Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay – Can You Use Apple Pay At McDonalds?

McDonald’s is one of the most popular international fast-food chains, operating since 1940. McDonald’s is a publicly-traded company, originally founded in California, and is a staple name in the US and beyond.

Apple Pay is a contactless and cashless payment service that allows users to send and receive money, as well as to pay for services and goods across a great number of restaurants, shops, and online stores.

In case you enjoy eating out at McDonald’s and you are an Apple Pay user, you may be wondering if McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.

Can You Pay with Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay for your purchases at McDonald’s. McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay and Apple Pay cards, while you can also use other payment methods for your orders. Apple Pay is a handy way of paying for goods and services without cash and without revealing your billing information.

You can make a payment in seconds with Apple Pay at McDonald’s.

How To Pay With Apple Pay At McDonald’s?

Paying with Apple Pay at McDonald’s is easy, but if you are a new user or have never paid for food at McDonald’s with Apple Pay, follow these simple instructions to set up your payment method.

1.    If you haven’t set up your payment method on your Apple Wallet, you need to add a card via the Apple Pay application on your phone.

2.    When you are paying for your order at McDonald’s, you will need to use your phone.

3.    Bring your phone over to the card reader for contactless and cashless payment. The terminal will read your Apple ID and charge you for the order.

4.    You may need to answer some questions if prompted by the terminal for security reasons.

The payment should be processed in less than a minute without the need to reveal your payment info.

Can I Get a Refund at McDonald’s With Apple Pay?

Yes, you can get a refund with Apple Pay if something went wrong with your order at McDonald’s.

You may be reimbursed only if McDonald’s approves your refund, which will happen only in case they messed up your order.

If you get approved for a refund the money will be returned to your balance, but it may take some time for it to reflect on your balance.

How to Use Apple Pay at McDonald’s Drive-Thru

The process of using Apple Pay at McDonald’s drive-thru is the same as paying at the payment terminal in the restaurant. The only difference is that an employee will hold the terminal for you outside the window. Just hold your device with your Apple ID close to the terminal to process the payment.

Are There Fees Involved in Using Apple Pay?

There are no fees involved for using Apple Pay at McDonald’s or any other restaurant, shop, or online store. No fees will be charged to you for using Apple Pay for paying for goods and services. You can make payments in seconds with easy checkout and without having to share your billing or personal information.

What If You’re Having Problems with Apple Pay?

If you encounter some problems while trying to pay for your food with Apple Pay at McDonald’s, the first thing to make sure of is to check if your card is properly linked to your Apple Pay wallet.

Also, make sure that your card is funded and that you have enough money to fit the bill. You can check if your card is properly linked via your Apple Wallet app.

Another thing is to make sure that you are holding your device with Apple ID close enough to the payment terminal.

In case you ensured that both cases are not an issue, you can always contact Apple Pay support via their official page and choose a different payment method for the moment.

Wrapping Up

You can use Apple Pay in all McDonald’s restaurants and drive-thru points across the US, while you can also use it to pay for food at a great number of fast-food restaurants. Apple Pay can also be used as a payment method at official Apple stores, physical and online, while many businesses in the US accept Apple Pay.