How to Find Inspiration for Your Brand Design

An important part of planning the launch of a new business is creating a winning brand design that will inspire your target audience to do business with you.

For those who have creative minds, this may be the easiest part of the business launch.

However, most people struggle at least a bit to come up with the perfect business name, font, and logo design.

If you’re not sure what your new business name and logo should look like, the following sources of inspiration can save you a lot of worry and work.

While you’ll have to be careful not to copy a brand design or logo that you see on one of these sites, seeing a wide range of brand designs can help you create one that will be the perfect fit for your new company.


Pinterest is home to hundreds of billions of images.

These are often grouped in boards to make it easy for searchers to find images on a particular topic, be it Christmas decoration ideas, crafts for St. Patrick’s Day, or great Indian recipes.

It also showcases images depicting a wide range of logo designs. From casual to formal, you’ll find a lot of everything on this site.

Pinterest is designed to be a visual search engine of sorts.

Companies put up their images on this site in the hopes of bringing in customers who are looking for a visually appealing product. Individuals curate images of their favorite products and projects on this site.

The overwhelming majority of users are women and most women in the United States view the site even if they don’t use it, making it an ideal place for companies trying to reach a female audience to find branding ideas and inspiration.

To get started, type in your industry name to find images that could relate to your new business and what you have to offer.

Alternatively, you can type look for boards that curate boards on brand design


Dribble is essentially a social network for designers, making it easy for companies and entrepreneurs the world over to connect with those who can help them design a web page, create a brand design, or draw up a logo.

However, even those who want to create their own logo design can benefit from Dribble and all it has to offer.

Dribble is home to a whopping one trillion pixels designed by creative individuals of all ages and walks of life. It includes animations, branding ideas, illustrations, product design, web design, and typography, making it a fantastic resource that even established companies can use when designing new products or creating new marketing campaigns.

To use Dribble, simply check out the section that best meets your needs, in this case it will be the branding category, you can also dig deeper into specific tags related to brand design. 

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a brand design and logo company. It showcases various logo and brand designs in different categories to provide inspiration for logo ideas for business owners from all walks of life.

However, the real beauty of Tailor Brands is that you can use it to design your own logo for free. The site, which is powered by AI, will ask for a bit of input from you and then provide a range of brand designs and logos that you can pick from. You can use these logos “as is” or tweak them and desired.

You can spend as long as you need creating a free brand design on Tailor Brands. If you aren’t sure what brand design style would be the best fit for your firm, try out various options until you’re satisfied that you’ve found the right one. If the designs you see don’t suit your fancy, you can always start again and select different style options. Once you have the design you like, you pay for your new creation and the brand design is yours.


Instagram is similar to Pinterest in many ways, but has fewer users and thus fewer images.

Even so, there are a few good reasons why you’ll want to check out this site when looking for inspiration for your new brand design.

Instagram, unlike Pinterest, allows users to put up videos as well as image files such as cover photos.

What’s more, many business owners use the social channel to showcase the inner workings of their business.

If you want to see how a company uses branding to build a following, Instagram is a good place to do it.

The site appeals to a young audience, making it a good source of inspiration for businesses targeting millennials.

Instagram also has channels dedicated to showcasing logo ideas and options, and some of these channels include links to relevant YouTube videos to help new business owners learn how to design a great logo.

If you’re focused on choosing a font and creating a logo, these channels can be a huge help.

But don’t discount the social platform as a whole, as you can use it to see how companies develop successful marketing and branding campaigns that appeal to your target audience.

They Make Design

They Make Design curates articles from design experts on topics ranging from logo creation to website design.

Some content only applies to a particular field or industry, while other content is applicable to business owners from all industries.

Articles on the site offer plenty of logo and branding inspiration, including animated content samples for companies that need an animated logo or brand name.

At the same time, the helpful content from experts can also be a huge boon to business owners who are unfamiliar with the design process.

If you need help picking the right color or knowing which logo style is the best fit for your business, They Make Design is a good place to learn effective tips and tricks.

Check out content from various writers to see which ones have information that best meets your needs.

You can even follow individual writers to get updates when they offer new content.

As you view the samples and study up on branding, you’ll get the information you need to successfully brand your business.

As the name implies, Best Website Gallery showcases website templates.

These can be sorted by color, CMS, style, and framework to make it easy for you to find the ideal design for your business.

In addition to using the site to generate branding and logo ideas, users can also upvote the designs they like best.

You’ll also see a website score and hits stats bar for each template. Viewing this information can help you see what type of site would be most appealing to potential customers.

Best Website Gallery is an ideal spot to visit if your new business is internet-based, and you need branding ideas that will appeal to an online-only audience.

Take some time to decide on the color scheme, CMS, and basic framework for your site before you get started.

Next, check out various options in each category to find design, branding, and logo ideas that can be adapted to create a unique design for your new business.


Behance is an online platform that showcases original art, photography, graphic design, product design, advertisements, and more.

However, they have a whole section dedicated to brand design that you can use for inspiration. 

There filter section is huge, making it easy for business owners to sort through images based on criteria such as industry, art type, color, tools used, etc.

Additionally, you can follow certain individuals and/or get in touch with an artist you like via chat or email.

Use the filter section to select logo and brand options that would best suit your needs.

When you see designs that you feel you could use, save them to your “Moodboard” so you can refer to them later. You’re sure to find something that gets your creative juices flowing.

Land book

What does a wining web brand look like? Look no further than Land book for the answer.

Unlike other sites, Land book only features the best website designs for any given industry.

These designs can be sorted by various categories for your convenience, and you can create folders of your favorite designs to refer to at a later date.

Land book showcases landing pages, blog pages, online stores, templates, and portfolios to help you select a winning brand for your website.

These images cannot be used without modification but are a great starting point if you need ideas for your online store.

Additionally, you can use the logo and branding ideas for a brick-and-mortar outlet.

Use Land book to see how the best industries in your field design a brand that appeals to your target demographic.

You are sure to notice patterns and gain ideas that will help you design your own brand name and logo.

The internet is full of ideas that will help new business owners create a unique brand. You can also use free image platforms like Pixabay for inspiration and a bunch of free cool photos.

Use the above sites to get started and, if need be, connect with a professional, like Logogenie, who can help you create the targeted brand and logo your new company needs and deserves.

Logogenie is an online branding company which offers fast online design tools and a large range of quality logo templates. Logogenie is probably one of the most flexible online branding tools around which allows you to customize your chosen logo template in just about any way you want!

With little to no design skills, you will be able to customize your brand with the platforms intuitve online tools. Change the logo template layout, drag and drop elements, modify your colors, and adjust your fonts to your likings.

If you’re looking to get a brand logo made without the hassles of contacting a graphic designer, then this platform is perfect for you! The step by step design process usually takes 5-10 minutes and you will be able to download multi-format HD files directly upon purchase.