Everything About Recruiting With SEO: Make It Easy

People have access to an enormous number of opportunities to study, acquire new skills, and open up their talents.

That is where SEO recruitments can facilitate the process of reaching out to true masterminds at their job.

You can benefit from the job posting in Google so that your perfect potential employees can find you and complement your unique team. 

We are here to tell you more about what advantages you get from implementing SEO recruiting in your business, and share some effective recruitment SEO tips.

Read on to go the extra mile on your way to forming a dream team in your company!

The Benefits of SEO for Recruiters

You may have heard about SEO in the context of website promotion and design, but surprisingly, it can become a powerful tool in the hands of a recruiter, too.

Here is what one can get after implementing SEO into a recruiting strategy.

  • Make Your Job Offer Visible. The lion’s share of job seekers starts their searching journey on Google. That is why it is so important to make your website rank as high as possible, and here SEO recruiting comes in handy. By optimizing your webspace, you increase its visibility for Google algorithms and consequently for your future employees.
  • Attract a Wider Audience. The higher you rank and become visible on other platforms, the more choice you will have for employment. If more people can find you, there might also be more talents to recruit in your company.
  • Improve Brand Recognition. Build a reputation for your company, and this will impact positively not only its overall performance but also recruiting, in particular. Valuable websites attract the most worthy candidates. You can choose blogging platforms, run social media accounts, but combined with proper SEO, you will multiply your outcomes.
  • Cut Your Spending. You can enjoy all these features for free, for the most part. SEO recruiting is often costless, but at the same time brings impressive results. So, it is profitable for companies of all budgets. However, to achieve that, you need to have a lot of knowledge about SEO mechanisms and trends. To (partly) automate the process, you may need to pay a little money to SEO specialists or companies.

The list is not exhaustive, of course. The rest of the advantages you can feel depend on your business situation. And whatever it may be, you can be sure you will get major improvements. 

SEO Recruiting: 8 Simple Tactics

Take Care of Your Content

Writing quality content is easier than it sounds. Create career descriptions that are informative and concise.

To figure out what your potential employees may want to find, check this page and see how people become SEO specialists.

Break down longer paragraphs into lists or separate segments.

Job seekers want to see clear descriptions of their future careers and to have little to no additional questions after reading them.

The simplicity in structure and wording will make your SEO recruitment content win.

Place Keywords Wisely

There is no effective recruitment SEO without the right keywords. But moreover, your campaign will not work out if you overuse them in the job posting.

Insert them throughout your content naturally and shift the focus slightly to the beginning of the article, as well as to headings, subheadings, meta descriptions, and URLs.

Recognition among your partners is essential for a successful SEO recruiting campaign.

Get quality backlinks from both local and global companies, and this will boost your interaction with Google.

It is a vital part of digital marketing, even recruiters need to make sense of link building.

It is also a good idea to buy SEO backlinks from proven companies and in this way automate this part of recruitment SEO.

Include Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are responsible for the first impression about your content even before a potential employee clicks on your page.

If you do not write them, Google may insert a random passage from your page and make your website look unprofessional. Spend a bit of time to create catchy and informative descriptions no longer than 160 characters, and this will improve your SEO recruiting progress.

Optimize for Mobile

A great many people, including job seekers, visit websites on tablets and smartphones. SEO for recruiters implies making the career page as well as the other parts of the website mobile-friendly: scrollable pages, pleasing design, intuitive navigation, high loading speed, etc.

Update Info Regularly

We all live in a rapidly-changing environment, and everything fluctuates now and then.

Never forget to update information on your website, including crucial data such as position requirements for the candidates, salary, working times, locations, etc.

Leverage Social Media

Use the infinite power of social media to engage even more people. Post job descriptions there and follow all the rules of quality content. Remember to choose the platform in line with your target audience.

Use Images Reasonably 

Stock images never work. If you want to facilitate your recruitment SEO with visual content, it is better to use original images that bring value to your content. These can be graphics, memes, or just descriptive illustrations.

What Comes Next?

We have covered some simple ways to step up your SEO recruitment game.

But there are never enough approaches to try if you are looking for a perfect team for your business.

Visit intelligentpeople.co.uk to learn more about remote team building, and never stop educating yourself in career matters.

Your effort will yield results for your company in the long run, which will make you outplay your competitors.