How To Choose An Electronic Signature Solution

Are you on the move to digitize all your business operations? Do you want to enhance your customers’ experience as they relate to your brand?

Then you need to adopt electrical signatures in your transactions.

You’ll require software for this service.

The software will enable you and your clients to sign documents digitally.

Now, how will you ensure that you choose the right electronic signature solution for your business?

This article sheds light on this; read on. 

Electronic signatures are legally binding; this means that there are regulations governing this process that determine the validity of the signed document.

Your chosen electronic signature solution should comply with all the regulations in the system to ensure that all your contracts are legal and recognized by the court.

Besides conforming to laws governing the e-signature system, it should adhere to the rules in your industry.

For instance, if you’re in the health industry, it should comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA). Also, the platform should adhere to the relevant international standards if you deal with international clients.

Determine The Service Fees And Costs

Most providers will offer their solutions under a subscription plan. The plans vary depending on the services you’ll receive, and they’re tied to the amount you’ll pay.

Therefore, the more you pay, the more services you get. To explore more of the e-signature services, visit

When factoring in cost in your selection process, you should compare the amount you’re paying with the services you’re getting.

Does it make sense to you? Is it cost-efficient?

Once you weigh the cost efficiency, now compare this cost with your budget. Is it within your budget?

It’s best to choose an electronic signature solution within your budget; get the best services for your budget.

Evaluate Its Compatibility

electronic signature compatibility

Your clients are different, and they all prefer different devices for their business transactions. Some prefer laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

On the other hand, your team might not always be in the office all day. They might be out in the field or working remotely.

With that said, e-signature solutions need to be compatible across many devices and platforms to provide convenience to you and your clients.

Settle for one that works with as many devices as possible. This is to provide a variety of options to your clients, should their primary platform malfunction.

You utilize many other systems in your organization, and you might need to add extra features, such as security or a call center, to the e-signature platform.

Therefore, the platform should allow for this integration such that you don’t have to utilize multiple technologies for signage.

For instance, if your client gets stuck in the signing process, they can easily contact you through the same platform and get instant assistance. 

Check Its Data Security Features

Contracts are private documents, and no one outside the contract should be aware of the contents unless with permission from the parties.

This means that the e-signature tool should have adequate security features. Since you’ll send the documents digitally, only the recipient should access the document and sign it. 

In this case, it’s better to choose a solution with a multi-factor authentication system. An efficient one will require log-in details, a password, and biometrics recognition by face or fingerprint.

The biometrics will confirm the identity of the one signing the document. 

For additional security, the solution should have an audit trail to identify the signee, the length of time spent on the document, and other conformation data.

After all the parties have signed the contract, the e-signature solution should have a way of sealing the document to prevent tampering or alteration of the contract by an unauthorized party. 

Ensure You Will Have Document Control

With most electronic signature solutions, there’s always a third-party involved with access to all the data on your dashboard.

When it comes to document signage, this is a concern since confidentiality is crucial, and the document’s integrity has to be maintained.

Therefore, your electronic signature solution must not allow for third-party control, such as the solution’s vendor.

As the vendor’s client, you should have total control. This is not only to ensure confidentiality but also to build trust with your clients.

Evaluate its Versatility

Various document formats having different templates and presentations are available, such as pdf, word, and excel.

Based on this, the e-signature solution should be able to adopt all these types without any problem.

When it comes to integrating a signable section for either of the forms, it should allow your team to customize easily.

Depending on the type of clients you have and their languages, you need to confirm if the platform allows signage in multiple languages.

A multilingual system will provide convenience for your customers.

Assess Its Ease of Use 

An electronic signature solution needs to be easy to use.

Therefore, you must assess its ease of use to ensure that you and your client may use it efficiently.

Your team shouldn’t spend too much time training on its use.

A complex e-signature tool will reduce your company productivity, not forgetting errors arising due to the lack of know-how in official documents that could cost your company. 

Aside from this, it is also significant to ensure your clients would find it easy to add their signatures without complex procedures taking up too much of their time.


An electronic signature solution is essential for any business looking to revamp its operations and better customer experience. In this article, you can check all of the best e-sign software solutions, compare and choose the one

For the solution to serve you efficiently, it has to be the right one for your business needs.

This article has given tips to assist you in the selection process; therefore, consider implementing them, and you’ll settle for the most efficient e-signature platform for your operations.