How to Get Your Content to Stand Out From Your Competition

Staying top with content marketing is easy if there are no other competitors in the industry. However, in the ideal situation, you must develop a unique approach to create winning content and win the competition.

In your quest to stand out in content marketing, personalization is critical. Content creation is the only non-automated marketing strategy, meaning you can make it unique to your brand.

However, you must understand your market well and understand your brand and the solutions it can offer. So, if you want to stand out among your competitors in content marketing, here are valuable tips.

Understand Your Target Audience

Research to learn about your target audience, their wishes, the issues they face daily, their locations, and the channels they use to solve their problems. While you can use competitive analysis to learn your prospects, leveraging customer insights and data could help with personalization strategy.

The main aim is to know who you are addressing in your content and the kind of content and topics they would appreciate. With these insights and information, you can apply personalization in various channels, formats, and platforms according to your audience’s preferences. In addition, content personalization software would be helpful.

Consider a Contrarian Angle

While many creators fear taking the less traveled road, it is sometimes the best route when creating new content in the market. If most of your competitors speak the same language, turn a different angle. Getting a good ranking with popular keywords may be challenging.

However, adopting a unique approach will divert more traffic to your content as many prospects will be eager to hear something new. You can address the same issue as everyone else but from a different viewpoint. For instance, when every other business coach concentrates on numbers and metrics, you can choose a lighter approach, like encouragement.

Consider Free Giveaways

Giving something that your company charges a nominal fee free of charge to your prospects is a super good strategy in content marketing. Think of providing low-cost items and services such as evaluation, testing, and assessment free of charge as a content marketing technique.

For example, if you have an item that goes for a small cost in your business, giving it away free for a month can earn more prospects for the company. You can create catching content around that offer and divert prospects’ attention from your competitors to your page. However, your competitors will likely start copying to keep up the pace.

Therefore, you need to convince your prospects why you are the best solution to their problems and why they should consider your other services or products at a fee. Remember, the goal is to convert prospects into clients.

Create a Theme with Your Content

Sometimes prospective customers would like to purchase your products but do not know how to use them to solve their problems. Consider creating educational content series if you want more mileage from your content marketing.

In addition, if you have a solution that takes a long time to explain or is too complicated, you can break it down into bits. The best way to keep your readers paying attention is by creating individual blog posts for each point.

Are you worried that your audience might miss some points in the series? You can solve this by connecting the blog posts with links to enable the reader to connect them. Similarly, posting them together will allow the reader to get the concept without waiting long for the next post. Generally, ensure that the posts are orderly in the series to avoid customer misinformation.

Collaborate with a Thought Leader

Identify a neutral industry your target audience considers a thought leader and collaborate with it in creating a piece of content. While it might sound hard getting them to agree to collaboration, the rewards are worth the effort. All you need to do is approach them with topics and present them with more benefits from the collaboration.

You can promise them more traffic to their pages, sharing on your social media platforms, and exposure to your audience, and you may stand a chance. It is a sure win-win strategy. Since the thought leaders are big names and brands in the industry, seeing their names in your article might arouse more interest in your readers.

However, only collaborate when both parties agree to share the content with their unique audiences. While the thought leader benefits from your exposure, you should also benefit from exposure to their lists.

Make Different Types of Content

While content creators are fond of posting videos here and there, not many can consistently create videos and podcasts that align with their company’s blog posts. Therefore, you can grab this chance and create fantastic and converting content through a short video or a podcast. The advantage is that you may not need to go through countless revisions.

Unlike the written content, a more casual and conversational video series or podcast will help you connect better with your target audience. However, understanding your audience will help you identify the tone and topics to cover in your video content.

Map Your Competitors

Knowing who you compete with within the market and their specialization is crucial in creating winning content. Research well to understand how they position themselves in content marketing and identify opportunities for you to stand out. Proper market research is an excellent way to know your competitors’ winning points.

Once you study your market rival, you need to be more innovative in your content creation to position yourself above them. The best innovation should be customer-centric; focus on delivering unmatched customer experience and outstanding solutions.


Content creation is a unique marketing strategy that can tremendously increase your company’s sales. However, standing out among the crowd requires you to challenge your content creation skills to more mediums than your competitors. With these winning tips, you can be sure to create unique content to beat the market competition in your industry.