4 Unique Ways To Increase the Traffic of Your WordPress E-Commerce Website

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or only make your first steps in the world of online marketing, you need to create a solid foundation to achieve success.

In the case of an e-commerce business, it usually means building a substantial client base, setting up a website, and earning a good reputation.

Nevertheless, even with a meticulously-crafted site, you might hit a plateau at some point in your journey.

Outdated website design, targeting the wrong demographic, and lack of originality can all hamper the growth of your online business.

Although the e-commerce market is booming, these factors may prevent you from reaching your true potential.

So, what can you do when the traffic does not come your way like usual?

Collaborating with influencers, showcasing your originality on social media, and hosting a contest are among the best ways you can explore to right the ship.

Here are some creative ideas to help your WordPress e-commerce website attract more visitors.

Refresh Your Brand

Digital marketing agencies like Roger West Creative & Code have been updating brands of their clients for a long time to fit the modern standard.

This practice, while time-consuming, can bring outstanding results.

Giving your brand a fresh look allows you to attract new clients without changing everything about your company.

It creates the space in which you can reimagine critical elements of your business.

Things a brand refresh usually addresses are:

  • design and logo,
  • slogan,
  • marketing materials,
  • color palette.

Remember that updating your brand does not mean changing its mission statement or name.

It is not a complete overhaul of your organization, like in the case of rebranding. Instead, it is just a slight change in how your company feels, sounds, and looks to your customer.

Build Relationships With Influencers

Influencer marketing is a hot topic right now, and for a good reason.

Many brands have already reaped the benefits it offers, the most notable of which is a stream of new followers. You can leverage influencer marketing, too, provided you know how to approach it.

Before contacting an influencer, it is wise to do some research first.

You might want to check the influencer’s reputation, how their views align with your company policy, and whether their demographic matches yours or not.

This way, you can ensure the collaboration will actually bring you substantial results.

After getting accustomed to the influencer marketing landscape, you may see a welcome increase in your traffic data.

According to Statista, global influencer marketing value is over 13 billion US dollars. With so much cash to share, it would be unwise not to make use of this opportunity.

Be Active on Social Media

Effective social media marketing is not limited to posting content on your page but extends to doing other activities.

These include being active in the comment section, adding attractive visuals to your posts, and sharing engaging videos.

They allow you to get much better results with minimal costs.

Remember that social media platforms offer you numerous ways to interact with your audience.

For example, you can post a video on one site, reply to the comments under it, share it on your other social media accounts, repost old content and attach a short comment to it, and many more.

You might even share a post made by another brand to create a relationship with it or attract its customers.

With social media marketing, your imagination is the only limit. So, get out there and start connecting with other people and companies!

Host a Contest

Another thing you can do to increase your traffic is hold content on your website. It allows your shoppers to speak in front of a broader audience.

You might also let the visitors of your site pick the winner. As people love to voice their opinion on almost anything, you can attract many new users this way. And, if the content on your site is engaging and relevant to your niche, they might even stay for longer. Just be careful not to give too much pull into the hands of an anonymous crowd, as trolls and pranksters have ruined more than one marketing campaign.

If done right, a contest can help you reach new customers and reconnect with your existing ones simultaneously. It is an attractive way to show clients your more human side and increase brand awareness.

The Bottom Line

Finding innovative ways to promote your e-commerce website grows more challenging with each passing year.

Frequently, it seems like new trends come by just to become a fading memory a mere weeks after their arrival. Nonetheless, these four ways can help you bring more traffic to your website without making your efforts seem old-fashioned and dull.

Remember that the secret to online marketing is consistency.

Try to keep everything you do in the same style and make your brand voice cohesive.

This way, you can make your company appear more professional and avoid looking like Steve Buscemi trying to socialize with teenagers.

If you manage to gain the interest of others in a non-obtrusive way, you have made it. Now, all it takes is staying on top of things to keep that interest high going forward. Good luck!