Duplicate Content Checker – Online Plagiarism Finder tools

Plagiarism is the unauthorized copy of someone else’s content and is considered a nagging problem for most bloggers.

If you are creating new & fresh text data for your website, it is vital to check plagiarism to ensure that the content is original. 

On the other hand, if you have multiple contributors, you may want to check for plagiarism for the content before publishing it on the web.

Copying someone else’s work could negatively impact your website’s visibility among the search engines. 

In this guidepost, we will discuss the best plagiarism checker free tools that you can use to ensure the uniqueness of your textual blog content.

Best Plagiarism Tools For Detecting Copyrights:

Here are some of the best tools to check plagiarism.


The plagiarism checker free by SearchEngineReports.net allows you to check the copyrights of website work. You can check up to 1500 words in the mentioned text area.

The facility to upload the text documents is also available for the users to check data duplication. You can also upload the file from Dropbox and enter the URLs website to check plagiarism for that content.

You can get instant, accurate reports for the content, so you can easily remove the copyright infringement from the content you have written for your blog or web page.


In the contest for best check for plagiarism, Grammarly is always on top ranks. The online tool uses various algorithms to check grammar, punctuation, tone, content duplication properly.

Grammarly is considered a popular checker because of its checks for readability and conciseness. It also suggests the appropriate words for the vocabulary enhancements and shows the genre writing style tips.

They have three basic pricing plans for the paid service from monthly, quarterly, to annually. Grammarly.com works great on the web and your mobile phone, tablet, or other devices.


ProWritingAid is popular and aims for world-class status. This plagiarism checking tool is perfect for authors, novelists, & creative writers to check plagiarism and grammatical errors. ProWritingAid checks the literary work and manuscripts to generate accurate reports for the content.

It is best for punctuation, grammar, and style issues. It becomes a handy tool to use as it can be integrated into MS Word. Its integration with Google Docs & scrivener for easy access makes it different from other plagiarism checker free tools.

It is compatible with Mac, Windows and also works great with Chrome & browsers. 


Copyscape is also a popular tool as you can try it for free. Enter the URL of the website to check plagiarism by comparing various online platforms.

The free version of the tool is good enough for you if you just need to perform the check for plagiarism, but the paid version of Copyscape offers you a lot more.

It includes the features of bulk checking, testing of the entire website at once, managing plagiarism, and offers other tools such as an API to check the content on your website automatically.

Plagiarism Hunt:

Plagiarism hunt is a web-based plagiarism tool that is one tool that scans the text content through many of the top-ranked plagiarism checkers on Google like Unicheck, Turnitin, Plagscan, and some others. You can either upload the text document or copy/ paste the text into the plagiarism hunt.

You check the content for free against one of the online plagiarism tools, but you have to pay $6 to check the detailed report.


This award-winning plagiarism detection tool is created by computer scientists, writing professionals, and academics. This copyright tracker website is trendy among researchers, teachers, students, and professionals.

They offer free and paid versions also for the tool and support multiple languages to check for plagiarism.

They value the security of your content and use SSL encryptions, firewalls, and offsite backup that keeps the customer’s data safe.

What is a Plagiarism Checker:

A plagiarism checker is an online tool that allows the user to check the textual content against thousands of different online sources, academic articles, books, and scholarly papers.

The checker instigates if the stolen information is used on other platforms without the owner’s permission. A good duplicate content checker also finds the sources that indicate the stolen content.

Most of the check plagiarism tools are free to use, but some are available to provide premium services.

Why Use a Plagiarism Checker:

Most users use the plagiarism checking tools to review the content to check if it contains plagiarized content.

Educational institutes sometimes use them to ensure that the students have cited the quotes and references correctly.


This article discusses the best plagiarism detection tools, and most of them are useful in the information era. Information technology made massive progress with discovering the internet and helped us introduce new technology.

Many things shifted on digital platforms in the modern era are very helpful as they are accessed anywhere. Plagiarism detection is one of the best creations that helped most of us to check plagiarism from research papers to text document.