How To Strengthen Your Resolve And Work Harder

Sometimes, having a specific goal in mind, such as losing weight or starting an interesting project, is not enough to keep you motivated and focused enough to actually pursue it.

While dreams and good intentions are certainly powerful on their own, you might need more strength to actually take action.

If you are to overcome the obstacles that come your way, you will need mental skills, resources, and the capability to face all kinds of difficulties.

But where to find the resolve? Some people choose to keep a positive attitude at all times, no matter how hard life gets. Others recommend surrounding yourself with like-minded people or finding a mentor whose example you can follow.

Learning how to resist temptation and break big challenges into smaller tasks to make them more manageable is also a wise idea.

Continue reading to learn more about simple yet effective tricks that will help you strengthen your resolve and stay motivated to work harder!

Get Inspired

Sometimes, all it takes for someone to start working harder is some inspiration. It could be an article from a website like, a quote found on a fan page on Facebook, or a movie that you have just watched.

All in all, it does not matter what you feel inspired by as long as you find it motivating!

Think Positively

When trying to achieve a difficult goal, try to focus on the positive things associated with the process of reaching it instead of the sacrifices that you have to make.

For instance, if you want to lose weight, do not focus on how difficult it is to finish that workout session or stop eating that one unhealthy snack that you have always loved to eat.

Instead, focus on how great it will make you feel and how much your joints and heart will thank you for it. It will definitely help you keep going!

Take Action

Remember that in order to achieve success, you will need to do the work. While it might be tempting to just stay in the planning phase and keep on making excuses, it will not get you where you want to be.

After all, you cannot expect results without putting in the effort, and you will never see any visible results. That is, unless you decide to take action.

If the goals that you have in mind feel too overwhelming or incredibly hard to achieve, you can break them down into smaller, more manageable ones and try to get to the top step after step.

To give an example, instead of deciding to lose twenty pounds, start by setting out to lose just two or three pounds in two weeks. That way, the entire task will seem much less daunting.

Ask Yourself Why You Are Doing This

It is easier said than done, but it is important to stop and think about the reasons behind your actions once in a while.

What are your motivations for losing weight or starting a business? Is it because someone else wants you to do it?

Is it because it seems like a good idea from an objective standpoint? 

These are both good reasons, but they might not be good enough for you to go on.

In order to keep yourself motivated, ask yourself what you want out of this decision and make sure that it is worth the effort in the long run.

Once you figure out why you are doing something, it will be easier to stick with it and make it happen.

Take a Break

It is easy to get exhausted and lose focus when you have been working hard on something for a while. This happens with all kinds of projects.

Sometimes, taking a break is exactly what your body and mind need to recharge batteries and give you more energy for your next round of work. 

If you face a challenge that requires a lot of mental power, resting is sometimes even more important than eating right or getting enough sleep.

Of course, this does not mean that you should stop working entirely. Just take some time off and let go of your goal-focused thoughts for a while. 

Cut Yourself Some Slack 

Last but not least, remember that you are only human.

Do not get stuck in analysis paralysis, where every little detail needs to be perfect. If something does not go according to plan, remember that once you view it from a larger perspective, it might not matter as much as you think.

As long as everything else falls into place on a consistent basis, it is perfectly fine to be less than perfect once in a while.

In Conclusion

Motivation is one of the most important factors in success, but it is not the only one.

In order to be successful, you will need to learn how to make the most out of your willpower and determination.

This means finding the balance between living a life full of positive experiences and working hard on your goals.

If you really want to achieve something, you will have to work hard, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy yourself in the process.

Just remember to take it one step at a time, take care of yourself, and cut yourself some slack when things do not go according to plan!