How To Download & Setup 911 VPN – Quick & Easy Setup

What is a 911 VPN?

The word VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

It is a piece of software that essentially helps in letting you browse anonymously over the internet.

It does this by tricking your computer into thinking that it is in a different location than the one it’s actually in. 

911 VPN, with plenty of features geared towards privacy and safety, is affordable and well-respected piece of software is worth a look for anyone looking to browse more securely.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

There are plenty of reasons why you might need to use a VPN. Most of these are related to personal privacy but some may be based on your personal requirements and preferences as well.

Here are some of the main reasons why you need a VPN:

  • Software like 911 VPN helps you remain safe when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network when sitting at a coffee shop or in a train station. By making your computer think that you are sitting in a different city or country, a VPN keeps hackers at bay so they can’t swipe your private information. Otherwise, your crucial data like banking information is always at risk of being hacked. 
  • If you want to download a tv series online, using a VPN is a good idea because it keeps your browsing history more secure. It is not very easy for someone to figure out who you are and where you are accessing a website from when you use a VPN. 
  • VPNs are also great for letting you access websites that are location-bound. Let’s say you wish to visit a website that is only accessible in the UK. You can just turn on your VPN, set the location to the UK, and access that website normally. 

911 VPN Main Features

Other than all the usual features a good VPN application comes with, 911 has these ones that should be noted: 

  • Developer API access is provided to proxy IPs based on Country, City, State, ZIP Code, IP Range, and more. 
  • Very strong encryption thanks to the SOCKS5 protocol. This lets you browse with some of the maximum possible anonymity you can get. This is a great feature for those who wish to watch some online tv series without having to worry about getting their data hacked. 
  • Free proxy software is provided with plenty of safety and privacy features. 
  • To gain access to unlimited bandwidth, there are no extra charges to be paid. 
  • And perhaps one of the most important features for the everyday VPN user is the inclusion of residential IPs based in more than 190 countries, so you can browse from wherever you want. 

How To Download & Install 911 VPN?

The way to install 911 VPN is a little more involved than many others you will find, and that is why this guide is needed for anyone who wishes to give it a try.

The good news is that the 911 VPN website has plenty of screenshots right on the home page to help guide you through the software.

However, with the following steps, you will be able to start watching free bootleg movies or download tv series anonymously.

Here is what you need to do to download and install this software on your computer: 

  • Sign up for an account and select from the 6 available choices. These versions are available based on the Proxy Balance you wish to purchase. Each proxy costs 1 proxy balance as you use the VPN. 
  • Once you have purchased the software, you can download it in the form of a zipped folder. 
  • To unzip the file, you’ll need to have something like Winrar on your computer as well. 
  • Before doing anything though, make sure that your anti-virus is turned off. This includes the pre-installed Windows Defender. Be sure to turn off all the security options, including the firewall. 
  • Unzip 911 VPN by extracting the “” file. 
  • As soon as you do it, you’ll see a new folder pop up. Dive into this folder and find the file named “client”. It has a flashy dollar logo to make it easy to recognize. 
  • Double-click this file and you’ll see an interface open. It will ask for your username and password. These are the credentials you would have used to sign up for your 911 VPN account. 
  • Provide these credentials and give the software 5-10 minutes to configure your computer. 
  • The next thing to do is to add your browser to the VPN system. This is done by dragging the browser icon into the tab named “program”. This will essentially ‘install’ your browser of choice into the VPN software.
  • Now, you can head to the list of proxies and select the country you wish to see the available proxies for. Right-clicking and refreshing the IPs will give you a list of all the proxies you can connect to within your selected state. 
  • Once you find a proxy you’d like to connect to, right-click on it and click “connect”. 
  • That’s it! You have connected to a proxy via 911 VPN and can now browse safely. 

To check whether you are indeed connected to your selected proxy or not, simply do a quick Google search of what your IP location is and you’ll see a number of websites to check this information.

If you see the name of the place you have selected in 911 VPN as your location, you’re good to go. 


And that’s how you can quickly and easily install 911 VPN on your Windows computer.

Granted, it isn’t the easiest process to install this software on your computer but the software’s security features are worth the effort.

Once installed, you can easily start browsing your favorite websites without worrying about having your information stolen or facing geo-restrictions on some websites.