How to Deal with Car Insurance Agents Effectively? An Expert’s Advice

Getting auto insurance is more than finding an insurance company online and selecting a policy.

When you have to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars on vehicle insurance every year, you should take time to talk to insurance agents and compare the policies before choosing one. 

But dealing with an insurance agent also requires some base work. Firstly, you want to meet someone credible and certified.

Secondly, you want an insurance agent to help you reduce the premium amount without risking policy coverage. 

There are some factors to consider when dealing with a car insurance agent and questions to ask before finalizing automobile insurance for your vehicle. 

What to Keep in Mind 

Vehicle insurance is a must in almost every US state. Various insurance companies and agents are offering the necessary services. The ease of getting a car insurance policy depends on who your insurance agent is. Furthermore, an insurance agent represents the insurers (in both types). 

Types of Insurance Agents 

There are different types of insurance agents, and whom you contact can make a lot of difference to your payment amount. 

Captive insurance agents work for an insurance company or an insurer (full-time or part-time).

They have good knowledge about all the policies and offerings of the company they work for but may not have the same knowledge about other insurers. 

Independent agents don’t belong to any insurer. They work on their own and have tie-ups with multiple insurance companies.

They have a larger network and can suggest an insurer who offers what you want.

However, they don’t have complete control over the process or support from the admin staff of an insurance company. 

Certification and Expertise 

Confirm that the insurance agent is certified and qualified for the job. Every practicing agent should have a certification license from the government to provide services to their clients.

If you’re meeting someone new, make sure they indeed work for the insurance company they claim to be associated with. Also, enquire about their work experience and clients. 

No Cash Payments 

Insurance agents don’t ask for cash payments or checks to be in their name. The premium payment amount will go to the insurance company.

The insurer is the company and not the agent. Agents get a commission from the company after your policy is through. You don’t have to pay them from your side. 

Cross-Check Misinformation 

Misinformation can cause trouble for you when you file a claim.

Read the insurance policy (T&C) thoroughly. Contact the company’s customer care if you have any doubts. It is better to cross-check information before signing the policy agreement. 

Questions to Ask the Insurance Agent 

  • Does this Coverage Keep You Safe (legally and financially)?

Affordable auto insurance sounds great but it does provide the basic coverage as per your state laws? Low cost can sometimes be lower than the state’s minimum. Be doubly careful. 

  • What Happens When the Car Gets into an Accident? 

What should you do when your car is in an accident or traffic collision on the road? What risks should you consider? What other options have you got? 

  • What Discounts can the Insurer Offer on the Policy?

Are you eligible for any special discounts from the insurer? Your driving history and good credit score can be leveraged to reduce the premium amount. Ask for information about how insurance telematics, etc., work. 

  • What Does the Insurer Cover in Case of Liabilities/ Damages? 

Bodily injury liability and property damage liability offer different protection. Accident with underinsured/ uninsured motorist has different guidelines. Ask about how your policy will be affected in each scenario. 

  • What are Out-of-the-Pocket Costs? 

Things like deductible and a few other costs are not covered under the insurance policy. The insurer will not reimburse you when you file the claim. Ask the insurance agent about all such expenses. 

  • What Factors Affect Your Insurance Premium Amount? 

Each insurance company has its parameters and algorithms to calculate the premium amount. Enquire which factors are major deciders to determine if your premium will increase or decrease. 

Bottom Line

Fortunately, there are ways to get the lowest car insurance in Georgia without compromising coverage.

Use the pointers in the blog to find a reliable insurance agent and talk to them about your requirements.

Many car owners with a good driving record and no-claim history have received the cheapest auto insurance policies from insurance companies. You just need to put in a little effort.