How Non-Profit Organizations Can Ensure Their Survival in 2022

Non-profit organizations are a shining light of optimism in a brutal world where money usually talks.

Non-profits, or ‘charitable organizations,’ have some kind of public or social benefit.

Non-profits aren’t solely for supporting humans in need; there are also non-profit organizations that help animals and nature reserves, for example. 

Non-profits have to work hard to generate enough money to cover costs and keep their operations running.

Non-profits need the public’s altruism and generous donations so they can ensure their survival.

Read on to learn more about the different things non-profits can do to ensure their survival. 

Understanding the Important Role of Volunteers 

Since they can’t rely on regularly receiving massive streams of capital like profit-making businesses, non-profits often need to depend on essential work carried out by dedicated volunteers.

So, one way anyone can easily help out a non-profit organization is through volunteering and giving up their free time. 

Perhaps the organization needs help with physically demanding tasks such as handing out food parcels and bedding items to homeless people.

Make it your goal to volunteer and provide a non-profit with vital assistance this year.

Many non-profits would cease to operate if it wasn’t for the help of their trusted volunteers

Effective Fundraising Campaigns That Raise a Lots of Funds

Most non-profit organizations depend heavily on people fundraising on their behalf.

Fundraising efforts in all forms to support charitable organizations should always be lauded and appreciated, but how do you make fundraising campaigns effective so they can make a difference?

Non-profits should encourage their volunteers to participate in exciting, quirky fundraising events that capture people’s imagination and encourage them to donate. 

Fun social media ‘challenges’ can be a great way to raise awareness and funds for a charity online.  

Remind your fundraisers to be flexible when organizing fundraising events.

As well as in-person events, you can also decide to hold charity fundraising events that people can attend online and donate money from the comfort of their own homes, such as virtual quiz nights. 

Planning is Key to Non-profits Ensuring Their Survival

Non-profits need to try and ensure that they raise enough funds to stay afloat all year round.

This requires careful financial planning and, most likely, the services of a qualified accountant. After all, they still have a lot of things to pay for, such as the salary of employees, utility bills, and operational costs.

This is also known as annual giving costs, generally associated with keeping organizations afloat.

To learn more about how annual giving can help non-profit organizations, look at this article from the modern donor-friendly fundraising platform Givebutter.

Fundraising All Year Round 

People running non-profits also need to try and keep their fundraisers motivated so they reach their fundraising goals and raise plenty of money.

Non-profits need to host a range of numerous fundraising events throughout the year.

They should host fun events and get creative with their ideas, such as holding a fancy-dress gala where attendees can enjoy themselves dressing up in outfits geared around a special theme.

Why not host a fancy-dress evening where everyone has to come dressed as a well-known public figure or celebrity beginning with the same letter? 

Remember that in order to provide support all year round, non-profits must have access to a considerably large pot of money that they can dip into at any time.

So, fundraising is not something non-profits should just encourage during the Christmas and Thanksgiving periods.

They need a constant, continual stream of funds and donations. 

Getting Endorsements from Celebrities and ‘Influencers’ with Large Followings

A fantastic way to ensure non-profits raise plenty of money is through getting support and endorsements from widely recognized individuals such as celebrities and social media ‘influencers’.

These individuals tend to come with huge followings on social media channels; influencers creating posts about a non-profit organization can have many great benefits for the non-profit in question.  

Having the support of a well-known face can be excellent for a non-profit’s branding, particularly if the organization wants to attract supporters from overseas and it’s a celebrity that will be recognized all over the world.

Social media influencers, the modern-day celebrities who rose to fame online through their posts on social media channels, can also be a great help to non-profit organizations due to the power of their vast, loyal following.

Receiving support from online influencers is a top way for non-profits to increase their brand visibility in 2022 and make more people aware of their charitable work and its significance.  

Keeping Your Messaging Consistent Across All Channels

Non-profits must keep their messaging on what they stand for consistent online and offline.

A non-profit organization’s online and offline marketing efforts must all share the same message about the organization’s goals and core values.

Reading different conflicting messages on what the organization supports may confuse potential donors and discourage people from donating money to a non-profit. 

So, well-run non-profit organizations should still be able to survive and get through tricky times such as recessions and pandemics.

Non-profits just need to think creatively about how they encourage people to fundraise and donate, and so on.