Know The Advantages Of Hiring The Top Magento Developers

Development and updating of a web resource require a responsible choice of the contractor. What points must be taken into account before reaching the contract and its execution by the contractor?

What are you planning to do through the site? Offer services to order, only inform users, sell products? The execution will depend on your tasks – what it will be: an information site, a service site, an online store, a personal blog.

The functionality of the site depends on the specifics of the business and the tasks set. If we are talking about the implementation of services, you will need a contact form for communicating with customers, an online description of opportunities, a price list, and reviews.

Find at least 5 candidates

Thousands of companies are engaged in the creation of sites. You can filter out some of the unsuitable ones according to two criteria:

  1. Do not offer the package of services that you require.
  2. They offer too high prices for their services. Perhaps you should not choose a very large and well-known agency on the Internet for cooperation.

Where to look for candidates:

  • Like a competitor’s website? Perhaps there is a logo and a link to the developer at the bottom of the main page.
  • Through search engines. In the issuance of PS, there will be suitable candidates.
  • In the ratings of the best web studios. Pay attention to agencies that are in several tops.
  • Small or start-up agencies can be found on freelance sites.

Create a comparison table

Enter the selected web studios in the first column, and in the header – the criteria according to which you will put the pros and cons to the developers. Assessment can be divided into two parts.

The first stage does not involve communication with developers.

Look at the portfolio, company websites, achievements, reviews, evaluate the positioning, spending 10-15 minutes on each candidate before you hire developer on


Let’s consider these criteria in more detail:

  1. Portfolio. The key criterion is the availability of suitable examples, for example, online stores or corporate sites. A big plus will be the presence in the portfolio of web resources on your topic. Look for real sites created in this studio. If possible, talk to the agency’s clients about the expediency of cooperation with the web studio.
  2. The convenience of the developer’s site. Check the operability and ease of navigation of the site providing the services. If the site is not convenient, then this is a reason to be wary: an agency that is not able to make an exemplary site for its own needs is unlikely to impress you with its work.
  3. Reviews. You can’t believe everything that is written on the Internet. There are many custom and fictitious reviews on the Web. It is advisable to focus on information published on third-party sites and forums. And also look at the reviews posted on social networks.
  4. Achievements. For impressionable clients, this point sometimes becomes decisive. The first places in the ratings, awards – all these are significant advantages. However, in practice, this is not a guarantee of really good agency work.

At the second stage, you need to communicate with the remaining candidates.

The criteria can be as follows:

  1. Response time. Fill out the feedback form and rate the promptness of the contractor. If the site says that they call back in 15 minutes, but got in touch after 3 hours, this is a reason to think about the developer’s conscientiousness.
  2. Competence. Test your competency with a few simple questions. Why is the CMS they offer better than others? Is it possible to implement the planned functionality with its help? Like speed loading, the resource depends on the code? If the company can explain everything in an accessible way, show expertise in development issues, then a plus sign can be put on the table.
  3. The price of the issue. Tell about your project, required functionality, website design. This information will help the performer to voice the price fork. It will be possible to reach the exact cost only after the development of the technical task. 

Choose the one who scored the most pluses

After completing the table, compare all candidates. You can focus on magento integration that has gained the most pluses, or on the developer with a good balance between the cost of services and the number of strengths. After launching the project, do not rush to delete the table: it is always useful to have fallbacks.