How to Contact a Seller on Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online e-commerce site that features a range of products from a number of third-party and marketplace sellers.

Based on information from 2021, Amazon has more than 6 million third-party sellers

While Amazon handles the majority of order shipping through their Amazon FBA program, a lot of sellers are fulfilling orders on their own. 

Before you decide to reach out to an Amazon seller, you should check if: 

  • A seller is a third party that does its own customer service. 
  • A seller is an established marketplace seller.

Another thing to consider before reaching out to an Amazon seller is why are you reaching out to them. 

The most common reasons include: 

  • Wanting to cancel an order. If you have ordered from a Marketplace seller, you can use the cancel items button on Your Orders page. 
  • Torn packaging or a late Amazon delivery – If Amazon is fulfilling an order that ended up being damaged, then you are entitled to a refund, as well as free return and replacement. Try not to leave a negative Amazon review to a seller, because they can’t affect the delivery process. 
  • Product delivered to the wrong address – If this is the case, you can reach out and ask for a refund. These disputes are solved quickly. 
  • Requesting a refund – You can request a refund by locating the order on “Your Orders” page and selecting “Request Refund” option. 
  • Returning Amazon rentals – You can handle all of that from your “Manage Your Rentals” page. 

Amazon has come a long way in trying to create a seamless process to manage any order disputes, at least the ones involving marketplace sellers. 

For other reasons you need to contact an Amazon seller, like price inquiry, warranty, or a product feature, we will show you how to do that, while making sure you get a prompt response.  

In this article, you will also learn how to contact a third-party seller on Amazon. 

Let’s dive deep into that. 

How to Contact a Third Party Seller Before Placing an Order?

how to contact a third party seller on amazon

Have a question about the product feature? 

It’s always a better idea to reach out prior to ordering than to have regrets later on. 

To reach out to a third-party Amazon seller before you place an order: 

  • On the product page, select an Amazon Seller’s name. 
  • Depending on the product, you might have an option of multiple sellers. In such cases, select “New and Used”, to get a full list of available sellers. 
  • Choose a rating of the seller to get their profile page and select “Ask a question”. 

You are likely to receive a response within 2 business days. 

In case the same product is being sold by multiple sellers, you will increase the chance of getting a response by sending out multiple inquiries. 

How to Contact a Third Party Seller After Placing an Order?

In case you have already placed an order, you can still contact a third-party Amazon seller by: 

  • Going to “Your Orders” portion of your profile. 
  • Locating an order you want to inquire about.
  • Select an option “Problem with order” 
  • Choose “Contact Seller” 

You should wait up to 2 days to receive a response. If it doesn’t happen by then, you are likely eligible for a refund. You are protected by A-to-z guarantee, which covers refunds for cases of late deliveries, damaged items or you simply want to request a refund. 

Keep in mind that a great portion of third-party sellers participate in the “Customer Service by Amazon” program. In such case, an Amazon representative will reach out back to you. 

The same applies if the seller’s listing is eligible for Amazon Prime. 

If you experience additional problems and delays with an order, you may be eligible to receive amazon courtesy credit.

How to Contact a Marketplace Seller?

how to contact a marketplace seller

Whatever the reason may be, contacting an Amazon marketplace seller is fairly straightforward. 

You are also guaranteed to receive a response while being fully protected by the A-to-z guarantee. 

To contact a marketplace seller: 

  • Login to your account. 
  • Go to “Your orders”. 
  • Click on the specified order and the name of the seller. 
  • A box with the label “Ask a question” will pop up.
  • Click on it and ask your question. 
  • Select a proper label that describes your inquiry in the “Seller Messaging Assistant”
  • You will see a box where you will compose a 4000-character message. 
  • To attach an image or file of the product you are contacting the seller for, click on the “Add Attachment” option.

In cases where you don’t fully understand the product description or listings that are listed by the sellers, you can quickly contact the sellers for more clarification, prior to ordering, as well.

On the storefront of each seller, there is a contact option that you can use to get more information about a particular product.

How to Contact a Seller To Request an Invoice? 

If an item you purchased is fulfilled by Amazon (seller is a part of Amazon FBA program), you will be able to request an invoice for your purchase. 

To do that, repeat the same process above, but choose a different label in the Seller Messaging Assistant chat. 

You will receive an email with your invoice within 2 business days. 

How to Contact a Seller on Amazon App? 

In case you are using an Amazon mobile app, here’s how you can contact a seller. 

  • Go to the Amazon App and log in with your details.
  • Then select orders on your profile.
  • Click on “Your Orders”, and it will display the list of all the transactions and orders you have completed on Amazon.
  • On every completed order, you will see the name of the seller that sold it. 
  • Select the name of the seller, and it will display a box with a label to ask a question.
  • Choose the option that best suits your inquiry from the drop-down menu.

Bottom Line

The process of contacting a seller on Amazon has been made incredibly easy and straightforward. 

Whatever may the problem be, there is a well-structured system put in place by Amazon to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Aside from that, Amazon makes sure that each customer walks away fully satisfied.