4 Innovative Ways To Strengthen Your HR Department

An HR department plays a key role in the success of a business as it helps to organise daily tasks and is often the first port-of-call if something goes wrong.

Human resources take on so many roles within a business and it is their duty to ensure staff have access to essential resources as well as maintain a safe work environment.

They also have the responsibility of hiring and training new staff, which is a crucial role that can have many knock-on effects.

Because the HR department plays such an important role within a business, as a business owner you should always be looking for ways to strengthen the department as a whole.

If you need some advice on how to do so, follow along for our 4 top tips. 

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Every business needs to be adapting to the modern world and taking advantage of the technology we have around us.

As technology has evolved, more and more software programmes are developed that are specifically designed to help businesses move forward.

The HR department is no exception, while you may be content with the current set up of your HR department, you could be missing out on a faster and more efficient department by not considering HR automation.  

It is likely that your current HR department relies heavily on your employees completing administrative tasks manually.

If this is the way the department has been run for a long time, then it can be easy to overlook it and not consider the downsides.

Completing administrative tasks by hand is not only highly time-consuming, but there is also a risk of human error.

HR automation could be what your department needs to increase efficiency and ensure no errors are made. 

Champion Strong Communication

Strong communication is one of the most important things needed in order for an HR department to be considered efficient.

Often, the HR department serves as a middleman between management and employees, so it is crucial that your HR department has strong and open lines of communication.

The department needs to be extremely approachable and responsive, so employees can build trust with HR and feel like their issues are being taken seriously. 

There are many ways you can implement strong communication in the HR department and it is important to consider the option of having an anonymous communication line.

If an employee has an issue they would like to raise, they may not feel completely comfortable having their name attached to the complaint.

Having an anonymous option can allow employees to build trust and feel more willing to raise a complaint. In terms of what communication methods are effective for your business, it may just be a case of trial and error until you find a few that work efficiently.

Asking for feedback from employees can be a very simple way to find out what is working and what isn’t.

Get To Know Your Team

As mentioned in the point above, the HR department often serves as a line of communication between employees and upper management.

The strong relationship between HR and management can often lead many employees unwilling to trust the HR department.

If you are wanting to strengthen your HR department, then you need to be thinking of ways you can build trust with employees.

Building trust with employees will enhance your HR department greatly and can reduce the risk of a hostile work environment. 

One simple way you can build trust within your team is by taking the time to actually get to know them.

Of course, it is important to maintain appropriate workplace relationships, but if you create the opportunity to get to know your team, you will become much more approachable and trustworthy.

Perhaps organise some team-building exercises or social events on a Friday afternoon to give people a chance to switch off from work and socialise. 

Hiring And Training

Two of the most important roles that are assigned to the HR department are hiring and training. It is the responsibility of HR to find suitable candidates and ensure they get the proper training once employed.

One way to strengthen the HR department would be to offer training to everyone, not just new starters.

When you have worked somewhere for a while, it is easy to fall into a rut and start slacking on some duties.

By offering people training, your HR department is demonstrating that they value the current workers and that they want to give them the opportunity to keep learning.

It could be a case that some employees do not feel as if they can ask for training for fear of looking unknowledgeable, so offering the training first takes away this pressure. 

Another way in which you can strengthen your HR department is from hiring internally.

When a new job opportunity arises, give current employees the opportunity to apply for the role, instead of automatically searching for a new hire.

Recruiting someone internally can be beneficial for a number of reasons.

Firstly, employing internally means you will get someone who already has in-depth knowledge and loyalty to the business.

While you may need to train them on some specifics, most training won’t be needed as they already have years of experience.

Additionally, hiring from within is another way to build trust as you are demonstrating that you value the current employees. 


Your HR department plays many important roles in the running of a business, so it is crucial you are always looking for ways in which you can strengthen it.

If your department has been operating in the same way for a while, then it can be easy to fall into a rut and not notice when things need improving.

It would be useful to assess the HR department regularly and ask for feedback to find out whether people find it efficient.

Getting their feedback will be valuable in finding out what needs to be improved.

Once you have an idea of the parts that need improvement, then you can start working on rebuilding and strengthening the HR department.