6 Things You Need To Consider When Building An Office Space

There are six things you need to consider when you are building office space.

These 6 things are the location, the type of building, the amenities, the features of your office space, your budget and what your employees want.

You should make sure that you allow for enough natural light within your office by choosing a higher floor in a building that is located in the sunniest area possible.

Let’s explore these 6 things in-depth!

1. Basic Necessities

Let’s start with the basics. You’ll need to set up utilities, including business electricity, water, phone and internet services. 

You’ll want to make sure that the air conditioning and heating system work properly because employees will become restless if they are uncomfortable throughout the day. 

A filter water service is also a good idea in order to keep your employees hydrated.

2. Office Type And Location

You should consider the type of office that you are building.

Are you planning on having cubicles, a workstation office, an open-plan or a combination?

The amenities of your office will be determined by the type of office you have planned. You also need to ensure that the area where you are planning on building your office is the right location.

You should position yourself where you will have lesser competition and higher income potential.

If you are interested in having an open-plan office, be sure to check with your local authorities because many people complain about their “open-plan” workspace.

3. Special Features

You can add features such as a gym or cafeteria to your office so that your employees do not have to leave the premises if they want a workout or a bite to eat after working all day!

You can also put in special meeting rooms that offer amenities such as a whiteboard and projector if you want to keep up with the times!

Also, make sure that each employee has his/her phone line and Internet access because this will allow your employees to work very productively.

Special features might also include having a beautiful view or having art on your walls. If you are going to put it in a cafeteria, make sure that it has healthy options for your employees to choose from!

4. Budget

You need to set out a budget before you start building your office so that you do not waste money on unnecessary items or leave yourself without enough cash flow for other business necessities.

The price range of your office depends on the size and location of the building, so ensure that this is reflected in your budget.

You should also factor in the cost of renting or buying commercial space as well as construction costs! Take into account how much energy each room will use by calculating gas, electricity, air conditioning, and other utilities used during operation.

Make sure that you have factored these costs into your overall budget!

When you are budgeting the cost of building an office space, you need to be aware of how much money it will take to build the office based on the type of building and location that you have chosen.

You should also research what amenities there are in nearby buildings so that you can include these amenities in your workplace. It is good to know about technologies such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) because this will enable you to save some cash when setting up phone lines for your employees.

5. Employee Preferences

Your employees are important because they are the ones who will be using the spaces in your office.

Ask them what they want and need from their workplace to make sure that you provide them with a workspace that they like working in!

The location and type of building are important because this will allow for collaboration and comfort.

You should also consider whether or not each space has separate rooms for work and meetings. It’s also important to consider which amenities are necessary such as power, WiFi, toilets, water, and air conditioning units!

Research Basic Employee Needs Online

You can research what your employees want in a workplace by sending out a survey.

For inspiration, you can also look at what other companies have done to their offices.

Make sure the office space has the following amenities, which are all considered crucial by employees, such as lots of office space so that employees can have their own workspace or cubicles.

This makes them feel less crowded and more able to get their work done with minimal distractions.

Also, having a micro market in the breakroom so employees can quickly grab a snack during their break time. Attending to hunger needs will allow them to focus on getting back to work quickly without needing an extended lunch hour.

These kinds of breaks also help improve employee morale because they feel appreciated for being given the option of eating at the workplace instead of having to leave for lunch.

And finally, a happy hour location where all of your employees meet once a week at 5 p.m. after everyone has finished working.

6. Ergonomics

Employees who use their work regularly in Japan are entitled to a minimum of 10 centimeters of free space in front and behind their shoulders in an open-plan office.

Keeping in line with the law, you must provide your employees with enough clearance when they are working!

It’s also important that you consider ergonomics because this will help you to become one of the most productive companies.

Always keep in mind how much room each employee requires to carry out his/her duties effectively. Ergonomics mandate that your office should have partitions, desks and chairs that are specially designed for one person to function productively.

This will help with your budget because it means you can cut down on furniture costs!

Also, keep in mind the temperature of the offices in the summer and winter seasons. 

Building an office space doesn’t have to be hard. You should make sure that you consider all these things when you are planning to build office space.

This will ensure that your employees feel comfortable and satisfied with the workspace they have, and it will help to boost productivity and profit!