Instagram Marketing for Your Real Estate Business in 5 Easy Steps

Marketing and promotion are vital aspects of every business, including real estate.

Even though most realtors today have a website, the results aren’t impressive.

Hence, the real estate market today is increasingly taking advantage of Instagram marketing and Facebook marketing.

Nicely clicked property pictures, informative snippets, and walk-through videos on social media play a key role in attracting buyers and investors and influencing their buying decision. 

Did you know that only 14% of realtors are on Instagram, while 83% of home buyers agree that they want to see pictures of properties online?

This clearly shows that having a strong presence on Instagram or other social media platforms helps builders and realtors find prospective clients.

At the same time, you must know how to unfollow people on Instagram fast to avoid wasting time behind the customers.

Let’s get started with 5 Easy Ways for your Real Estate Instagram Marketing.

Create Appealing Instagram Content

One of the best ways to earn more attention to your real estate business is by uploading details about the properties on Instagram.

Focus on creating appealing visuals. You must ensure that the pictures are of the best quality and edited for Instagram.

Be it the exterior lawn pictures or images of the open kitchen, multimedia contents and posts will help you capture the interest of the followers and others interested. It will also help you grow your Instagram followers.

There are several features of the platform using which you can post more about a particular property like the amenities, the beauty of the neighborhood, and so on.

You must use the various features of Instagram like stories, ad carousels, and videos to create more engaging content. 

Arrange Instagram Marketing Campaigns for Property Promotions

You can also go for a full-fledged social media campaign on all social media platforms simultaneously to get impressive results.

There are several benefits of such campaigns like more reach and penetration into the market.

However, a successful campaign needs proper planning, knowledge about the audience, and a unique and compelling pitch that will immediately gain the attention of prospective homebuyers.

Hence, the best way is to engage a professional digital marketing company.

Do Not Forget to Add Useful Details

Just think from a user’s perspective! Let’s say you are scrolling through Insta to check out some upcoming properties, and you come across an account where you see several property-related posts where there is no captions or info about the property images or videos posted.

As a result, you will get disinterested after watching a few posts and move ahead.

So, make sure that your posts have all the information your users might be looking for about the property location, size, and other details apart from contact details. 

Try To Invoke Curiosity

Many times, the project is under construction, and one is unsure what to share.

Well, in the initial stages, you can share information about the project features, the approximate construction time, its 2D or 3D design and/or floor plan, neighborhood, nearby amenities, and facilities, etc.

This will create interest and one may even visit the site.

Prompt communication

Lastly, you must ensure to reply promptly to all the comments and phone queries.

Doing so will let the prospective lead know that you are serious about your work. It also helps in branding and enhances credibility. 

Final thoughts 

Instagram is an amazing platform where you can market your real estate business.

To do so successfully, you must have the time and knowledge to execute the marketing plan, as posting regularly is important.

Another best alternative is to hire a professional Instagram marketing company that specializes in the real estate niche. 

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