How To Choose The Right Procreate Brushes For You

Procreate is currently the best drawing app on the market, but available Procreate brushes are limited.

Most of them are just regular round paintbrushes, pencils, and markers.

So where do I get interesting brushes that will help me to create unique artwork?

There is an answer to this question! There is a great library of custom-made procreate brushes created by many talented artists who share their work with others.

It’s not something new, people have been sharing freebies online since the dawn of time (or at least the internet).

But what if there were more reasons than “It’s free” to download someone else work?

What if your downloaded brush may bring you luck or even change your life?

What Do You Need To Start Your Brushes For Procreate?

Well, if you already have some experience with Procreate on either iPad or Mac, it’s really easy.

And if you don’t know how to use Procreate yet – that’s fine too!

This article will teach you everything about getting started with procreate brushes.

Let’s get right into it. First of all, you’ll need Photoshop to unpack your downloaded .brushset files and turn them back into images again later on.

Then go to the download site where the artist stored their .brushset file and download the freebie using the proper link they provide.

When the download is complete it’s time to open Procreate and create a new file on your iPad or Mac. This will be your canvas where you’ll paint all those awesome brushes onto!

Start Downloading As Many Procreate Hair Brushes

Now, don’t hesitate and start downloading many brush sets from as many artists as possible. Some of them offer only one brush set for free while some have hundreds of them, but usually, price isn’t an issue here.

What matters most is that you’ll find the best brushes for yourself and learn how they work before moving on to those paid custom procreate brushes which can cost from $1 up to $20+.

The more procreate brush sets you download, the better chance you got to stumble upon something interesting or even become another superstar in procreate community.

How To Install Newly Procreate Sketch Brushes?

Now it’s time to unpack Photoshop or Pixelmator and get to work!

You don’t need any complicated instructions on how to open .brushset files, just drag them into your image editing app and they’ll unpack automatically.

When all .brush files are unpacked, you’ll see all Procreate brushes at the bottom of your Photoshop window or the very top of your Pixelmator window.

Now you may use each brush individually for whatever purpose you like – draw lines, color areas, etc. This is when brushes start to come in different styles.

You can make your own procreate brushes palettes and store up to 100 brushes in one file, so it’s better if you create a new document and start filling it with all those procreate brush sets you downloaded earlier.

What Are The Best Procreate Brushes For Beginners?

It’s always better to start with free stuff and then move on to more advanced custom-made brush sets, but if you’re looking for something special and don’t want to waste your time – let me help you.

Here is a list of the most popular procreate brush sets that every artist should have: Watercolor brushes by Fubbi (5$) They look like… well, watercolors!

If you think you’ll never master this technique let these amazing brush sets be your guide. 

You can find more art supply-related downloads on Creative Market. Another cool pack of stylus pens that will come in handy.

If you’re looking for a simple piece of software to start with, these three graphic brush sets would be the best choice – pencils by JotterPad Studio, procreate brushes by Fubbi, and coloring markers by.

What Are The Best For Procreate Tattoo Brushes?

If you’re a beginner don’t worry too much about getting just a perfect pack of Procreate brushes, but if you want to take your art skills to the next level it’ll be better to choose some more customized ones.

Price is slightly higher but it comes with good customer support so you’ll ask anything you need to know about these brushes and get a reply within 24 hours max.

Professional Procreate Brushes Pack by Jeffrey Cheung (15$) Here’s where high-end procreate brush sets come in handy.

If your art skills are already on point then you might want to check out this bundle of 33 custom brushes that Jeffrey created himself. A must-have set for every professional artist.

For those who are interested in knowing more about the right Procreate Brushes, you can visit Creative Market for a lot of choices for your digital painting journey! Don’t forget to check it out! 


So, now you know all about Procreate Brushes and how to choose the right ones for your needs. You’ve probably seen these brushes in action by watching pro artists on YouTube use them with ease to create amazing pieces of art from scratch.

Now it is time for you to try these tools out yourself!

Download this app today and see what a difference they make in your workflow as well as the quality of your creations—you won’t be disappointed!

With so many different styles and brands available, there’s never been a better time than now to give them a shot.

Don’t wait another day before making the switch – download Procreate Brushes today!