How to Find a Hidden Prepaid Cell Phone

The use of cellphones is one of the best technological advancements that humanity ever experienced.

Before the advent of cell phones, people faced serious communication barriers and limitations.

But with cellphones, you can easily communicate with people no matter where they are around the globe. 

How to Find a Hidden Prepaid Cell Phone

Nowadays, most people choose to be mischievous; they go about placing their phone on silent so that those around will not even know that they have a phone.

In this post, we share simple steps you can use to find hidden prepaid cell phones around you. 

We are in the technological era where nothing is impossible per se. You can spy on people’s phones even without them knowing.

The process of locating the hidden-phone is straightforward; you do not need to get anything from the device; all you need is the person’s number and name. 

Are you wondering how to find a hidden cell phone? There are easy steps you can follow to achieve this.

These steps can also work on big brands like Pixel, iPhone, LG, HTC, Huawei, and Samsung. 

This technique will help you to detect any hidden-phone around you.

It is a normal practice for cheating spouses to want to hide a cell phone so that that partner will not notice it. 

If they have a phone they are hiding from you, you can easily catch them red-handed. Ensure that you follow the steps carefully to get the best out of it.

However, you must note that the steps might not work for all devices because most devices and carriers have different options unique to their brand. 

But you can always find the steps that will work with your particular device. 

A cellphone receives and transmits signal frequency. It is on this premise that hidden prepaid cell phones can be detected between the range of 0.9 to 3GHZ,

Follow the steps below to locate a hidden phone:

  • Open the menu on your phone. 
  • Then go to SETTINGS. 
  • Select the “Manage Connections “
  • Options will be displayed “CONNECTIVITY” OR “CONNECTION” click on “SET UP BLUETOOTH.”
  • Search for nearby devices. A list of all the available devices closeby will pop up. This automatically detects all the cell phones near you. 
  1. Look for Connection Option

Most people choose to put their phone on silent in the bid of not wanting to be caught with a phone in a restricted area.

You can still detect a phone within your proximity. Open the menu on your phone. Go to settings option and look for managing connections and open it. 

  1. Look for Connectivity
  • Connection plays a vital role in locating hidden phones
  • Click on the option for connectivity or connection
  • Select set up Bluetooth
  1. Look for Devices
  • Press the search button to locate nearby devices and locate the one you are looking for. This will help you connect to the device fully and locate it. 
  • You will see a lot of devices but just check out for the specific one you are looking for
  • If you choose the wrong one, it will not connect. 

What to do if you don’t find the device you are looking for?

There can be three case scenarios especially if the device is found in your home.

  1. The device might be your lost phone

If this is the case, then congrats because you just found your lost phone. 

  1. It was your friend’s phone, and you just found it. 

Maybe your friend misplaced his phone when he visited you last. Call him and break the good news to him and he will be very happy. 

  1. You cannot identify the phone

This can be a cause for alarm. Crosscheck and ask everyone around your house to know whose phone it is.

Maybe someone else in the house will be able to identify the phone. Also, try to look into the phone to get some vital information that will help in identifying the owner of the phone.

If you still can’t detect whose phone it is, then report to relevant authorities. Somebody was trying to spy on you.

The relevant authorities need to take the matter up and find the culprit and punish them.

Because it is illegal and immoral to spy on people. 


Millions of individuals all over the world use cellphones daily. There is hardly a place where the use of cell phones is prohibited.

The use of cell phones has become very vital for ease of communication.

Most people believe that they can put their phones on silent such that no one can detect it.

But this is not true because you can use your cellphone to detect any cellphone around you.