How to Choose a Tax Preparer for Truckers?

As a trucker, you want a reliable tax preparer who knows everything about the trucking industry. According to, no industry is a stranger to the never-ending issues of breaches. Because truck taxes are complex, chances are it is missing deductions if you do them yourself.

Moreover, taxes can be time-consuming and confusing, as you need to complete several tax reports at the end of every year. By hiring a professional, you will know that all your tax issues will be handled. They will ensure that all your tax services are filled correctly and that your taxes are paid on time. But how can you choose a tax preparer for your trucking business?

Check the Preparer’s Qualifications

A reliable tax preparer for truckers must know how truck taxes work, be able to talk about the tax return with you, and ensure you are comfortable with the numbers on the return before you sign them. Avoid a tax preparer without experience and who refuses to discuss the results would be best.

In addition, it is essential to ensure that your tax preparer provides an IRS e-file. Prepares who do taxes for over ten clients usually must file electronically. 

Consider the Tax Preparer’s Availability

Because most states and the IRS conduct audits and send letters of inquiry throughout the year, it is in your best interest to engage the services of a tax preparer who is keeping office hours beyond the filing deadline. You can at least ensure that they are available to assist with any tax return correspondence and answer your questions.

Fee Determination

When looking for a tax preparer, instead of asking them what their service fees are, you can ask how they calculate their fees. If you have complex returns that require multiple forms, it is only normal to choose someone that charges a set fee for the type of return instead of one that charges by form. Otherwise, it can be rather costly.

Client Security

When choosing a tax prepare, do not hesitate to ask them if they safeguard client confidentiality, either in the electronic or physical form of their clients’ records and information. If the answer is not to your liking, you can walk away.

Other questions you can ask when searching for a tax preparer include the following:

  • If they provide attentive and prompt services
  • If they know trucker taxes inside and out
  • If they have a proven record
  • If they provide an excellent value for the fees charged

You can always go for a trucking service provider to help you with taxes, permitting, insurance, safety compliances, freight planning, and financial services. Such a company can handle everything tax preparation and filing for you, so you can afford the time to run your trucking business and turn it into a success. By doing so, you can focus on growing your business while all your trucking papers and documentation are being taken care of.