How to Get Free Steam Codes In 2021 – Ultimate Guide

Do you love playing games? Then I can only guess that you have heard and quite possibly used Steam at one point in your life. 

You have probably realized that games can cost quite a bit of money, especially if you like playing them often. 

Based on the most recent statistics, Steam has over 20 million users!

It’s one of the most used platforms in the gaming industry, and I can bet that a vast number of these players are hunting for free steam codes. 

Many people stopped believing that it is possible to get free steam codes in a legit way due to a lot of scams being shared online. 

If you stop and forget about all the steam code generators and all the other bullshit, you will find a couple of very decent ways to get steam codes in 2020. 

All of these require a bit of your time and work, but your effort will pay off in the end.  

Before we delve into that, let’s cover some of the basics that an average user needs to know about Steam and free codes. 

Steam Wallet

A steam wallet is essentially a banking tool built on a Steam platform that provides users a way to transfer funds and purchase content.

It’s a digital wallet that can store money and receive money if you decide to sell some of your content on the platform. 

It’s an excellent alternative to using Paypal or your debit cards on Steam, where you can meet quite a lot of scammers. 

If you are not keen on using Paypal or debit cards, you can add funds to your steam wallet using free steam codes.

Alternatively, you can also link your bank account and add your funds like that. 

But you can see how a free steam code would be a better way, right? 

Getting Steam codes is not that easy, but we have a few ways and websites that can help you out. 

Free Steam Codes

I’ve tested quite a bit of these, and I am only recommending the ones I know work 100%. 

So let’s start with my first recommendation on the list: 


One of the most popular websites in this area is Inbox Dollars. You can earn money by filling out surveys, watching videos, answering questions, and similar stuff. You can choose to be paid out in cash or rewards such as the ones for Steam Wallet. 

The platform is entirely legit, tested, and I know plenty of cases where people generated gift cards for steam codes. 


Another great option on the list is MistPlay. It’s a popular choice for all those looking to do these small jobs on a phone. This Android-based app is built on giving rewards to users for trying out and playing new games. Sounds fun, huh? 

If you enjoy trying out new mobile games, and you are happy to do this while watching TV or just killing time, then MistPlay is a perfect option for you to consider. 

To see how legit it is, you can check out plenty of reviews users posted on this page

Keep in mind that this app is not built for you to make a lot of money – it takes a bit of time and work, but you should expect that from a platform that pays to play games.


I still remember the days of getting into digital marketing and hearing the name of this website.

The years SwagBucks has been in the business just goes to show that it’s a platform that’s legitimate and pays out their entire user base regularly. 

Like for InboxDollars, you are getting paid to do all of the small and easy tasks any person can do. By doing these tasks, you earn points that you can cash out by getting steam codes.


Rakuten is a cashback website. That means that you get rewarded with a cashback every time you purchase something through the stores they are affiliated with.

It’s pretty simple, and Rakuten goes step forward in alerting you of low product prices that you can take advantage of. 

They also have a reward program if you are consistent and go out of your way to refer friends. 

Survey Junkie

As the name says, this website is survey focused. It allows you to earn money by taking surveys and watching videos.

You receive $5 for signing up, and you can make anywhere between $1 and $3 per survey. 

While it sounds attractive, keep in mind that it takes a bit to complete the survey.

On average, you will probably be earning around 3-4 dollars an hour, which is not too huge, but it can help you reach your goal of getting free steam codes. 

Same as for all the other platforms mentioned above, you can take the cash or the gift cards. 

A minimum payout is $10. 

A website very similar in nature to Survey Voices, one we covered completely in our review.


A well-designed website with an easy to use interface is another shop based website on our list. 

All you have to do is shop with the retailers they are affiliated with.

That list is vast and contains all of the places you probably already use (Amazon, eBay, Walmart), so it won’t make a big difference. 

Essentially, you are providing your user information in exchange for a cashback.

This is a platform that’s been around for more than two decades, so you can rest assured that it’s safe and legit. 


One of my personal favorites on this list is PrizeRebel. It takes you about 10 seconds to sign up, and you can instantly start earning points by performing various tasks.

Later, you will be able to convert points into gift cards, and Steam is one of the options. 

Steam Codes Explained

Steam codes work pretty much like any other gift card. If you have purchased a gift card, either online or offline, all you had to do was scratch the back of them to get the codes. 

It’s the same principle here, and once you get these codes, you can redeem them on Steam and get the credit directly into your wallet. 

There’s also a direct way of getting access to a specific game through a Steam code. 

How to Use Steam Codes

Redeeming steam codes is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is log in to your Steam account (or register one if you don’t have it) and head to your account details that appear when you click on your username. 

You will see the option to add funds to your steam wallet, where you should click next. 

After that, you will get options for adding funds through credit cards, PayPal, or bank account. You won’t choose either one of these options, and you will click on “Redeem a Steam Wallet Code.” 

You can now enter the code and get the credits that you can use to purchase any game or item you wish. 

Can You Transfer Money To Someone Else On Steam? 

If you were wondering if there’s a way for you to transfer money to another digital user (or receive it), you should know that’s not an option.

However, even if you can’t do that directly, you can give Steam Digital gift cards to other people. 

An amount between $5 and $100 can be placed and gifted using these cards.

There are certain limitations to doing this. You can’t gift any credit that you obtained through a gift card before this. You can only create a Steam digital gift card by loading the money directly from your Paypal, Bitcoin, or a credit card. 

Can You Withdraw Money From Steam? 

Steam doesn’t allow its users to withdraw money or credit from the platform. They advise everyone not to load a lot of money on the platform if they don’t immediately use all or most of it.

Many methods are being shared online on how you can withdraw money from Steam by purchasing certain items and then selling them directly to other people for cash or bitcoin. Unfortunately, you don’t get any security by opting to do this method, so I don’t personally advise it. 

Steam Codes to Cash? 

This is also not possible on Steam, but like with a lot of other stuff, you can get around it. You can trade codes with people you know and get money in exchange. 

You can also sell unused codes on specific platforms and gaming websites, where people can pay you directly. 

Again, none of these options are recommended by Steam and offer no protection, so be cautious when dealing with people you don’t know. 

Watch Out For The Scams

Steam code generators? Yeah, that’s too good to be true, honestly. If you ever see any scam of this type, just avoid it altogether. People running these scams can make them sound extremely believable, but they are only scams. 

There are no holes in the Steam platform to generate free codes people would give out through any generator, and there’s no benefit to a person if they just freely share it with the world.

Summing Up

We are coming to the end of this article. I am aware that gaming can be quite an expensive hobby or a career, so I’ve tried to do my share in helping you minimize the financial hit your wallet could take. 

I know that you may be hooked on giving all of these sites a try, but keep in mind that doing surveys or other types of tasks could take quite a bit of your time, and they don’t pay a lot of money. 

You may want to consider whether this is the right investment you wish to take; at the end of the day, time is the most valuable asset you have.