How You Can Help Your Production Workers Keep Their Workstations Clean and Tidy

You would be surprised by the amount of time that is wasted by your production staff due to not being able to find the tools and equipment that they require. This is not only due to these items being spread out or shared among all your shop floor workers but can also be due to having overly cluttered and untidy workstations. A solution might not spring easily to mind, but you can make great steps forward by looking at a few simple things:

#1 Supply toolboxes

Although it is likely that you have a pool of tools for your employees to share, it stands to reason that they will also have their own kits too. These kits probably consist of wire cutters, pliers, and tweezers of various sorts, but not much else, as there are stricter rules governing these. You could supply each of your factory workers with a toolbox and a padlock to ensure security. 

However, in doing so, you will need an area close to hand and yet out of the way for these to be stored, as you could find that they are too big and cumbersome to keep on the workstation. 

#2 Install under-bench drawers

You could choose to purchase under-bench drawers, either one that attaches to the workstation framework or one that is floor-standing. These, too, will take up necessary room, and you may very well find that any extra drawers available end up just being filled with more junk rather than being used for useful items.

#3 Provide fanny packs

Issuing your employees with good quality fanny packs, such as ones from, will keep tools close to hand as well as being highly secure due to zip or Velcro fastening. You could add to this security by having the employee’s name printed or embroidered on the front of each one, along with your business name or logo. This will then be a practical solution as well as promoting your business.

#4 Enforce tabard uniforms

Of course, there is the option of enforcing a uniform in the form of tabards. Tabards can be obtained with large pockets or pouches on the front. This will make access to any tooling easier, although, unlike the fanny pack, they will remain open, so there is a danger of items falling out should the operator lean too far forward. 

So, to wrap it all up

It is likely that you are wanting your production staff to work at speed; it is, therefore, necessary for them to have their tools close to hand – as and when they require them. However, for most working in this environment, additional space is a luxury that rarely exists. So, it is vital that workstations are kept clean and tidy from clutter and unnecessary items. 

Personal tools should be kept in a secure location during the working day, such as in a lockable toolbox, drawer, fanny pack, or tabard pouch. Obviously, it is solely up to the employee to choose whether they remain in the workplace when the working day is over or if they are taken home. Most factories, however, do supply lockers for this very scenario so that tools are not forgotten and left at home and are instead locked in individual onsite lockers overnight.