A List of Cool Online Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Partner With

Finding the perfect gift for your partner can sometimes be challenging. Even when you know them more than anyone else, sometimes it is hard to find the thing that can express how you feel about them.

Thankfully, you can find some hidden gems online for your partner that can take some stress out of gift-giving. We have a list of things that might just be your next expression of love.

Get Them Their Favorite Subscriptions

No one could possibly say no to fresh content especially if it’s a gift. These days, consuming entertainment has been made exceptionally easy thanks to digital subscription services.

There are so many options to choose from for our entertainment fix that it can sometimes be hard to keep track of them. Whether you like books, bootleg movies, music, tv shows, or even news; there are countless digital platforms that you can choose from or even bundle together to curate your daily dose of entertainment.

Chances are your partner would love a subscription to any content streaming service. Subscription prices vary depending on the platform and the duration of the subscription but you have many options to package your gift.

You could give them a subscription to a single service for a long duration or you could bundle a few different ones together – the choice is yours!

Send Them a Customized Gift

Customized gifts are a thoughtful way of telling your partner you appreciate them. There are a lot of online businesses that let you buy custom-made gift items.

From clothing and stickers, to ceramics and memorabilia, such as custom printed mugs, you can get virtually unlimited options for things to personalize but what and how you choose to customize is crucial.

You might want to get something they would likely use as opposed to something that would have to be put somewhere and would end up being forgotten. For example, say your partner is a PC gamer and spends a few hours a week playing video games.

A playmat is a good example of a useful item for a PC gamer and you can click here if you want inspiration for customized ones. The key to nailing a custom gift is to be thoughtful about both the gift itself and the customization.

When choosing the gift, pay attention to your partner’s habits and interests. It would be easy to just slap a picture of either or both of you on the item which your partner might like.

But if you customize the item with artwork from their favorite show or a quote they love from their favorite author, chances are they would appreciate it even more.

Take Care of Something From Their To-Do List

Everyone is exceptionally busy these days so we find ourselves constantly overwhelmed. We often tend to be smothered by either work or chores and sometimes end up deprioritizing leisurely activities.

Your partner is probably no exception to this but luckily, there’s an opportunity for you to make them feel special. A number of businesses online now allow you to outsource your chores like gardening, cleaning, or home maintenance for your home.

Someone trustworthy can be hired on their website to take these tasks off your hand or, in this case, your partner’s hand. But you can also get creative with these services and create an opportunity for them to unwind and have fun.

You could treat them to a massage or spa treatment from the comfort of home or hire a chef for the night to cook a special dinner for a home date for the both of you.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination (and maybe by the businesses that offer these services) but at the end of the day, you will create a beautiful experience for your loved one.

Buy Them a Gift Card or Coupon for Something They Enjoy

With e-gift cards, your possibilities are potentially endless. The easiest thing for you to do would be to just get them a Visa or Amazon gift card for a certain amount to spend however they like.

But that would be a big missed opportunity, not to mention that you risk appearing a little thoughtless. For a partner, especially on special occasions, you want to show you know them and appreciate who they are.

To do that, you need to tailor your gift according to what they like. Luckily, almost all businesses have gift cards; all you need to do is figure out what would excite your partner the most.

Let’s say they love learning new things and want to try learning the guitar. You could get them a gift card or coupon for online guitar classes on a cool service like Masterclass. 

You might find that your partner is interested in gaming or a particular gym online. If so, you could get them a gift card to avail of those services. The idea of digital gifts might sound a little tricky to handle but with the virtual world expanding in its possibilities, you can easily find a gift that is just right for your partner.

You can also look through their Amazon wish lists, and choose something you know they love. However, that’s tricky, because to access their list, you need to ask them first.