How to Find Out Whether Your Marketing Is Working

Marketing is a very expensive yet vital part of your business strategy.

Your advertising campaign should make customers aware of what you do and why they need your product.

It sounds easier than it is, which is why some marketing doesn’t work. 

A failed marketing campaign isn’t as damaging as you may think, just as long as you discover the problem early.

To do this, you must find out whether your current marketing strategy works. You can use several methods to find this data, and each one is as important as the last.


The simplest way to find out whether or not your marketing is working is by looking at your sales numbers.

If you are hitting targets and making money, then this can be taken as a sign that you have taken your place in the market.

However, there isn’t much else that your sales numbers can tell you about your success.

Low sales numbers can indicate that your marketing isn’t working, but will not tell you why.

Plus, there is a lot that can contribute toward low sales other than your marketing. Therefore, you should probably use another method to find out if your marketing has been successful.

Focus Groups

A focus group is a collection of individuals that are tasked with providing their opinions on key topics.

There are a wide array of uses for focus groups, one of which is testing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 

You can gather a focus group that represents your target demographic and show them your pilot ads.

They will provide you with feedback about what worked and what didn’t, information that can help you move forward. As helpful as these focus groups are, they are quite expensive to assemble.

This research is especially important when handling sensitive products. High-quality propane digital marketing needs to assure the audience that the product will be safe to use and without any surprises. A focus group is also an effective way to see how your target audience reacts to certain marketing messages or visuals.

Market Tracking

The key principle behind tracking marketing success involves monitoring web traffic using Google Analytics.

This is quite a difficult process, which is why you can find a step-by-step guide to tracking marketing success at Idea Financial.

Arming yourself with marketing knowledge will put you in a good position.

These analytics will show you how often your site is being visited and what parts are most popular.

Therefore, you can get an accurate picture of what products your customers are responding to.

If one product is going unsold, then perhaps you need to change your marketing to focus on selling more of this item and relax the focus in other areas.

Market tracking is the most effective tool for finding out whether your marketing works. The only downside is that it takes a bit of time to complete.


Online surveys are everywhere nowadays. These quick questionnaires catch the eye of people surfing the web, and you can find a lot from asking just a few questions.

The problem with surveys is that there is no way to validate the answers. You may get your results quickly, but these responses may not be accurate.


There are several ways to learn about how successful your marketing strategy has been. However, all of these approaches come with downsides, so try to implement as many as you can to build up a more reliable picture.