well. 
  • Check whether the platform offers rewards for executing coin conversions. 
  • Make sure that the platform doesn’t put any limitations. Users should be able to trade any amount of coins.
  • Users should be able to choose the exchange rate type – floating or fixed. The fixed rate should remain the same for at least 30 minutes. 

If you have already checked all these points and the platform you have chosen meets them all, then you’re ready to execute your first conversion.