The Ultimate Guide to an Enterprise Mobile Solution Creation in 2021

In the early stages of existence, newly formed companies can get by with simple solutions to manage marketing, accounting, and other operations. However, as the company develops and matures, the tasks become more complex and comprehensive.

An enterprise app is not only a way to meet new business challenges, but also to improve your business strategy and raise key performance indicators.

Let’s find out why using an enterprise mobile solution is essential in 20221 and what are the main ways to create such an application for your business. 

What Is an Enterprise Application?

An enterprise mobile solution is an application for business use that is perfectly tailored to current business needs and helps companies solve their real-time challenges, streamline business operations, and improve performance.

An enterprise mobile application may come in different types.  

Enterprise Mobile Application Types

  • Automated billing systems. With the help of this app, you may streamline your billing and accounting processes by creating bills, invoices, and other documents automatically. 
  • Payment processing. These are the integrated systems for making financial transactions between your company and your customers. 
  • Email marketing systems. As the name implies, these are apps that help you with your email marketing strategy. It can be a separate app (there are a lot of ready-made solutions you may use at affordable costs, for example, Mail Chimp), or come as a part of your CRM. 
  • Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). To put it simply, this is an application that helps you store and manage information about your customers, their orders, and other interactions by analyzing their personal data, behavior patterns on your website/application with the purpose of getting data-driven insights for marketing strategies improvement. 
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This is an all-in-one system that allows for managing all your financial and inventory resources from one place. 
  • Business Intelligence (BI). The core task of this system is data gathering and analysis with the help of artificial intelligence. The data-driven insights may be used to improve a certain part of the business strategy and increase the overall efficiency of the enterprise. 
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP). This system is also guided by carefully analyzed data but its main task is to help companies with risks leveraging and creating backup strategies in response to external threats. 
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). This is not the system but rather the strategy of integrating all the enterprise software and hardware with each other for better management, data gathering, and analysis. 
  • Legacy systems. As for the legacy systems, these are either outdated or poor-performant enterprise solutions that need significant improvements and updates. Depending on the legacy apps’ specifics and current business needs, the legacy system modernization strategy is chosen. 

What Is the Difference Between the Enterprise Application and Web Application?

Surely, an enterprise mobile solution is quite different from a basic web application. However, as a rule, the first doesn’t make sense without the second. Let’s compare them. 

Enterprise applicationWeb application
the scope of usageAs the name implies, enterprise solutions are used by companies to solve their business tasks, streamline essential operations, cut costs, and improve customers’ experience. As a rule, such applications come in the form of an enterprise mobile solution with the aim of making employees more flexible in business issues solving. As for the web application, the scope of their usage can be quite wide. For example, an enterprise may have its website as the main platform for interaction with potential and current customers. However, the presence of a website doesn’t eliminate the need for an enterprise mobile solution since the latter is used internally and is directly integrated with the website (for example, CRM). 
the set of featuresAccording to the enterprise mobile application development strategy, the set of features is chosen taking into account the current needs of the company. Thus, the features for internal use are in great focus. As for the web solution creation, as a rule, the set of features is customer-centric. In other words, here you need to focus on the features that will be good for customer experience, lead generation, and conversions. 
the tech stack usedTo create mobile and web solutions, you need to use different technologies stacks. If we talk about native mobile enterprise application development, then, the needed technologies are chosen according to the operating system the future app will support. As for web development, there is a set of basic tools (HTML, CSS) plus there are additional business-specific technologies that may be used. 
the cost to createAs a rule, an  enterprise mobile solution is pricier to create since the set of features is wiLogically, a web solution is more affordable compared to an enterprise application. However, the set of features may be a decisive factor. Advanced web solutions may have a higher price compared to enterprise applications with a simplified set of functions. 

Is Mobile Enterprise Application Development Really Essential in 2021? 

In short, yes, it is really essential, especially taking into account the changing economic environment globally, new customer behavior patterns, and all the other possible challenges any business may face. So, using the enterprise mobile application, you may: 

  • cut costs. According to the report, 46% of companies consider an enterprise mobile solution development for the purpose of cost-cutting. 
  • improve productivity. According to the forecasts, 1.87 billion people will work remotely by 2022. With the help of the right application for tasks management and communication (as a part of the enterprise solution), their productivity may be improved by several times. 
  • plan better. For now, an Enterprise Resource Planning system is the best app to manage your resources wisely and according to your current business needs. According to the report, using this system may improve business efficiency by up to 95%. 
  • optimize and automate. For example, you may automate your accounting process with the help of the billion automation software and optimize your business development strategies using the BI system and the data-driven insights. 

What Is the Best Way to Create an Enterprise Mobile App?

Honestly, there is no one-for-all answer. Depending on your enterprise mobile application development strategy, you may choose from the two possible ways.

Use the ready-made solution

There are a lot of ready-made enterprise solutions that you may use for your business processes. The chart below lists the main enterprise software providers. Depending on your current goal, you may choose the application that suits your best.

For example, Salesforce offers to use a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management system, however, before integrating with any of the ready-made apps, make sure that the features provided really fit your business needs.

Probably, your current challenge is so specific that mobile enterprise application development will be a better strategy for you. What’s more, most of the already existing enterprise apps are quite costly, and sometimes the annual cost for their use equals to the mobile enterprise solution development from scratch. 

Apply for mobile enterprise application development services

This way is the most reasonable choice if you need to solve quite a specific business task. However, in this case, you need to choose your mobile enterprise application development vendor very carefully. It is better to start cooperation with an already experienced in the enterprise solutions creation, and well-versed in your niche company. This approach will save you time, money, and effort. 

How Much It Cost to Create an Enterprise Mobile App?

The cost of mobile enterprise application development may really be different depending on the type and specifics of the solution you need to create. Also, take one more important point into account.

According to The use of Software Enterprise and Development in the Organization research, “It is important that the investment in the software enterprise application should be fitted into organization requirements and needs. The quality output of any software enterprise development is relatively varied.”

As the last but not least factor, you should consider the location of the enterprise app development companies as well since the final price may be significantly higher or lower (up to 10 times) depending on the location of your vendor and/or the outsourcing destination you choose for your project development. 


So, creating an application for an enterprise or even using a ready-made solution if it meets your business needs should be a key goal for 2021. The previous year was full of unpleasant surprises for both businesses and customers, so it makes sense to re-analyze your business processes, improve and optimize them, and create strategies for responding to unforeseen situations. All of this is possible with an enterprise app.

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