Best Small Business Packaging Ideas

Small businesses usually focus on personalized services and are notorious for their friendly approach and appreciation of individuality.

This is how product packaging comes as pretty important for small businesses focused on selling products.

Product packaging matters as it describes the story of your brand and your journey as a business.

Product packaging for your business is also important as it can help your customers and potential buyers recognize and identify your brand.

If you are looking for small business packaging ideas, you are just in the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top ideas for boxing and packaging your products.

Browse through our product packaging ideas and find the perfect solution for your small business.

Why is Product Packaging Important for Your Business?

Has it ever occurred that you were looking for a product and weren’t sure what to get, and yet you used product packaging to base your decision?

This scenario most likely happened to you at least once, and it is a perfect story for the topic as it testifies the importance of product packaging.

We are visual beings, and we love a pleasing design with the right combination and choice of colors and the overall package design.

The chances are that you will choose a product with an attractive package if you can’t make up your mind based on the information you have on the products.

Attractive product packaging also tells a story about great customer care and dedication to making your visual brand aesthetically pleasing and memorable.

How to Pack My Small Business Products?

Your product package choices will also depend on the type of products you are selling.

You may need a different approach if you are selling clothes in comparison to small businesses that sell cosmetics or other types of products.

However, regardless of the type of products you are selling, these are the key elements that every product package should have:

Packing vessel

As fancy as the vessel may sound, we are referring to one of the most important elements of product packaging. You will need a box, an envelope, or a bag to start packaging your products. You will choose between these options based on the type of product you are selling.


If you are selling clothes or products that are similar, like blankets or other products that are not breakable, you won’t need any package fillers.

However, if you are packaging breakables, fillers are much needed to protect the product. You want your customers to get undamaged goods from your business so you can create a loyal network of buyers.

You can use bubble wrap as one of the most popular fillers to protect your products and have them safely delivered to your buyers.

Seals and tapes

Securing packages is one of the top priorities for a small business.

You will need to use seals or tapes to additionally secure your packages and prevent them from opening and spilling content in transport.

You can get creative and have customized tapes and seals designed and produced for your business.

Make every element of your packaging memorable so your clients can recognize your brand.

Special materials

In case you are sending items that need to be kept at a certain temperature, you can use special materials such as refrigerated gel packs to keep the temperature optimal.

This way, your product will arrive at your client’s doors in great condition and unspoiled quality.

Best Small Business Packaging Ideas

Regardless of how good and effective your product may be, dull and bland packaging can make it look unattractive to your potential buyers and customers.

Dive into our top list of small business packaging ideas and turn your product packaging from boring and monotonous to exciting and attractive.

Customized Cardboard Boxes

Customizing the vessels you use for product packaging, like boxes, is one of the best ideas for small businesses. Get your brand out there and make sure to show your colors, logo, and design.

You can order customized boxes from businesses specialized in product packaging.

You can order boxes with custom designs and customized sizes so you can have different packages for a variety of products that you offer.  

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers can be major game-changers.

Vinyl stickers look attractive and straightforward and can make any bland box look exciting. In addition, you can show off your logo and your brand’s colors all in a single customized vinyl sticker.

Have your brand’s logo designed with attractive colors that describe your brand and every dull package will look like a professional product package.

Ribbons and Bows

Ribbons and bows can give that extra sass to any product package.

Whether you are going for boxes, envelopes or you have other package options in mind, fine ribbons and bows will give that extra care to your choice of packaging.

If you are running a cosmetics business or a business targeting a female audience, you are hitting a bullseye by adding ribbons to your product package.

Thank You Notes and Cards

Showing your customers that you care is one of the must-do’s, especially in times when people are looking for a personal approach and place great value on custom-made products.

Help your buyers feel special and a part of your business once they unpack your products.

Thanks to the technology, you can also “sneak in” a QR code on Thank You notes and cards, and lead your buyers to your website.  

Logo Tags

Tags are the most perfect choice if you are selling clothes. However, you can tag any product you like. You can design your logo tags yourself or have a professional do it instead.

Use quality materials to print your logo tags and carefully tag your products. This way, you are providing a form of authenticity while getting your brand out there.

Tissue Paper and Inside-the-Package Elements

When talking about fillers, this product packaging element doesn’t have to be used for practical reasons only, which is to protect your products in transport.

Tissue paper and similar inside-the-package elements can help you personalize your packages and show that you place great care even in the way you are packaging your products.

You can have a custom design done on the tissue paper and use it to wrap your products before boxing them.

Jars and Stickers

Jars with stickers that have your business logo and custom design on it are the most perfect choice if you are selling cosmetics or even small items that could fit a jar.

You can buy mason jars and have them customized with stickers.

There are all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you can have fun picking the right jars for your product packaging.

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is also a great choice for packaging your products, especially if you are selling products that can’t be easily damaged in transport.

In case you are selling books, clothes, or paintings and prints, wrapping paper can be a great choice.

You can choose from a variety of different paper types, colors, and materials to describe your business non-verbally and establish your visual brand identity.

Small Items Packaging

If your products contain multiple small items, it would be great if you would use an individual package for each of the small items.

You can place the individually packaged small items in a box together with a tag or a vinyl sticker and wrap it in custom-designed tissue paper – and voila!

You now have a set of products packaged with great care and attention to detail.

Envelopes and Bags  

 Envelopes and bags are one of the most common choices for small businesses.

If your products can fit these types of packages, you can have them customized with your logo design and the colors of your choice.

Envelopes and bags should be used for products that aren’t fragile and can’t be easily damaged.

How to Pack Small Business Orders?

To neatly pack and secure your products and have them delivered to your buyers in prime condition, follow these simple instructions:

  • Start the packaging by protecting your product – use fillers like bubble wrap and similar materials to secure your product
  • Choose the right size for the package
  • Do your paperwork and quality check for any product you are sending
  • Weigh your package
  • Buy a postage
  • Print the shipping label
  • Drop off your package

How to Create a Unique Product Package for Your Small Business?

Creating a unique product package for your small business is creating a personalized experience for your clients.

This is also how you can increase your chances of scoring regular and returning customers.

Follow up with these simple steps to create a unique product package that resonates with your business brands:

  • Personalize and customize your boxes, envelopes, or bags – any type of packaging materials should be personalized to reflect your brand
  • Pick styles, colors, and design that matches your brand identity
  • Use high-quality stylistic packaging materials to show effort and attention to detail
  • Package your products with care – protect and secure your packages and make them aesthetically pleasing

Wrapping Up

You can beg and borrow from our list of small business product packaging ideas.

Packaging is as equally important as customer service, marketing, or branding, as it shows that you care for your clients and your brand’s image.

The care and attention you invest in product packaging should ideally reflect on yo