Ways Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Online Audience

Do you want to grow the user engagement of your website? Do you want more audience for your blogs?

Then we might just know what you need.     

Introducing guest posting, a practice of writing content as a guest writer for another person’s blog or website, which mutually helps boost the online audience of both parties.

Growing an online audience has always been a tough job for bloggers and publishers.

Finding high-quality content and publishing them has never been easy. Guest blogging/posting can help solve such problems and many more.

Also, if you already know about guest posting and have been doubtful whether you should do it or not, then the answer is Yes. Why? Let us explain.

What is Guest Posting? And Why Should You Do It?

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, is an act of writing content for someone’s website/blog. There is a mutual benefit of both sides in this practice.

As a guest blogger and content writer, your brand gets more exposure (so more audience), build a relationship with other writers and bloggers, and boosts your website’s SEO through backlinks (more about backlinks below).

On the other hand, if you are the Blog Owner or Publisher, you get fresh and quality content for your blog or website to attract more audience to your page.

How Guest Posting can grow your Online audience

Guest posting helps a writer spread his brand name to a new group of potential audiences, and people may start following his blogs.

It enables the writer to build his authority over the industry. If he provides quality content, it will also help him retain the audience and attract them to his pages.

This gradually paves the way to increase the traffic to his website or blogs, ultimately resulting in more popularity.

You might now think that the audience, visiting websites where you contribute, may not be aware of your brand, so how’ll they land on your page?

Here comes the role of backlinks. Whenever you are guest blogging for a page, you can ask the owner to put up your site link somewhere relevant inside the content so that the interested audience can click on it to visit your brand.

That way, people can come across your brand from content on another website you have written.

Links Management is a trusted backlinks service that can help your website’s SEO and makes it 10 times more discoverable in Google and other search engines.

It helps your website rank up in search engines, which increases site traffic and helps attract more customers.

It also provides tools to monitor your backlinks, site traffic and SEO.

Guest posting can also prove profitable for online businesses as it increases the audience’s engagement with the website and the website traffic.

In this article, there’s everything you should know about effective guest posting.

It is a marketing strategy that benefits both writers and publishers.

If this was enough to gather your interest in guest posting, then let’s move forward to the next section.

How To Get Started With Guest Posting

Before getting started, you must remember that guest blogging is not a fast way to grow your brand. 

If you consider it as a shortcut to grow quickly, then you might get disappointed.

Also, it is crucial to practice guest posting in the correct way for better exposure.

And for the best results, you first need to fix your goals.

Knowing your goals will help you decide where you want to submit your guest posts. Your goals must align with your marketing objectives. Some common goals can be:

  • Increasing Brand Exposure so that more people get aware of your brand.
  • Introducing your Services so that people get to know your work.
  • Improve Social Media influence so that your brand gets a more social following.
  • Grow website’s SEO which helps increase the traffic of your site.
  • Establish your authority over the market so that people identify your expertise.
  • Gaining an audience which is the ultimate goal of everyone.

Select the goals depending on your marketing strategies and work upon them.

Next, you need to find the opportunities you have for guest posting.

You can simply Google it to find out which sites allow guest posting and get in touch with them via email or other media.

While choosing a site to post, remember to check some traits of the site and its content.

  • The audience of the site should have an interest in your work.
  • The site’s content must be related to your field of expertise.
  •  The site has an active owner or management.
  •  The site has a regular flow of traffic; otherwise, your work will go unnoticed.
  • Avoid posting on Private Blog Networks and dropped domains (they have low-quality content, and you need to pay for your post). PBNs are usually banned by Google if found.

Pro Tip: Use keywords to search for guest posting opportunities on Google (Eg: <keyword> “guest post”; replace the keyword with terms from your industry).

There are also many tools available on the internet which will assist you in determining the right page for your contribution.

Once you have found the ideal place to post, contact its owner and discuss your work and services.

Clarify your terms and doubts before posting; otherwise, your time and work might go in vain.


Although Google strongly condemns bloggers from guest posting, it is still considered an excellent strategy by many bloggers and publishers.

Statistics from Social Marketing Writing shows that 62.96% audience consider blogs with multiple authors to be more authentic and trustworthy.

Guest posting is believed to be five times more valuable than writing content for someone’s own site.

It is regarded as one of the best “inbound marketing strategies” for digital businesses for traffic and revenue-boosting.

So, what are you waiting for? Start guest posting today and grow your online audience.