When you are playing games in a casino, it doesn’t matter which one you choose or what kind of luck you think you have or seem to be having that day, the point is there is no way to guarantee that you’ll win every time you play.

This is why it’s called gambling; you are gambling with the idea that you’ll win, and most of the time you are actually going to lose. 

However, there are ways to give yourself a bigger chance of winning. One of these ways is to pick the easiest games to win at. Although you still can’t be promised a win, you will certainly have more chances.

These are the games at Slots Baby you should be looking at.

European Roulette

One of the easiest games to win at in a casino is European roulette. Don’t get this mixed up with American roulette which has two zeros and one zero rather than just one zero as it does in European roulette, as American roulette is much harder to win at and has far lower odds. 

Although European roulette might appear to be a little complicated at first, whether you’re playing online or offline, it’s actually very easy. All you need to do is to choose a number, a colour, or to pick odd or even and let fate take its course.

There isn’t any maths to do despite the numbers, and although it’s a game of chance you can make it easier on yourself.

Steer clear of picking any specific number and instead go for the other options of choosing either red or black, or choosing odd or even.

You’re giving yourself a 50/50 chance of winning if you do this. 


Sic-bo might not be as well known as many other games you can find in a casino, but it is one of the easiest to play, so it’s worth searching out, assuming you can find it. Your chances of winning are similar to those of roulette, which is why it’s on this list. 

When you play sic-bo you are playing with three dice. You have to decide what number those dice are going to add up to.

This sounds hard, and that’s because it is – there are so many potential numbers that can be created from three dice. Yet there are other bets you can take which lower the odds, just like in roulette.

You can choose ‘big’ (which means anything from 11 to 17) or ‘small’ (from 4 to 10). This option will certainly help your chances. 


If you know anything about slots you’ll know that this is one of the easiest games of all, and the odds aren’t too bad either.

There is no one else to bet against and no dealer, so it’s just you and the machine, which relieves a little stress and is ideal for those who prefer their own company. 

For slots, you just need to pick the game you like the look of and that has a good RTP (return to player – the chance of winning back your stake).

Pay your money, touch a button, and the reels will start to spin. When they stop, they’ll either have produced a winning combination or they won’t have. That’s it.

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