Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges That Don’t Require KYC

Exchanges require documents and identity verification?

There is no way to calmly and anonymously trade cryptocurrency?

Then the rating of the best anonymous cryptocurrency exchanges prepared in this review will be very useful to you and you can choose the best crypto exchange for yourself, without mandatory verification (without KYC and AML).

Anonymity every year becomes a luxury for all users on the Internet, each site (not only exchanges) constantly collects information about all actions of each person (client or site visitor) and what happens next with this data 99% of ordinary users do not even know.

The same applies to cryptocurrency exchanges, which were originally created as an alternative to Regulated Forex broken in the UK (exchanges for trading currencies and stocks of companies) and gave freedom of choice to their clients (no limits, complete anonymity), but every year most exchanges moved “under the wing” financial regulators and began to massively introduce various restrictions, require documents to confirm the identity of each user, and even examples of documents proving the origin of funds in a client’s account.

Still, it is still possible to find crypto exchange without KYC and AML procedures (without mandatory verification of identity and provision of documents), and in order not to waste time on a long search and analysis of the work of all exchanges, a ready-made rating of crypto exchanges has been prepared for the blog readers below, in which there is no mandatory identity verification and you can trade anonymously.


BitMax is a relatively new (operating since 2018), but already quite popular cryptocurrency exchange.


  •  easy-to-use high-quality crypto exchange;
  •  no mandatory verification;
  •  high withdrawal limit without KYC up to 2 BTC per day.


Stockpoint is a relatively new and little-known cryptocurrency exchange officially registered in Estonia, functional and with low trading fees.

Advantages: an easy-to-use exchange, even for beginners, there is a version of the site in Russian, there is no mandatory verification, and there are no withdrawal limits (in cryptocurrency).

Disadvantages: a small selection of trading pairs, it works officially (at any time, verification will become mandatory for every user of the exchange).


Yobit is one of the oldest and most popular exchanges among users, especially in the Russian-speaking market.


· easy-to-use exchange;

· no mandatory account verification;

· no withdrawal restrictions.


Crex24 is a little-known, but quite simple and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange.

Advantages: simple and easy-to-use website, no mandatory identity verification and restrictions on withdrawal, the exchange has a cryptocurrency faucet for making money without investments, a large selection of trading pairs.

Disadvantages: small trading volumes, an ambiguous reputation with the exchange.


Utorg is a new high-quality cryptocurrency exchange that is confidently gaining popularity in the CIS market, thanks to its rich functionality, an understandable and easy-to-use website.

Advantages: a convenient multifunctional exchange for trading cryptocurrency, there is no mandatory account verification (when working with cryptocurrency).

Disadvantages: a small selection of cryptocurrencies and small trading volumes, identity verification is required (if you plan to replenish your account and withdraw in fiat).